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This mornings release is about intentionality. When the Lord first said the word I actually had to look it up to see if it was a real word and of course it was. It means – (noun) the fact of being deliberate or purposive.• Philosophy, the quality of mental states (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, desires,hopes) that consists in their being directed toward some object or state of affairs.

As you’ll read later our mental state is critical in whether we win or lose the daily battles we fight.


This is a season to intentionally align ourselves with the Lord’s heart and intent. The Word tells us to ‘choose this day whom you will serve’…

Joshua 24:15 Choose for yourselves this day who you will serve…

Deut 30:19  I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.

Let it be a wholehearted surrender of all to Him. As we walk further into this season, those who align themselves with God’s heart and intent and work together with Heaven will see more and more faith-initiated miracles happen.

There will be a greater cooperation with Heaven and a working together of men and the angelic realm to see the Kingdom come and God’s will be done. This does not mean a worshipping or a fixation with angels but a scriptural understanding of them and flowing together with them.

(A little aside here – Some Christians are getting upset because of some who are saying angels of breakthrough or angels of provision or healing etc are being assigned to ministries and peoples’ lives. We seem to have no hesitation in believing that there are spirits of jealousy, spirits of deception and other demonic spirits that are assigned to peoples’ lives, and are known by their functional descriptions, yet we struggle to believe that of God’s angelic messengers and helpers. Most of our skepticism is based on the fact that what we don’t understand we don’t accept easily and even draw back from. Just because we don’t understand something does not make it wrong. It just means we need to go to the Holy Spirit and ask for revelation and understanding. We are not to go into our head and try and work it all out logically. God’s Kingdom cannot always be worked out logically.)

Eph 1:17  I pray to the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, that He may grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.

Be intentional about intimacy with the Lord. Be deliberate in your setting aside time alone with the Lord. Five minutes before you rush out the door to work won’t cut it in this season. The Lord is looking for a loving relationship not a marriage of convenience. Go back and re-read the sections on intimacy and identity and let them sink in and ask Holy Spirit to make them revelation to you.

Intentionally let God deal with the stuff in your life. Be deliberate in your handing over to him the hurts, insecurities and brokenness of your life. Ask Him to make manifest in your life the truth and reality of your salvation – nothing broken, nothing missing, Christ in you and you in Christ.

Eph 4:22 Put off and discard your old unrenewed self which characterized your previous manner of life and… be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind 24  And put on the new nature created in God’s image, [Godlike] in true righteousness and holiness.

Intentionally enter the Throne Room for strategy – The Word tells us to boldly come.

Heb 4:16  Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in good time for every need.

Intentionally enter the Throne Room for strategy, not just to have a nice experience. Experiences are good and necessary but it is not all just about us, it is also about the covenant being lived out, being blessed to be a blessing.

The Glory – The Glory being released and established in and around our lives is a part of the strategy for this season. We must build the glory around our life – the place where God sits enthroned and where Christ bubbles out of us. It’s not a coming upon, it’s a bubbling forth of rivers of living water.

John 7:38  “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.”

Col 1:27  To whom God was pleased to make known how great for the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ within and among you, the Hope of glory.

We must align ourselves with the Genesis pattern where the Holy Spirit hovered (He is the original glory that covered the earth), God spoke and creation happened. When the glory hovers and we speak what God shows us to speak, creative miracles will happen, things will be released from the eternal realm into this one. Prayers will be answered speedily, healings will more often happen instantly and the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will be seen in the earth.

Be intentional in destroying the works of satan – in your life and the lives of others. You have an assignment from Heaven – to release Heaven into Earth and to destroy the works of the evil one. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and this is your assignment too. Note – it is not your purpose in life but it is your assignment. Purpose means – “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”. God did not create you to work for Him, to be his servant. He did not create you so that He would have an army of soldiers at his bidding. He created you for one thing and one thing alone – relationship!

Isa 61:1  The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed and qualified me to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, the poor, and afflicted; He has sent me to bind up and heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the [physical and spiritual] captives and the opening of the prison and of the eyes to those who are bound, 2  To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord [the year of His favor] and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn. 3  To grant [consolation and joy] to those who mourn in Zion–to give them an ornament (a garland or diadem) of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, the garment [expressive] of praise instead of a heavy, burdened, and failing spirit–that they may be called oaks of righteousness [lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice, and right standing with God], the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified. 4  And they shall rebuild the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former desolations and renew the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.

Prophecy – “This year I will cause my Spirit to flow from you in ever greater ways. This is a year to proclaim the favourable year of the Lord, to see the works of darkness overturned and people set free. You will see my power released like never before, but you must stay close to me, it must come out of that place of intimacy.

Be aware that if I am calling you to greater intimacy and greater power that flows from that intimacy, then the devil will do all he can to stop you coming into that secret place with me. One of the biggest battles you will face this year is the battle for the secret place – the inner battle. You know my Word says – submit yourself to me, resist the devil and he will flee from you. I tell you resist him when he comes to draw you away from the secret place.

All battles, are first won in the secret place, by my Spirit, in your heart and mind and then as faith is released the outer circumstances follow. Faith will always triumph and secure my blessings. It’s out of that intimacy that you will do your best warfare, that you will go forth and destroy the works of the devil. I have many to see set free this year, both in the Church and out of it, stay close, listen and obey quickly and you will see victory after victory as you snatch them from the devils hands.

And Lyn, tell them to have fun doing that, I will be.” I had to laugh at that little end bit as the Lord said it. I knew then it wasn’t just a word for me but for you also and was to be included in this release. Fun is part of what’s on His heart this year and what greater fun than to snatch someone from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light and love.

Wrap up

The Lord is doing many wonderful things in this season in our nation and in the nations of the world. Yes, the dark is getting darker but the light is correspondingly shining brighter as the sons and daughters of God allow Him to shine through them.

You are the light of the world so let your light shine – release the Kingdom of Heaven wherever you go and whoever you are with.

Mat 5:14  You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15  Nor do men light a lamp and put it under a peck measure, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. 16  Let your light so shine before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.

Spend some time with the Lord and ask Him what His plans and assignments are for you this year. Let Him deal with the stuff that stops your light from shining brighter and the life and reality of Heaven being released fully through you. God has wonderful plans for you and this year He longs to move in and through your life with great love and power. Shine bright, release Heaven wherever you go – and have fun doing it!

I was walking to my car today at the Mall and passed a large clump of day-lilies that were just coming into bloom. So I asked the Lord why he made flowers that bloom for only one day and then die. He answered, “Because I’m a great big extravagant God”. That phrase rang in my head so loud I started singing – “You’re a great big extravagant God” over and over. I ended up singing it and wondering at His extravagance the whole car journey home and as I did it set me to thinking of some of the extravagances of God in creation and toward us which would set me off singing again. I love God moments like that. Here are just a small listing of some of His extravagances.

  • Stars – millions of them flung so far we can’t even see them with our strongest telescopes
  • The sea – so much of a wonder in itself even without everything that lives in it
  • Fish & Sea Creatures – so many varieties, some still being discovered
  • Birds – whose song wakes the plants and tells them to produce food for them
  • Fractals – those crazy repeat identical pattern things that are found in so much of what He created like fern fronds etc (the same pattern repeating at progressively smaller scales)
  • Green – how many shades of green are there anyway? Grass is different from leaves is different from other leaves and on and on…
  • Snowflakes – every one different
  • Insects – even the urgh ones
  • People – every one uniquely different
  • Fingerprints
  • Eye patterns
  • His love – extravagantly poured out
  • Salvation – saved to the uttermost
  • Forgiveness – our sin, forgiven and then forgotten
  • Grace – extravagantly given
  • Favour
  • Provision

And so much more…

Then He asked me ”How big am I Lyn? How big will you let me be? How extravagant will you let me be?

He’s a great big extravagant God; who wants to be extravagant to you and through you. Why don’t you take some time out now to ponder on and wonder at the Lord’s extravagance in your life!

I have been aware for some time that the Lord is bringing a change into peoples lives and the ministry that flows from them. Up until now many have ministered from the anointing and the power of God but there is a change. That change is a carrying of and ministering from the heart of God. I don’t know quite how else to say that but the ministers who will carry the most impact are those who will minister from that deep place of having been intimately loved by the Lord and allowing that love to do it’s work in their lives until it infuses and seeps through into everything they do. They will minister with even more power than has been seen in the past because the Lord will be able to trust them with more.

There is a new breed of warriors arising, love -filled, miracle working warriors. This is a love war and always has been, it has never been just about the power of God but about his love displayed for all to see. Love that works miracles, love that heals, love that transforms… The word tells us that Jesus was moved with compassion or love and out of that miracles flowed. The power of God is love unleashed to do it’s work, internal and external.

Last night I read this article from the Elijah List and it resonated with me as being from the Lords heart, so I thought I would share it with you.

Julia Loren:
Who Are the Ones Carrying the New Anointing?
As I was writing my book Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Anointing (about the emerging anointing I am seeing when I pray for individuals, and seek to identify those who are emerging), I asked the Lord recently, “Who are the ones carrying the New Anointing?”

“They Are Examples of My Mercy”

And He stood before me and replied:

“They are examples of My mercy; extensions of My grace. One who has been forgiven much, loves much, and walks in a new dimension of faith, hope and love. Because they walk, live and dwell so close to My heart they are able to impart that to others. There is no judgmentalism in them. They judge not because they know that My love suspends judgment and feel the embrace of My total acceptance – an acceptance they could never earn – a love that will never be denied or withheld.

“Their humility is the conduit of power.

“Their ability to honor others and move within a team mentality increases their authority and provides the safety I desire for them.”

“They Are Not Afraid to Share Their Testimony”

“They are not afraid to share their testimony because they are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for they know it is the power of God unto salvation. And the very anointing that breaks the hold of the enemy on cultures is this power of God unto salvation – released through the word of their testimony and the ever-increasing revelation of My Blood.

“They are not a remnant cowering in caves. They are leaders taking lands, tribes and nations. They are filled with a holy boldness born of being one who is My favored one, My beloved, called by My name, born to inherit nations, born specifically in this hour of history, for this hour.

“They Have Laid Down Weapons of Carnal Warfare and Traded Them in for a Revelation of Extreme Love”

“They are the new liberation theology I am turning loose on the world. Sent as reminders of grace and mercy, they have laid down weapons of carnal warfare and traded them in for a revelation of extreme love.

“And they will know My love in the days to come. Each one, personally – shockingly – stunned beyond reason, stupefied and abandoned to all but Me. Just one touch of My love transforms the most broken and orphaned into a holy, anointed child in whom is all My delight. And they will come – en masse.

“They will be the forerunners of a love revolution I am sending to wash the earth like a flood as in the days of Noah; a flood not to destroy but to heal the land.

“Because they bear the marks of Christ on their body, the scars etched across their souls, the emblems of suffering evident in their emotional scars and skin markings, some will embrace them. Others will shun them.

“And to the ones who cannot receive them, tell them this: ‘Go and learn what this means: “I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners”‘ (Matthew 9:13).”

Julia Loren
Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power


Christchurch city was rocked to the core early this weekend (Sat 4th September) by an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale. It’s force was such that the whole of the South Island was shifted sideways on its foundation. The earthquake occurred 40kms west of Christchurch, ten miles deep on a side fault that branches off the main alpine fault. Many buildings have been severely damaged (100,000 homes), water and sewerage pipes broken, power and phones out, roads cracked and sifted upward in places. Previously unknown artesian wells have broken open and flooding has occurred in some places as ground water has been forced upward by the severe stress and shaking of the earth.

This entry looks at some of the prophetic significance in this earthquake. I obviously do not see all that God is doing in it but what I do see I submit to you to weigh up.

Although I (and some others I have spoken to) have been expecting this earthquake for months I had no idea where it would strike or when it would happen, simply that it would. Thankfully the prayers of many of us who have been praying have, I believe, averted major loss of life and injury.

There are many prophetic indicators in this natural happening that speak to the Church in this nation. First is that the quake took place in Christchurch a city that bears the name of the Church in this nation. It is a time of God shaking the Church in this nation and exposing hidden things. What are thought to be small faults in peoples lives will when shaken prove to have major consequences. Those faults will be seen for what they really are. Many have concentrated on major faults and sins but have ignored the so-called ‘respectable’ sins, the little side faults. But these are as able to destroy as the big ones do.

Many roads were broken up and I believe this speaks of the need for a new road to be built in this nation, a highway of holiness. (Is 35:8).

The timing of the quake also carries prophetic indicators. It has come at the time of transition from one season into another. We are in the period leading up to Rosh Hashanna – the Hebrew New Year, a time of new beginnings. Likewise in the natural we are coming out of winter into spring, the time of new beginnings and fresh growth, a time of bursting forth. Interestingly in the earthquake there have been new births and bursting forth’s happening. Previously unknown artesian wells have opened up, and Christchurch hospital recorded its busiest Saturday of births ever. One of the first babies born during this time was born to a couple named Israel and Miriam who named their daughter Amelia which means ‘work of the Lord’.

The force of the earthquake was 7.1

7 – means – spiritual perfecting and completeness, the covenant between man and God, God’s perfection and timing. It also means – to lead, induce, spring forth

1– unity, new beginnings

The quake was centered 40kms outside the city

40 – deals with probation or trial and also speaks of a divine period of judgment.

Ten miles deep

10 – Testimony; Law and responsibility; Complete righteousness

It took place at 4.35am

4 – speaks of God setting things in order, creation, the world, creative works.

35 – means Hope

All the above number meanings are from a Greek Lexicon, Strongs concordance & about four different internet sites that all said the same as each other.

There was considerably less damage to the city than there could have been because the building codes have such a high earthquake tolerance built into them. They have been built to withstand much of the shaking. The Church in this nation is in a time of major shaking and transition, a time of the ending of one season and the beginning of a new. The weaknesses in old structures are being exposed and many of them will fall. Cracks are showing up in many of the man made Church structures in this day, with many fine looking edifices showing deep structural failure and some becoming uninhabitable. God wants to build something new and we need to be willing to let go of the old and seek Him for the new.

Along with some people knowing by revelation from the Lord that an earthquake was coming, many people have also recently dreamed or been aware in the spirit of tsunami like waves and King Tides hitting the nation. A friend of ours Pastor Tim Stephenson from Horizon Church recorded the following as part of a facebook entry. To see the complete entry go to his facebook page

“I felt led to google ‘King Tide’ and found some astonishing facts that I was totally unaware of. The phrase ‘King Tide’ is only used in the ‘Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit’ – New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. They only come twice a year, over summer and winter. The winter King Tide usually occurs at night and therefore goes unnoticed. Consequently the summer King Tide usually catches the most attention. I also discovered that there is usually a very BIG King Tide every 7 years or so – in other words a very high high high tide with very big waves. What really caught my attention was the date of the next 7 year cycle ultra high King Tide – you guessed it – 8 September 2010 on Rosh Hashanah! This King Tide is expected to last 5 days up until the 13th of September.”

We are in an interesting time and I believe it won’t be until we are well into the new season that we will be able to look back and see the greater significance of all that is happening. God is shaking the Church in this nation, old things are being brought down and the new released. Let’s make sure we stay close to Him during this time, concentrating on Him and not on the cracks and faults we see opening up before us. I believe we as a Church can come through this time as this city has with very little loss and serious injury if we will focus on what the Lord is doing and work with Him.

We have another Glory School coming up in a couple of weeks so, I thought you might enjoy reading some of the testimonies from previous Glory Schools. I pray they will fuel the hunger in your heart to meet with the Lord.

  • A Pastor said when the activation started he just went straight to the Throne and there God answered questions he had wanted answers to for years. He was visibly shaken by the enormity of what had happened for him.
  • Another young man saw a vision of a mountain pushing up out of the ground beside another mountain that was old. The old mountain then crumbled and fell and he felt God was telling him the old mountain represented his old life and God was building something new and strong.
  • One lady had an experience where she went to the Throne Room. SHe said it was vast and packed with angelic beings. As she walked in they all erupted into cheering shouting, “She’s here, she’s finally here!” The Jesus got off his throne and coming running to meet her while the angels kept cheering,”She ‘s here, she;’s finally here. We were all moved to tears as the revelation washed over us – that all of heaven has waited, not for us to enter there when we die, but to enter there while we are still alive. Wow! WHat a revelation!
  • Also when we did an angelic activation she went to the part of the room where she thought they were and as she reached out her hand she could feel the vibrations off the angel hit her and they made her tremble for a half hour.
  • Peter felt that during worship, as we spoke bout being crowned with glory and honour, that a crown was placed on his head. He said he could physically feel the weight of it and the band where it crossed his forehead.
  • One lady said Jesus had taken her through a betrothal ceremony.
  • Another lady said she was in a big feast and seated beside Jesus who turned to her and whispered words of love then placed a huge ring on her finger and said he was her beloved.
  • A Pastor was taken to a garden where he saw a tree laden with fruit, he asked what the tree was and was told it was the tree of life – he was invited to eat from it and when he did so his whole body became infused with light – it filled him until it poured through every pore of his skin filling every part of him with the glorious light and life of God.
  • Many people saw, felt or sensed angels. One man saw a huge angel (Melanesian in looks) holding a staff with a carved pennant on the top. The angel took off over the sea and then putting his staff in the water carved a pathway through the seas for the man to follow – interestingly the man has just started a boat based ministry.
  • One person said “I found myself in a forest walking deeper into it. It was dark and the trees were tall and thick and in the middle of it I found a waterfall so clean and pure and I knew that the water was alive but it was in the dark forest – I said Lord I can’t see the light it’s so dark in here then I was flying over the treetops over the land – I knew it was NZ – but the water was hidden in the forest, not flowing out into the land – the land was thirsty but the water wasn’t flowing – then God took me into the throne room and the water was flowing from the throne, the river of God – pure, clean and alive and living and the water was the same as what I saw on earth and he said take the living water back to earth with you.”
  • A lady’s testimony “During one of the activations I saw huge (really huge) pillars. They looked translucent, a bit like bright cloud or smoke or something, but with more substance than cloud or smoke. As people worshipped, the pillars seemed to grow, it was like the worship was going up and becoming part of the pillars (because it is substance). At the top of the pillars was a massive canopy kind of thing that seemed to contain the whole universe. It was full of stars and whole galaxies, lots of colour and life. In the middle of it all between the pillars was God’s throne. It was absolutely massive and bright. God was sitting there but He was too big and too awesome to really see.”  So this morning I woke up thinking about it and I asked God to show me more about what I had seen. I found an amazing verse (Isaiah 40:22) which is what I was seeing during the activation.  “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.” (NIV)  The most amazing thing about what I was seeing was the vastness and immensity of God and his throne. It made me feel really small, I’m not sure about grasshopper size, ant maybe. Seeing how people’s worship was forming the pillars was also amazing.
  • Another person said “I have been going through a hard time – God showed me I was in a battle and in a chariot with him and we would win the battle. That he will be with me through it all enabling me and empowering me. I no longer dread what might come but am greatly encouraged and rather than hiding in fear I want the freedom that will come at the end of the battle.”

I hope you have been challenged and inspired as you’ve read these testimonies. Every one of these people had genuine encounters with the Living God, with Jesus! Encounters such as these are open and available to all the Lords children and the Glory School will teach you how to position yourself to walk in realms of revelation and heavenly experience with the Lord on a daily basis. Why not think about coming to the next one.

Healing – few subjects elicit a heated response like the subject of healing. Christians vary hugely in their belief and their level of passion concerning this subject. Most of us have prayed with faith for someone over the years and yet seen that person die or not be healed. And so questions arise within us assailing our belief in God being a good God, one who longs to see His children walk in wholeness.

Why is it that you can pray for the sick and they don’t seem to get healed; or you pray for yourself and believe for healing and nothing appears to happen?

At the moment I am battling constant pain that affects my ability to do anything let alone all I need to do. I have been prayed for by many people and prayed and stood in faith for myself and yet as of now have not seen the full answer to those prayers. So I am in a place where many in the Body of Christ are currently and the questions that come up are real and need answering.

The Bible is (to me) very clear on the subject of healing (there isn’t room here to do a verse by verse breakdown showing this, but spend time checking out what the Word does say). Healing is available to us as part of the covenant and also because of Christ’s work of redemption on the cross. God’s heart is that none of his children live in sickness. Everyone who came to Jesus for healing received healing and even in Acts we see Peter reaching a point where everyone he prayed for was healed also. So why aren’t we seeing that today? Why am I still in pain?

As the Church advanced from the time of Acts and went into the dark ages many things that the early Church walked in were lost. Over the last couple of hundred years or so we have seen God restoring many of those things. The understanding of His heart, nature and the Word regarding healing is one of those things. Early last century we saw the occasional person receive the revelation of Gods heart for healing and press through into places of seeing consistent results in that area. Over the last thirty years there has been an increasing recognition that the truth of healing is for every person in the Church to walk in. Many of us are now pressing through in that area and seeing God do amazing things in answer to their prayers. Yet still we seem to come up against what seems to be an inconsistency between what the Word of God says and what we see happening.

Many times we have rationalized away this inconsistency with sayings like “God doesn’t heal everyone” and “It’s obviously not my time to be healed”. These are just some of the statements that try to make some sense to our human understanding of why we are not seeing the fullness of what is available to us. I have even had people say to me things like “God did this to me so I would spend more time with Him”. If we look at that statement it is not a sensible statement. What we are in effect saying is that God is an abusive Father and the end justifies the means. If any earthly Father pushed his kid down the stairs and broke their leg or did something on purpose that made their kid end up in a hospital bed we would have no problem saying they were an abusive parent. Yet we don’t apply any sort of rational thinking to some of the things we put on God sometimes.

So what is happening? Why are we not seeing consistent results or even sometimes any results? We need to understand that we are in a continuum. The Church is in the process of reclaiming something that is ours according to the Word of God. For centuries we have not walked in the reality of what God has for us in regard to healing and health. But we are taking ground back from the enemy and need to keep up the pressure on him. We need to stay in a place of faith regardless of what results we may or may not see happening. Our current reality is not always an accurate indicator of Truth and we need to choose to stay in a place of believing God despite what we see.

Has the truth about God and His Word changed because we aren’t seeing the reality of its fullness manifesting in our lives. No it has not. He is and always will be God the healer; it is as much a part of who He is, as his love is. He cannot be false to his nature and character; to do so would be to submit himself to something other than love and He will not violate love, He will not violate who He is.

So I have a choice – do I tailor my theology to fit my circumstances or call my circumstances to come into line with the truth of Gods word and who He is. For me the answer is clear – I must come into line with what God says. My circumstances cannot be allowed to dictate my belief and therefore my words and attitudes. I must step out of the realm of fact and into the realm of Truth. My circumstances are not an accurate indicator of truth. They might be a fact in my life but God is and will always be bigger than the facts of my life.

We choose whether we will let the facts of our lives or Truth be the preeminent thing in our life. I choose to believe God is the healer He says He is and that He wants to heal me.

So Father, thank you for who you are, for the truth about your nature and character. You are the God who heals and you want to heal me completely. I thank you for that healing even before I see it manifest in this realm, in my body. I thank you for your faithfulness and your grace. I rest in those things as I wait for you.

What an amazing weekend we have just had in Dargaville. A group of hungry people met together from all around the region and pulled on Heaven; and God came! Right from the first worship time we stepped into a prophetic flow that decreed the purposes of God over the region and released Heaven into Earth. People had amazing experiences with God, commissioning them to reach out to specific people groups and experiencing the reality of the Throne room and encounters with Jesus and God as Father.

We have had some great feedback from the team there – “The feedback to the weekend continues to flow, everybody was absolutely blessed by your ministry, the teaching the activation times were invaluable, the town and people of Dargaville will never never be the same again, praise God! I believe it got a name change. We have all been practicing going on encounter in the heavenlies, last nite we had home group, we couldn’t have got one more body in the room, we worshipped for nearly three hours, we soared the heavenlies, the angels came with gifts for each one present, it was truly wonderful.  None of us want to come out of that zone.  It was truly a wonderful time! Such a blessing.”

Here are some of the testimonies from that time

  • I found myself going on a journey along a winding path and ended up at the throne room looking toward the throne the light was so bright I couldn’t actually see any details and the Lord said “I want to show you my glory” I knelt before the throne and he said “Come and sit at my feet and I will minister to you. I am showering you with my love so you can be filled with my love and pour that love out to those that feel they are not worthy of my love.” (This is a fresh commissioning to show and share the love of God)
  • I saw my spirit lift up from my body and I could see the room beneath me and I lifted above the clouds and saw myself going to the throne room. This is the first experience like this I have had. I was so small and they opened the door because they knew I was coming. I saw I was dressed in white with gold adornments, the dress was nice and long. I noticed I had a beautiful necklace and I started to walk bare feet into the room. And I noticed the Father put his hand out and then he picked me up and took me into another room and I saw all these treasures just beautiful colours of gemstones like I have never seen and He asked “do you like it” and said “it’s all yours” and I said “are you sure” and he said “yes i have given it to you. But what do you want”. “I want your love” I said and he said “you are here for a reason” and I said “do i really need to tell you” and he said “yes”, I said “I am thinking about our finances” and he said “I knew that but I wanted you to tell me. The finances you need are granted to you, grab hold of them in heaven cause its going to come in earth.”
  • I saw the Father and we talked. He said “ I’ve been watching you and I know you love animals,” He pointed to a path and said “why don’t you walk down that path”. So I did and suddenly I felt something touch my leg and saw this huge tiger brushing itself against my leg like a pussycat even flicking me with its tail. Other large cats came and they brushed and smooched up against me like tame pussycats. It was amazing. (There are living creatures and animals in Heaven the Bible tells us)
  • I saw myself walk alone into the throne room toward the Father who was seated on the throne. The elders sat beside him on their thrones and they all looked at me as I walked in. I felt a bit unsure but kept walking. After I got to the throne the Father presented me to Jesus as his bride and then Jesus and I spent time together and it was such a beautiful intimate time of feeling his love for me.
  • I had a vision of children all standing around me and I saw trestle tables with food all along it and I was helping feed all these poor children that were tattered and dirty. And Jesus said that’s what you are going to be doing.(the person is now praying into whether this is a literal feeding of the poor or symbolic feeding of those poor in spirit or both)
  • I saw a river silvery like liquid light and winding and it went to these people that were in shadow and I asked the lord who they were. They were people in shadow. Then I saw this light and it got really bright and then saw all this honey pouring out and said “what is it” and He said “it’s sweet honey for the people” and he told me I could have some pots of honey to give to the people and he said he would wipe away my tears from the things of my past and make me whole. (Honey is symbolic of several things – Jesus who the Bible says tastes like honey from the rock, revelation and healing, so the lady is now praying for further clarity of interpretation of the vision)
  • I was standing beside a river and children were coming to me and I was rubbing mud that I spat in on their eyelids and telling them to go wash their eyes in the river and when I asked why I was doing that he said to me ”You will help the children to see for they are blind from corruption from the enemy you will show them my might and he told me to go to Jer 9:3. When I asked where I was he said I was in Canada in Saskatchewan. (this is a commissioning encounter to be prayed into for timing and direction for how it is to be fulfilled)

So much happened this weekend it is hard to remember some of the details but I do know that Dargaville and it’s people will not be the same. At one point I saw a very large angel with a huge broom sweeping the street outside the courthouse, town hall and council offices. When I asked what he was doing I was told “This town needs a clean up so we are doing it.” They will continue until their assignment in that town is finished and Dargaville becomes a clean and safe town and region.

Praise God He is doing wonderful things in our nation and change is happening!

Monday – Had a great first day with the students – we had some prophetic words over people (one of the students kidded me as we lined up for dinner and said I should get an object related word for him that bounced off my veges so I asked God for one and when I gave it to the student he was taken aback and said “that’s the second time today I got that word”.) Monday nights worship time was just amazing. Amberley felt the presence of an angel of breakthrough that came with invitations to dance with Jesus. I followed up on that and pressed through with it and then things started to really open up. People danced and had encounters, some wept, prophetic songs about His love flowed and then Daddy came and ministered to us all. The night ended up being a “Jesus and Daddy dumping love on us” night. By the end of the night we were just soaking in his love in the sweetest silence and nobody wanted to leave. After soaking in the silence and love for about half an hour people slipped out one by one to continue their time with Jesus personally without talking to each other or making noise. It was an amazing time, one of the sweetest times I’ve been in for a while and we are often in worship times that are rich with God’s presence.

Tuesday -The students responded well to the teaching. During the teaching we did an activation with them where some of them saw visions of heaven or had encounters with Jesus. One young man shared that he saw us sitting in a classroom in the heavenly realm, then he was taken to the throne room where he met with God as father – it was a deeply impacting experience for him. One of the girls found herself in a meadow with Jesus dressed in royal purple robes both wearing crowns and they lay side by side in the grass as Jesus fed her strawberries. Later on she had another experience where she went to the throne and sat on Fathers lap and Father fed her strawberries as well. These ones were as big as her head. Strawberries represent God’s goodness. So God and Jesus were both showing her that she was being fed and nourished by his goodness.

In the dance workshop one young man saw a vision of wheat being harvested and threshed and God showed him he was at present threshing his life sifting the worthless from the good and that he would feed others. Another said they had never before known that dance could be so powerfully used by God. By the end of the session every student and staff member were dancing freely giving abandoned uninhibited worship to God.

Wed night worship – The worship team took off and straight away put into practice what we had shared with them over the preceding couple of days. We sang one song and then the prophetic songs and responses flowed freely. At one point Rob, Amberley and Josh all felt we needed to break through with dance so Amberley stepped out and danced amongst the students. Rob encouraged people to dance and as they did breakthrough came. I shared some bits and others added the bits God gave them and the bits and pieces contributed by everyone all came together and took us from glory to glory with the presence of God becoming stronger and stronger. People saw visions, had heavenly encounters and were hit with the joy of the Lord. It was an amazing time as God touched people – some of them had never before felt the presence of God like they did that night. One man said – “It’s been fifteen years since I felt the presence of God like that.” By the end of the night the floor was covered with people laughing and crying as the goodness of God touched them.

Thursday – During the last session we ended up prophesying over some of the students and the words of God ministered to them, touching some deep areas of their lives. It has been an awesome week filled with the presence and power of God and we and the students have all encountered God in ways that have made us love Him even more than ever.

If you want to follow the journey of the students at the school check out their blogsite regularly –

We want to let you know of 6 new video clips that we have put up on You Tube that are well worth checking out. They are testimonies of what God is doing in our nation. We’re sure that you will find them encouraging and that you’ll want to let others see them as well.

The Power of God in the Work Place

Encounter with God prevents suicide

Breaking free from powerlessness

Youth Group transformed by encounters with God

Unleashing the power of worship and intercession

Prophetic Worship Declaration

To find all 20 clips that are available just go to You Tube and type extreme prophetic nz in the search box.

This past weekend was spent with Edgecumbe Christian Fellowship, a church that is hungry for the reality of the Kingdom of God to be manifested in their midst. During the service on the Sunday morning God orchestrated something wonderful which led to an outpouring of his presence and power. As we worshipped I saw a vision of a spring of water bubbling and pushing it’s way to the surface of the earth. As it broke through it burst open the ground and a geyser exploded into the air. It came with such force that it went at least a hundred feet into the air. It was a real gusher! I saw it watering the surrounding district and even effecting the crops of the area with many being record sizes.

As I saw this Rob who was on the piano began to sing about wells springing up. That was just the confirmation I needed so I shared what I saw and decreed – it’s a gusher! It’s a gusher! It’s a gusher!  As I did the spirit of God fell with power in the place. We prayed for Greg and Judy (the Pastors) and God met them powerfully as well as many of their congregation. Later Greg confirmed that right back at the beginning of their Church they had received a prophetic word about a gusher erupting there and watering the surrounding area. Praise God!

In the evening during the worship we again saw God come in a great way with people seeing visions of the angel of the Church and the Lion of Judah. Rob spoke on positioning yourself in the realm of revelation and speaking into the earthly realm from there. It was a powerful word of strategy for the church there. We ended praying for people  – that God would open their spiritual eyes, their ears to hear and their heart to understand – that the spirit of wisdom and revelation would work in them and through them.  It was powerful time of impartation and we know God accomplished much this weekend.

Watch the Bay of Plenty region in the next few years, God is doing great things there and it will become a centre of great growth and power in the Spirit. From Tauranga down to Ohope and nearby surrounding areas, God is orchestrating and positioning people  there who will be people who see into the heavenlies and call heaven to be released into earth. Expect great growth, prosperity to be released into the region and heavenly encounters to begin to happen. Expect to hear of people having face to face encounters with Jesus and dreams that so stir them they seek out salvation. Bring it on God, Amen, so be it!