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Have you ever wondered “what if…”

I was thinking about some “what if’s” the other day and I decided to make a series out of my thinking. No I’m not going to give you the answers only pose the questions – you get to come up with your own answers in consultation with Holy Spirit. Why not actually ask yourself the following questions over the next month… All the questions are based on promises in scripture, see if you can guess which scripture this comes from…


Part 1

We live in exciting times. The church is undergoing rapid change and everywhere around the world God’s people are releasing Heaven into earth like never before. More people have been saved in the last twenty years than in all of history so far. God is doing wonderful things in every nation and we are all called to be a part of what He’s doing.

While in many ways this year will continue to build on what was started or established last year, God is the God of the ‘new’ and He is always doing new things, so we can expect Him to do new things in our lives and in the church this year. Interestingly, those things that we call ‘new things’ will in fact be a combination of things already established in Heaven, things that are truths or realities that have existed for eons that we are just discovering in our journey in Christ, as well as things that the church and world has not seen before – truly new things.

Often in the church we can mistakenly expect that God will work to a time frame that is measured in years, because that is how we work, but His timetable is not necessarily measured in years but in what we term ‘ages or dispensations’. So before we can understand what He wants to do this year we need to know what ‘age or dispensation’ we are in, so that we can see how this year fits into His overall plan.

Understanding the time and season

The overall age we are in is the New Covenant or Kingdom age. But within that are smaller increments of time that are focused not around dates but around revelation that God is releasing into the church and things that He is establishing in the earth. Over the last few years we have been transitioning out of what came to be known as the ‘Church Age’ into what is being called the ‘Kingdom Age’. The church was actually birthed into the original Kingdom Age, which is what Jesus announced when he was on earth, but the church moved away from a Kingdom focus to focus on building the church as an institution. This caused a shift in focus and outworking and it has taken many centuries for us to realise this and come back to God’s original intention. That is where we are in the church at the moment – coming back to God’s original intention.

In the twentieth century part of the Church Age, the focus was on ‘our church’ and ‘our vision’, but in the last few years that focus has been shifting back to an understanding that God wants the Kingdom of Heaven released into earth with love and power and that ‘our church’ is simply one small part of ‘the Kingdom’. As a part of the Kingdom we don’t throw out ‘our vision’ entirely, but we must realize that ‘our vision’ must serve God’s current purposes in the Kingdom, not simply our purpose. In the Kingdom Age we must have a ‘global kingdom understanding’ not just a ‘local church’ one. We are also realizing in a fresh way that we are the Church, not that we simply attend one.

We are also transitioning into the time where we will see the ‘revealing of the Sons of God’ and the ‘restoration of all things’. The church is not winding down, she is just really beginning to come into who she was destined to be from the beginning – a church full of glory and power, without spot, wrinkle or blemish, a church that releases the Kingdom of Heaven into the earth and into every sphere of society. How exciting it is to be a part of the birthing and establishing of this era!

The Church

The church worldwide is in a state of change because we are in that place of transition that I mentioned earlier. The church is in many ways being deconstructed – by God. Theology and beliefs are being challenged and changed as the Lord gives new revelation. (In some cases that new revelation is of old truths that have been forgotten). Traditions and ways of doing things that have been established for centuries are being re-examined and in many cases thrown out. This is absolutely necessary if the church is to move forward and really become a true representation of Christ in the earth.

Everywhere people are realizing that the church is not about ‘meeting on Sunday in a building’, but is about ‘being the church’, that is, people that release the Kingdom of Heaven in their daily lives. One result of that will be that people are trained and released for their work of ministry instead of being trained to simply fulfill their Pastor’s vision. That is not said as a criticism, simply a fact. If we cannot state the facts we will never be able to recognise when things need to change.

Revelation of Grace

One of the things we are seeing restored is the revelation of what Christ accomplished on the Cross. This revelation of the finished work of the Cross and grace will continue to grow and become established in the church. It will cause major changes to happen in the church worldwide, both in theology and practice.

There will be those who will rise up against the revelation of grace, as there have been with every revelation God has released.  Yet this revelation is as essential to the church realizing who she is in Christ, and who Christ is in her, as was Martin Luther’s revelations of the 16th century, and it is a critical revelation for us to have in order to be able to move forward correctly into this season.

Prophetic Understanding

One of the places it is most imperative that this revelation is established is amongst the prophets – those whose voices and messages cause so much to be established. If the prophetic community does not really get this revelation then we will stay in a place of largely ineffective leadership, ministering from a mixture of the Old and New Covenants.

This revelation of the finished work of the Cross and His grace will cause a shift in the manifestation of the prophetic gifting as prophets minister out of an experiential knowledge as well as a theological understanding of that. Unless we get a real revelation of that grace and love, and of God’s loving nature as shown through Christ’s life, we will continue to prophesy that God is coming instead of that He has come. Old Covenant prophecy looks forward to God coming, but New Covenant prophecy reminds us that He has come and it calls us and releases us to walk in the dunamis reality of what His coming accomplished. The current mixing of Old and New Covenants in prophetic ministry causes the church to continue to look forward to a ‘coming move’ instead of walking in what He has already released through Christ’s finished work. It also causes us to continue to prophesy gloom, doom and judgment. Indeed we have mistaken much of what is natural disaster or the consequence of walking in sin for God’s judgment on nations, but it is not.

Because our words release, create and establish things, we will release, create and establish what we prophesy. Much of the state that the church is currently in is because of what we have prophesied, taught and established over the years. That is not to say that everything that has been proclaimed and established has been wrong. We have spoken and led out of what we knew and understood to be the truth, and as God’s children we are all on the same journey of receiving progressive unfolding revelation of the Lord and the realities of His Kingdom.

I’ll do another entry tomorrow with some more specific insights in different areas. Thanks for reading this and may the Lord give you revelational understanding of what He is doing at this time. Remember, do not take what I have shared as truth just because I write a blog or have a prophetic ministry. Indeed don’t just accept anything anyone writes or says without checking it out yourself; ask the Lord about it and may your spirit witness with what is true in what I have written, even though your head may not yet fully understand it.

Bless you, see you tomorrow.



Releasing the sound of God – it sounds a bit mystical doesn’t it and yet its not. The sound of God is not some mysterious sound like a roar or a wind, although he does use those; it’s the sound of his voice as he speaks to you and me. One of the common ways his sound is heard is in prophetic words, yet unfortunately many times prophetic people have unknowingly misrepresented God by the way they deliver what they hear from Him.

You see, prophecy isn’t just about delivering words, its about releasing God’s intention, heart and power into a situation or into a person’s life. And God always speaks with intention – his words are spoken for a purpose, to achieve something (Is 55:11). But prophecy is not just about saying the right words; it’s also about releasing the sound of God’s voice (his heart) into a situation or life. Yet in practicing and teaching on the prophetic all too often we concentrate on hearing and interpreting what God is saying and releasing his power while missing altogether the way in which he says it. Why is that important?

In spoken communication there are some interesting things at play. When we are talking face to face with a person we hear not just the actual words but also their tone. We also see the body language and facial expressions of the one speaking. Spoken communication is made up of all these parts and interestingly the actual words spoken are the smallest part of the heard message. The generally accepted stats on it are as follows …1

  • 7% of the meaning is in the actual words that are spoken.
  • 38% of the meaning is the way that the words are said, their tone.
  • 55% of the meaning is in facial expression and body language.

When we hear someone without seeing them the tone of their voice becomes all the more important – without that all we have are the actual words, which can often be interpreted in many different ways. So it is with hearing from God – when we can’t see him face-to-face (as in a vision or heavenly encounter) the tone of his voice is equally as important as the words that are spoken yet we are hardly ever taught that.

In a prophetic word we must deliver both the words and tone of Gods voice – this is critical. If all we deliver are the words then the interpretation is open for misunderstanding because we don’t hear the correct tone of those words.

The sound of God is not about how powerful what we say sounds, or the volume we speak at, it’s about way more than that. The sound of God releases the heart and nature of God into that situation or life. And God sounds like his heart or character – good, kind, patient, slow to anger, abounding in steadfastness, faithful, merciful, etc (Ex 34:6). His words build up, encourage and comfort. (1 Cor 14:3)

That means, when you deliver a New Covenant prophetic word – while it may be delivered with power and strength, it will carry in it the love and favour of God. People will not only get the impartation of the words and the release of favour and provision that comes in those words, they will get an impartation of the Fathers heart for them! His voice will not bring judgment or shame on a person. It will not expose and condemn. It will always call them up – out of where they are into who God sees them to be.

Jesus said “No-one comes to the Father but by me” (Jn 14:6). Jesus was all about revealing the Father to us and bringing us to Him. Everything Jesus said was rooted and grounded in knowing the Fathers love for him and for mankind and consequently it was delivered with the sound of the Fathers voice. Even his rebukes would have been delivered with love even though the actual words spoken may look harsh to us. So often we read the words in scripture and don’t stop to think of the love that was behind them and in them; all we see are the words and we don’t hear the tone Jesus said them in or see his facial expressions and body language.

A true New Covenant prophetic word will draw us to the Father and his love, even if we don’t say a word about his love. It will build people up, they will go away from hearing it, thinking like this, knowing this; “The Father is for me, his favour and provision are here for me to accomplish what he has for me. I am well able because of Christ living in and through me. Wow, God is good!.”(Rom 8:31, 2 Pet 1:3, Phil 4:13) They will go away from hearing that word with joy filling them, flowing out from them, strengthening them and enabling them. (Neh 8:10)

Just because a prophetic word is delivered filled with love does not mean it is necessarily going to sound gushy and insipid. God is not insipid – his word goes forth with power to perform it, whether it is delivered in a strong way or softer way. It is an empowering word of Kingdom reality! It is who God sees the person or people as and who he created them to be. Right throughout scripture we see God telling people how he sees them, calling them into their identity in him and in doing so his voice and his words cause changes in them – in their character, their abilities and their sense of purpose in life. (Gen 15 – Abram, Gen 32:28 Jacob, Jud 6:12 Gideon, Matt 16 – 16-18 Peter, Acts Paul)

The sound of God’s voice is life changing and life giving. It is full of unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. It releases people into purpose and destiny. The sound of God’s voice creates within people a new reality and identity – that of loved sons and daughters of the King and his kingdom. It gives confidence, it releases and empowers them to release the Kingdom into their world, knowing God is for them not against them; knowing he will lead them, provide for them and enable them to accomplish what he has for them to do! (John 16:13, Phil 4:19, Eph 2:10)

That’s what the sound of Gods voice is like!

So if you have ever been given or have given a prophetic word that was harsh, judgmental in words or tone then sadly it was not delivered from an understanding of who God really is and is not a true New Covenant prophetic word. While the words themselves may have been accurate if the interpretation of them was not then that makes it a word that may not have released life into that situation but released something else. Our words will release either life or death, understanding or misunderstanding, hope or shame and more so we must watch how we say things as much as we watch what we say.

So what do we do about that? Do we then condemn ourselves, or the person who delivered it to us? No! Realize that they / we are still growing in our ability to hear and interpret what we hear.

If the word was completely wrong even in content then dismiss it but do say something to the person (in a kind way). Most people would rather not say something, but a prophetic person without correction will continue to think they are delivering God’s heart when they are not.

You can dismiss the word in a way that is honouring and with love by saying something like “thank you for that word, however I don’t feel it to be accurate of my life at the moment, (or I don’t witness with that at the moment) but I’ll go and ask the Lord about it “ and then make sure you actually do so.

Why would we ask the Lord about a word we think is obviously wrong? For a few reasons – we don’t know everything and God may have something in store for us that we’ve never thought of and also because even in the so-called wrong words there can sometimes be an element of truth. Also a prophetic word is an invitation to dialogue with the Lord – and there may be things in that word that he wants to talk to us further about.

If the content was true but delivered badly then simply extend grace to the speaker and ask God to speak the word again to you in his voice from his heart, then listen with your heart and you’ll hear him say the same things in a completely different way. And when you do you will be encouraged, built up and enabled in Him.

You may also take a moment to share with the person who gave you the word, tell them if it was accurate but share that the tone took away from the words that were spoken, share with them that God wants not just the words but his heart conveyed in any message given and thank them again for their boldness in stepping out and giving that word to you. Let them know it is not a criticism about them as a person simply a feedback in order to help them develop in that gifting more. All prophetic people need feedback on what they give in order to grow in that gifting in a good way.

God is building a church that delivers his word with his love as well as his power and you get to do that every time God gives you something to share. You get to impart God’s love to those you share with by releasing the sound of God’s voice as well as his words. How cool is that!

1 – Professor Albert Mehrabian’s communication model

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Jesus’ cry from the cross has for centuries been interpreted by the church to mean that the Father forsook Jesus, turned his face from him and left him to face the cross by himself. But is that true? Did the Father actually forsake Jesus and turn his back on him?

As we read those words of Jesus in scripture a seed question becomes planted in our minds – if he forsook Jesus will he turn away from us? I want to look at both of those things in this article – did he forsake Jesus and will he forsake us?

If we take the words of Jesus at face value we might believe that God abandoned Jesus on the cross, however if we look at other scriptures and understand some cultural things we actually begin to see something different.

In scripture we find quite a few verses in the Old Testament that seem to indicate that while God promised not to forsake Israel Deut 4:31 he then goes back on his word and does forsake them. But does he actually forsake them or does their sin have consequences; are they are reaping what they have sown? Here are some of those verses for you to check out – Deut 31:16-18; 1Ki 6:11-13; Neh 9: all esp30 ,31; Is 59:2; Is 54:8.

Let’s look at how God dealt with Jesus because that has a huge significance for us and our lives.

Throughout his lifetime Jesus made some interesting claims.

John 10:30,I and my Father are one.” That reality was never rescinded before, during or after the cross.

In John 14:9 -11 Jesus says four times that he and the Father are in each other. v9 “He that has seen me has seen the Father.”  10 “Do you not believe that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on My own initiative, but the Father abiding in Me does His works.” 11  “Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.”

In speaking of his coming death, Jesus believed the Father would not leave him to face it alone.

John 8:28,29 Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself…. 29 And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone.

John 16:32, Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me.

Then we come to those famous words on the cross… My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me (Matt 27:46)

Did God really turn his back on Jesus and forsake him or was something quite different from what the words seem to imply actually happening. I believe that something different was happening.


Because God is good (Mk 10:18), he is love (1Jn 4:8) he is faithful (Deut 7:9) cannot be false to his word or who he is and his mercy triumphs over judgment (James 2:13)

Jesus perfectly fulfilled all the law and obeyed all Gods commandments so God couldn’t go back on his word and forsake Jesus. God said to the children of Israel that if they obeyed his laws then he would never leave nor forsake them (see verses earlier in article).

Jesus himself believed the Father would not leave him or forsake him as seen earlier in this article.

Paul says in 2 Cor 5:19 …God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them.  God was IN Christ, they were one, and so he hung there too. The Amplified Bible says it like this “It was God [personally present] in Christ, reconciling and restoring the world to favor with Himself, not counting up and holding against [men] their trespasses [but cancelling them], and committing to us the message of reconciliation (of the restoration to favor).”(AMP)

Although mankind has felt abandoned or forsaken by God since the fall he was not. Even before mankind was created God made provision for the possibility of the fall, even then he decided he would never forsake us. Scripture tells us that Jesus was the lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world (Rev 13:8)

Jesus, as fallen man, was identifying with us, taking on our sin; our grief, our confusion and the inaccurate feeling of abandonment by God that mankind had suffered since the fall. He was not speaking out of his feeling of abandonment, he knew God was with him, he was speaking out of ours. You might be thinking but the Bible says our sins have separated us from God and hidden his face from us (Is 59:2) Note here it is sin that does the separating, sin that hides Gods face from us making us not able to see him1 not God hiding himself from us because of sin. It is sin that is the bad guy not God. God has not forsaken or abandoned us because of our sin.

Another thing that was happening at that point was something that would be yet another indicator to all present there at the cross, that Jesus was in fact the Messiah, the long awaited one. A teaching practice in those days was that the teacher / rabbi would say the first verse (as we know them) of a Psalm or passage and the listeners would know what was coming, where the teacher was going by quoting that verse.

Those words “My God, my God why have you forsaken me” are a quote of the first verse of Ps 22 – the prophetic, messianic, psalm of deliverance written by David that begins with that cry but goes on to say that God hasn’t despised him or his cry, he has not hidden his face from him, he has heard when he cried to him; and the passage ends with the declaration “they shall come and proclaim his righteousness because he has done it!“  In other words “It is finished” he has delivered us! David is telling us ahead of time that the Father will not turn his face from Jesus and Jesus refers the Jews back to that passage of deliverance by using this phrase.

Most of those Jews listening would know that Jesus was referencing the entire passage especially any Pharisees or Sadducees there. They knew their scriptures and were familiar with the Messianic prophecies. For those that heard this cry aright, they would have heard that Jesus did not feel forsaken; they would have heard that he was proclaiming hope and deliverance.

Yes there were some who did not get that, who thought he was crying out to Elijah but those possibly were not even Jews and while we can’t know that for sure we do know that there were many people there from different nations. Any Jew listening would have known that Eli means “My God” not “Elijah” so they would not be likely to have made that comment.

Now to the other question – will God forsake us? I recently received an email from a woman who wrote that she had been through a hard time over the last few years, losing their business and much more in the economic crash. A friend had that day given her a verse (to help her make sense of her circumstances). It was Isaiah 54:8 – In anger I turned away from you for a moment etc.

As his children, does God get angry with us and forsake us this side of the cross?

No he doesn’t ever forsake us, not for any reason!

What about when we sin?

In Jesus God forgave every sin even future ones. To be honest, when Jesus died, every sin you or I would commit was a future sin. And God forgave us ahead of time! Even when you do sin today you are already forgiven and there is no condemnation (Rom 8:1). God cannot condemn you, to do so would mean he would have to discount Jesus work on the cross. He cannot turn his back on you – to do so would be to deny his word and he would have to take back his forgiveness, making him a liar. You are forgiven, totally, eternally already forgiven!

My thoughts are that those verses from Isaiah have no place in a New Covenant believers life other than to show us how different our covenant is to the old Covenant that God had with the Jews.

As New Covenant believers in Christ it simply isn’t true of us in our relationship with the Lord. He will never leave us, forsake us or turn his face from us because of anger toward us!

He says in Matt 28:20 Lo I am with you always, even to the end of the world. And in Heb 13:5 for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Scripture is clear that we are now joined to God in such a way that we are one spirit with him – 1Co 6:17. God cannot separate Christ or us from himself – we are now in Him and one spirit with him.

Nowhere in the New Testament does it say that God will or does forsake us. That God will forsake us is a strategically planted lie of the Devil who delights in blinding us to the truth in scripture and the truth of who God is. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will not turn his back on us or abandon us in our hour of need just as he did not abandon Jesus.

God’s promises to us of his continuing presence, goodness and provision for every area in our lives are too numerous to mention here, but I want you to know that if bad things do happen to you or you do sin, God has not and will not ever leave you or forsake you. He longs to give you peace, wisdom and strategy for your circumstances and to turn your circumstances into good for you (Rom 8:28) because that’s who he is and that’s what he has promised!

1 – Matthew Henry Commentary

Last week  our nation suffered a tragic natural disaster that has affected multiplied thousands. We were over on Great Barrier

Looking down two of Christchurch's main streets

Island at the time and could get some internet access to see photos but had no tv or tv by internet access so it was a few days until we saw the real extent of the damage that had been done. While there I wrote this article for our newsletter…

Writing this, I’m sitting in a lecture room on Great Barrier Island at the Inflame School of Prophetic Worship. But my heart is caught up  with the momentous news of Christchurch’s latest earthquake.

Like most of New Zealand I guess I am a bit in shock as I consider the disaster that has come upon the nation. So many lives have been affected or lost in the disaster. Many have no homes and little hope; and for many, much counselling will be needed for them to recover from this tragedy. How do we as the church in this nation respond in times like this?

For some the automatic response is to go to prayer and intercede for those affected. For others it is to go into a social action mode and begin to formulate help and resources. Both are equally valid responses, but prayer without the miracle working power of God being released into people’s situations in practical ways, with love, will not do what’s needed. Social action without prayer and the power of God being released alongside it will not do it. It is a time for the church to become “Jesus with skin on” in our nation right now. Now is the time to shine as lights in the darkness, to dispel the darkness in every way we can, both in practical ways and in the spirit realm.

One of the many churches that were destroyed by the quake

How do we actually do that in the spirit? We do it, not by railing at the principalities and powers but by going before the Throne of Grace, hearing God’s heart for the people, towns and cities affected and beginning to pray and release that over those places; by asking Him for His strategy and then implementing the strategy that He gives us, both in prayer and practically.

Now is not the time to say things like, “This is God’s judgement on them for their sin”. Statements like that are both insensitive and unnecessary. But let’s look at that statement. Did God cause this tragedy and is it judgement on people for their sins or is it just a fact that we live in a world where natural disasters happen?

Jesus himself was questioned on a similar issue. In Luke 13 He is asked questions relating to two situations. In the first, someone asks Him a question relating to the death of some Gallileans at Pilate’s orders and the other question relates to the death of some people when a tower fell on them. In both situations the question was, “Was it because of their sin that they were killed?” Jesus’s answer for both situations was interesting – He said “No”, then He basically said, “Their sin is not the issue – yours is. Have you dealt with it?” In other words don’t look at other people’s lives and blame their circumstances on the judgement of God. Use the situation to do a spiritual check up on yourself!

Jesus is saying that neither the issue nor the answer here is that a single person’s sin or corporate sins caused this calamity. The lesson is that all people will perish if they do not repent.

Rescuers look for victims in one of the collapsed buildings

It’s interesting, isn’t it, how often our perspective can be that when someone else has a disaster hit them, then it is God’s judgment, but when we have the disaster we call it a wake‐up call or a time of testing. We can be quick to recognize others’ sins and yet ignore our own. We can be quick to claim that God is judging others but is not judging us. The cause of their perishing, whether by natural death or disaster, is not ours to know and judge. Our part is to check out where we stand and become the physical representation of God to those in the situation, bringing healing, compassion, help and spiritual support during this time.

Let’s recognise this for what it undoubtedly is – a natural disaster in which both sinners and righteous have been affected or have even died. And let’s be those that love as Jesus does and do all that we can to bring aid, both practical and spiritual, to those who are suffering at this time. Let’s be a light in the present darkness.

On Saturday 29th Jan we held the first of what will become an annual event “What’s God Saying for 2011”. Lynley Allan, Tim Stevenson, Ian Johnson and myself shared and released prophetically the things we have felt are on the heart of God for this year for New Zealand.

You can check out the video clips  – they are on our website click here to view

The headlines from each speaker –

Lynley Allan

  • It’s a time to hear the heartbeat of the Father for this nation
  • God is roaring over this nation – there is a new authority being released.
  • He is roaring over the enemies of this nation – roaring over fear, breaking it off peoples lives so they can move into destiny
  • The orphan spirit is being broken and the love of the Father is breaking tall poppy syndrome.
  • God is brooding with love and the spirit of adoption over this nation
  • NZ is the ‘east gate’
  • A shift has happened and as a result people will think with a completely new paradigm
  • There is a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit coming to the nation with love and power.
  • God says – “I love NZ and I am well pleased with her”
  • There is a taking up of dreams and destinies that were laid aside.

Tim Stevenson

  • “No more delay” – we are moving into a season of open doors and open scrolls
  • Rapid acceleration – for individuals, churches
  • Season of increased angelic activity – get comfortable with them they are a part of what God uses
  • The mysteries of God will be revealed and accomplished.
  • The days are here where every vision shall be fulfilled without delay.
  • NZ is a forerunner nation
  • God is waking the sleeping giant that is this nation – “Wakey, wakey church!”

Ian Johnson

  • 2011 is a year of alignment between Heaven and Earth
  • Speak out what Heaven (God) is saying – when you do you set things in motion in the Spirit.
  • This a now time for the Maori and God will move amongst them again and this time it will not be stolen from them.
  • A shift happened in 2010 in both the natural and spiritual  that happened to bring you into alignment for 2011
  • It is a season of yielding and abandonment – you can come willingly or squealing but its going to happen
  • 11 speaks of the 11th hour and Gods timetable will not be delayed.
  • Spiritual sensitivity in the prophetic, wisdom (the seven fold spirit of God) etc will be sharpened.
  • NZ is the ‘East Gate’ where things happen first then they spread outward from here
  • Doors that have been shut for generations are about to open in this land

Lyn Packer

  • This is a year for women to rise up and step into their destiny. There is an alignment coming between husbands and wives where they say we will go after God with our whole heart.
  • There is a release of justice for peoples lives,  God is restoring justice to the people of this land.
  • God is redeeming the 3G’s – the gold, the glory and the girls.
  • There is a “Love Revolution” happening.
  • The prophetic is being released sharper than ever but it will be soaked and marinated with His love
  • Intimacy, identity and intentionality – see my article “Prophetic insights for 2011” on our website . Click here to read
  • The shaking will continue – its a time to come to a place of greater trust in God.
  • Get out of debt as soon as you can
  • The church is in the middle of a reformation that will be greater than Martin Luthers – God is dismantling human structures
  • Missionaries will be sent into every nation from this nation and again we will be known as a missionary sending nation.

Make sure you do go and check out the video clips for a more in-depth look at what was shared, these insights will help you know what God has in store for you this year. Click here to view them

Today I read this article written by a friend of mine in the USA. A lot of it really spoke to me so I asked her if I could share it here with you. Allow the Lord to speak to you through it.

2010 – A Year in Perspective

by Heidi Thomason on Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 8:43pm

As another year winds to a close, I find myself very contemplative.  2010 was full of so much; musicals, family firsts and lasts, great conferences, graduation, overseas adventures, freedom, good-byes, hellos, new life, sad losses, transitions, and steadfast truths.  Through it all, I am amazed at the faithfulness of Jesus.  I have learned so much about myself, and even more about Him.

As 2010 draws to a close I am weighing and measuring so much in my life.  Some might say we are free from that, no need to do that anymore.  Some are bound by the daily prison of measuring their very worth.  I guess for me, weighing and measuring is more of a place of being really honest with myself, and God.  How am I doing?  I’m finally at a place where I’m not afraid to ask that question.  I know I won’t score top marks in as many areas as I would like, but I’m okay with that and ready to upgrade this version of myself.  Why?  Because I sense the need to get serious about who I am in this world.  I’m important.

I’m an extrovert, and I’m also an observer.  2010 has brought opportunity for me to observe so many different things, but what has captivated my attention are people who are making a difference in this world.  I’ve found I tend to gravitate to quiet strength and wisdom which manifests in tremendous displays of God’s power.  For instance, I love watching those who have had years experience in their area…they don’t have to speak real loud or make outrageous posts on facebook to be heard, people listen because they have learned the balance of speaking with their very lives.  They encourage and are always sincere.  They are innovators, but not pushy.  They speak and publish fewer words, and always with the upmost integrity and grace.  They choose these words wisely.  They take into consideration the greater good in all they do.  They include all kinds.  They have an ability to perceive needs beyond themselves with a quick scan of  a room.  They are generous in a quiet, behind the scenes kind of way.  They are present.  They are inclusive, not exclusive.  They are reverent.  They always build  up, never tear down.  They are not afraid to correct.  They are rarely defensive. They don’t push the envelope for the sake of shock, they push it to forward causes God has assigned to their lives.  They are productive, not busy.  They own mistakes.  They are not governed by their “feelings”.  They don’t make excuses, they create solutions.  They truly model freedom and never abuse it.  They are self-controlled.  They are confident, not arrogant.  They don’t go round the same mountains over and over again.  They can let their life work speak for them…their fruit is evident.  I want to be more like them.

As I enter 2011 I am thinking about the way individuals and society communicate, perceive, receive, and project.  Public forums are a huge part of how we are known, perceived.  However, the more public we get, the more our secret place matters.  I am aware that the secret place I have known in the year 2010 needs to be upgraded for the challenges and opportunities of 2011.  And so it goes.  Always learning, always growing, always pondering, I’m always observing.  And…I’m not the only one.  Hmmm, when’s the last time we thought about how many are observing us?  It’s cool in a challenging way.  We have the power to influence or confuse.  Encourage or devastate.  Glorify or cheapen.  Stand or cower.  Expose or cover.  Create or destroy.  I’m more aware than ever before that I have to upgrade my secret place; the time I spend with Jesus.  He’s the great teacher.  I don’t have much ability to move forward in the characteristics I desire without Him.  But with Him, its totally possible.  2011…I’m preparing to greet you with a hearty resolve to work on the current – not complete – version of myself.  Secret place, here I come!


This letter is from a friend of ours. We wholeheartedly endorse this school and their ministry.

Dear Worshippers, Pastors and Friends,

Inflame Worship School 2011 is coming up fast! The 2011 school is shaping up to be an awesome 12 weeks of training and imparting.
I wanted to write to you to let you know that the school is due to start on the 14th of February 2011.
This school exists to serve the church by providing a place for churches to send their worshippers to be trained and equipped by some of the worlds foremost leaders in the Christian Worship arena.
Our heart is to train up a body of people who know the significance and power of what it is to worship the King of kings. A people who understand how to usher in the Presence of the King, into homes, churches, Cities and even whole Regions!
We are excited to welcome back Kim Walker-Smith and her Husband Skyler who are apart of Jesus Culture Music. They carry an amazing anointing for revival and teach the importance of honouring and serving.
We also have the awesome pleasure of having David Garratt, the founder of scripture in song, return to minister and teach at the school. He carries a powerful prophetic message and teaching of how the Lord is restoring indigenous sound to its rightful place in worship.
We have a host of other amazing worshippers and teachers coming to impart and train the next generation of worship leaders in a nation and the nations. These include; Wayne and Libby Huirua of the Parachute Band, Cindy Ruakere, Rob & Lyn Packer and several others.
If you would like us to send you some flyers to put in your church please email back your postal address, we would love to do this as it would be a huge help to us!
Our website is, you can check this out for more info or feel free to email me back at this email with any questions.
Thanks for your time, we look forward to hearing from you and seeing the Kingdom come in partnership with you!
Josh & Amberley Klinkenberg
Inflame Ministry Leaders

We had a great time the other day as we ministered in a stall at a local festival. The stall was run by some friends of ours, under their ministry Truly Alive. There were 8 -10 of us ministering at once, and even then people were queued up for as long as half an hour as they hungrily waited their turn (sometimes as many as 10 people waiting).

We did spiritual readings (prophetic words), dream interpretation and healing as well as spending time being a listening ear. We used terms they could understand and met them where they were at so we could lead them closer to relationship with the One who loves them deeply and irrevocably.

We were upfront about being Christians and yet it didn’t put one person off, they wanted to know about their future and if their life had meaning. They were all open to hear that God wanted to encourage and love them. At least two people accepted Christ as their Saviour. We were privileged to lead one of them to the Lord and His love. As well as being blessed by His words of love for them they felt the reality of that love. We didn’t have anyone that needed healing so I can’t report on that side of it sorry but we did have some who wanted dreams interpreted and we were able to give them great clarity on what they had seen in their dream.

People in our nation are hungry for the supernatural and long to find what their future holds. Many of those we spoke to were surprised to see the ‘Church’ being so spiritual and supernatural. For most of the people in our nation unfortunately the terms ‘Church’ and ‘supernatural’ have nothing in common with each other. Yet more and more there are those in the Church who are crying out for God to be a supernatural God to them and through them. They are stepping out beyond their comfort zones, leaving their church language in the building and instead of just blessing other Christians are releasing the Kingdom of Heaven into the world.

We are in exciting times as the Church reclaims her supernatural heritage and more and more we are seeing healings, miracles, signs and wonders being released in the streets, parks and marketplaces of our nation.

I saw this quote on someone’s Facebook page a while ago and it spoke to me so I thought I’d share it with you.

A brand new day! Never been used! Fun for all the family! Packed with a guaranteed 24 hours! Each hour stuffed with 60 thrill-filled minutes! Special features include: *Sunrise! *Daylight! *Midday! *Sunset! *Darkness! *Midnight! Once you have your day you can do ANYTHING with it. There will never be another day like this! Collect all 365 for a complete year!” (From a poem by Steve Turner).

Each day we live is a gift to us and to those we will come in contact with. It is an adventure, filled with God given moments of interaction with others. Each morning we choose whether we will see today as ‘something to get through’ or an adventure to be lived with the Holy Spirit. The power of a Spirit filled and Spirit led life, with the glory of God being manifested in the earth through us, cannot be overestimated. My life and your life, living ‘love expressed’, carry power that can change someone’s life in an instant.

Today’s adventure is waiting for you to live to its max, to wring out from it every bit of potential that it holds as promise. Today your inheritance is waiting to be lived; not tomorrow, not in eternity but now, today. The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of that inheritance and He is waiting for you to step into it and live it to its fullest, with His help. Those you will come in contact with today also wait for you and the Holy Spirit in you to come into their lives so that they can encounter the reality of God and His love.

What adventure are you going to go on with Holy Spirit today? Keep your eyes and ears open! You are in a brand new day; have fun living it!