Third Heaven Intercession – What on earth is that you might be asking. Well it’s not on earth, as the title says – it’s New Covenant intercession. It’s intercession that takes place in the throne room itself.

This weekend we held our first 1-day Third Heaven Intercession seminar and it was powerful. Revelation flowed like a river and all around the room oh’s and ah’s sounded as people got what New Covenant intercession is meant to be – not a fighting to break through to God but  knowing we are seated with Christ in heavenly places and releasing decrees and prayer there that release the power and will of the Trinity into the earth with the authority of Christ himself.

The day culminated in an ‘XPerience’ night that led us into the throne room and the intercession of Christ and heaven itself for our nation. What a powerful time it was of transacting and releasing the will of God over our nation with decrees,  joy and even laughter.

Who said intercession had to be heavy and dull – not God, thats for sure – Old Covenant intercession was but New Covenant intercession isn’t. True New Covenant intercession/3rd Heaven intercession is light because His burden is light, full of joy, release and co-operation with the Father and Jesus.

(If you want to find out more about this subject you can get the CD’s and manual from our website in the next week or so after we get it all formatted).