God is awakening his church to who they are in him and who he is in them. We are in glorious days and they are just going to get better. We are seeing more salvations and miracles that ever before but what we are seeing now is just the beginning of what God wants to release in the earth. Yet in the midst of glorious displays of Gods power there are still those who see only doom and gloom for the church and for mankind. Why is that do you think?

We recently ran a women’s conference and one of the delegates said to me they hated women’s conferences because they were always aimed at and so much was made of married women in them. They said that they felt that ours was like that too. I have thought long and hard about that and gone back over my memories of the conference and the teaching CD’s to find if what she was talking about was true. I have to be honest here and say that I could find very little at all aimed at married women. Certainly not in the messages given or in the other conference input. So I have had to ask myself why would she have thought that?

I believe the problem lies many times with the mindset people approach things with. Our starting point will always determine our outcome. You see, if you approach something with a predetermined mindset that it will be a certain way, then that is what you will be looking for and that is what you will project onto what you see and hear. You will then mostly only see what you are looking for and expecting to see, which then confirms what you first thought and the cycle goes on…

If our staring place is negativity then we will see everything through those lenses. But in Christ we are called to work differently – to begin with the prophetically projected outcome and let that determine our starting place – why – because the outcome tells you the mindset that you need, it tells you the attitude that’s appropriate, it tells you the stance you should take, it tells you the approach you should have from your present to your future. God speaks and promises a certain thing, we take hold of that promise and in doing so we are supposed to let it determine our attitude, approach, determination etc.

Let’s take a real life example – I grew up an abused child who thought the world was out to get her. That mindset determined how I saw any interaction with people, I expected that people would let me down, abuse me, take advantage of me and more. It coloured every relationship, even my relationship with God. Needless to say God has changed that mindset. Now I approach things so differently. I go into relationships expecting to be accepted, loved and treated with honour and dignity and I have found that I am. I also expect that is how I will treat others no matter what they present to me.

Another example – the Lord spoke to me two years ago about holding a women’s conference and who the speakers should be.  That prophetically projected outcome determined some things for me. It determined that I would persevere until I saw it manifest. It determined how I would approach roadblocks and delays, it determined my determination, my attitude, my mindset. That all worked together to manifest a women’s conference this year called “ARISE! women of glory & power” that blessed many women and is the one I talked about above. But if I had gone into that assignment with an attitude that it was bigger than I could manage it and too hard for me to organise then it probably would never have become a reality.

Let Christ speak to you, prophesy your assignments to you and then let that prophesied outcome determine your staring point and you will find that your mindsets, attitude, tenacity and obedience take you to the finishing point a victor every time.