XP Ministries is dedicated to seeing the earth covered in the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. As XP Ministries New Zealand, our desire is to come alongside, help, educate and position your group for the fullness of God to be displayed through them. We carry a catalytic breakthrough anointing that brings release and shifts in the Spirit over Churches and regions.

Regarding this blog site – The beliefs expressed on this blog site are the way we see things at this current point in our journey with the Lord. In ten years time we may be more convinced that what we believe is true or we may be less convinced about some things. We are all on a personal journey into God’s truth as revealed in scripture and by revelation and we all only know truth partly, depending on what God has revealed to us at this point in our journey. Don’t just take at face value what we say, check it out in scripture for yourself where possible.

Our team is available to speak at Church meetings and conferences. We also offer training schools that will release people into all that God is releasing in this season.

We are available to hold the following schools and events for your group…

Glory School

School of Prophetic Evangelism

Prophetic Bootcamp

The Power of His Presence -School of Prophetic Worship

“Xtravagant” Worship Night

“XPerience” Night – a combination of the Xtravagant worship night and teaching

Revelations Dream School

Releasing Heaven into Earth – school of 3rd heaven intercession

Encounter weekends – weekends of prophetic worship and teaching

To find out more about the schools listed above click here.