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Part 3 – Stewarding Trance Visions & Visitations

In this article we are going to look at trances and extended periods of revelation. I was also going to cover protocols for entering the Throne Room and heavenly places but decided that it would be better handled in a separate article, so I’ll look at that in the next one.

Things like trance visions and heavenly experiences are being talked about much more today than they ever have been. Are there more instances of these things happening or are people just feeling freer to talk about their experiences? I believe both to be the case. But with the increase in these things it becomes all the more important that people are taught how to understand and steward their visions and experiences. In the last article I looked at the different components of revelation – the revelation itself, the interpretation, the application, and whether what we are seeing is literal or symbolic. If you haven’t read that article (or the previous ones in this series) please do so, as it is foundational to what we’ll look at now in this article.

Trance Visions

I want to talk about trances for a minute because of all the ways that God gives us revelation, they are the most prone to being called ‘New Age’. We need to realize that nothing was created by the Devil. Everything was created by God (John 1:3; Col 1:16; Rev 4:11) and is a part of how his Kingdom functions, including the different ways people receive revelation. All the devil can do is twist and distort something that was created for God’s purposes.

I think the aspect about trances that freaks people out is the state of being ‘out of control’. As I said earlier, trances are happening more frequently and I know people who experience them often. For some of them the idea of ‘not knowing what was happening to them’ was freaky at first, but knowing that God is with you and is leading you is a great source of assurance and comfort. Yet not all trances have this component, as we’ll see later.

This aspect of being ‘out of control’ doesn’t seem proper or right to many of us. We believe that God is the ultimate gentleman who will only empower us, never overpower us. Yet when we look at scripture we find that in most trance states, some of peoples’ natural faculties seemed unable to function – like physical movement or ability to see the natural realm. In other words God took them over to some degree or another. This also happens when a person gets ‘the shakes’ in the Holy Spirit – their body is taken over by the power of God. Some examples of this are as follows.

  • Peter on the rooftop (Acts10:10)  – one of the most well known trances in scripture. In this trance state Peter was able to interact by speech with God.
  • Saul before he became King – he was changed into another man (1 Sam 10:6), although this is not officially a trance, as Saul was still conscious, this was an overtaking of Saul’s person by God, according to Browns-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Definitions.
  • Paul in Acts 22:17 went into a trance where God communicated with him and told him to leave Jerusalem quickly because of danger.
  • John in the book of Revelation Rev 1:17 “I fell at his feet as though dead”, this is a trance like state – Thayers Greek Definitions says this means destitute of force or power, inactive, inoperative.

So what does a trance look like? To an observer it may seem like the person has ‘spaced out’ and is unresponsive. In trance vision states often the Lord and your spirit will supersede your body functions.  You may be unaware that you are in this state, as you will be caught up into the vision or experience. Your body functions will often slow down or cease to be an issue during this time, especially in extended trance times. Hunger and thirst become non-issues and bodily functions relating to eating and drinking often don’t happen. I know a lady who has had many trance visions. Her first one lasted approximately 24 hours, during which time she didn’t move or even blink, let alone eat, drink or need a bathroom break. She was caught up into the heavenly realm, seeing visions and having experiences with the Lord there. This trance was witnessed by at least three others for this whole period of time.

 Stewarding Trance Visions

How do we steward a trance vision.

  • If it is happening to you then you will probably be unaware that it is even happening, so you won’t be able to do much. Some people have a physical or Holy Spirit given warning that it is about to happen so that they can sit down somewhere comfortable first.
  • If you observe it happening to someone else then, if possible, stay with the person and stop others from interfering, poking and prodding them etc. People try to do that to ‘prove’ whether the experience is real or not.
  • Try and make them comfortable, maybe cover them with a blanket to keep them warm if the building is cold. If they need to be moved for safety sake then do so, otherwise disturb them as little as possible. Often they will be stiff as a board so laying them on the floor or a mattress is the safest thing to do. Pray for them during this time, covering them as they are experiencing this encounter.
  • When the person comes out of it don’t pepper them with hundreds of questions. Allow them space and time to come to terms with what just happened. Later on, get them to write down as much as they can remember of what they saw and heard. They will then be able to go back to it later and process it through with the Lord. If it has been an extended time then maybe offer them a drink and some light nourishment, as they may well need it.

Stewarding extended times of revelation

How do we steward extended periods of visitation – over weeks or even months? When we are going through a season of visitation it’s important to understand how we deal with that. The following are suggestions, not a  formula. Most of them are intensely practical, but are still a part of stewarding wisely our revelations.

  • Realize that if the Lord takes you into an extended period of revelation that He will look after you during this time. Don’t be afraid to surrender yourself to Him. Many people pull back from going into revelation because of fears relating to the ‘unknowns’ involved.
  • Don’t tell everyone what is happening to you – it may not be God’s time to reveal things; in fact you may never get to reveal some things. Some things will be shown to you so that you can simply cooperate in prayer with the Father over them. Pride can also become a factor here – remember your experiences say nothing about how spiritual or mature you are, they just say that you are being blessed with revelation at this point in time.
  • Remember to ask the Lord for help in distinguishing between what is ‘literal’ and what’s ‘symbolic’ in your visions and experiences. This is important, as it will all feel real. In the same vision there may be both literal and symbolic things. Asking for the interpretation and application is also important (See article 2 in this series for teaching on these).
  • Have someone you are accountable to and can share with. We all only see partly (1 Cor 13:12) so it’s good to have someone trustworthy that we can double check our experiences with who can help us measure them against scripture, God’s nature, His character and His heart for mankind.
  • Have trustworthy people who can support you in prayer during this time if possible.
  • Have notebooks and pens ready and accessible – journaling what you see and experience is important for a variety of reasons. It is easy to forget details, especially when you are in extended times of visitation and seeing lots. Also it helps with accountability.
  • Make sure that you look at rearranging your schedule if need be – drop non-necessary activities in order to free yourself up to spend the extra time in the Lord’s presence. If that’s not a possibility then stay in the place of faith for strength and staying power.
  • Make sure that you are getting regular meals, plenty of water etc. Sometimes your body works hard during these times, especially if there are manifestations of shaking, burning etc.
  •  Realize that the Lord will look after you – physically, emotionally and spiritually during these times.

I hope this has given you a little more understanding on trance visions and extended times of visitation. We need to learn how to steward these as they are happening more frequently and may very well happen to you or someone you know in the days ahead.

Please fell free to pass this series of articles on to others to read, too, as the more who understand how to wisely steward their revelations the better.

The next article in this series will be the last and I am going to look at protocols for entering the Throne Room and other heavenly places. I hope you’ll join me again for that one.

Revelation through visions, experiences and dreams is increasing greatly in these days and will continue to do so – this four part series is written to help you steward wisely the revelations and experiences you are given. If we don’t know how to steward these gifts properly we will have a mess as people misinterpret what they see and experience and the end result could be that some will end up being decieved and going down a wrong track altogether. So let’s take care of that possibility by giving some understanding in regard to how to interpret and steward what we see, hear and experience. Please pass these articles on to others, let’s get the word out there – just make sure you include my name and blogsite url.

Part 1 – A life of revelation and encounters

Revelation of God and his kingdom – as Christians we all long for it but it’s something we often feel we don’t have or we feel that we have to work hard in order to get it. We long for a life of such intimacy. Yet the truth is that we cannot be more intimate with God than we already are. Why? Because intimacy is not a feeling, it’s a legal positioning and our state of being because of what Jesus did on the cross. You have been made intimate with God. You are one with Him, in Christ and in the Father through Christ.

Rom 6:11  “Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.“

1Co 1:30  “But by His doing you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification, and redemption…”

1Jn 4:13  “By this we know that we abide in Him and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit.”

Can we expect to experience more of the reality of that oneness than we currently do – definitely! Can we get to know Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit more than we do?

1Cor 1:7  “so that you are not lacking… awaiting eagerly the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ…”

Can we discover more of the wonders of who they are? Yes! We can and we should expect to know them more and more but we should not confuse that with our state of intimacy or oneness with them.

Since all relationship is based on our experiencing the other person in the relationship we can and should expect to know or experience the Lord.

1Jn 5:15 “And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him.”

To receive revelation and have encounters with him is a natural outcome of relationship with him.

1Co 4:1  “Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.”

Do you want to be a steward of the mysteries of God? God wants you to be one so how do we step into that?

It begins with understanding revelation and God’s purposes for it…

Revelation – it’s not some airy, fairy, esoteric knowledge that’s for a select few, it’s for all people everywhere. We cannot even get to know God without receiving revelation. And all revelation is an invitation. It’s an invitation to two things primarily – intimacy and co-operation with God. God is all about relationship and everything he does is about bringing you and I into a deeper understanding of who he is and who we are in the context of relationship and then to understand who he is to us and through us.

As a Christian one of the ways we can open ourselves to revelation is to spend time waiting on the Lord by stilling our hearts and minds. The mystics of old used to call that waiting contemplative prayer, nowadays some people call it soaking.

Psalm 46:10  says “Be still, and know that I am God.” The term “be still” in this verse means “stop striving”. It means to let go and come into a place of rest where you can hear, see and experience God. It is a contemplative state. The Christians of old knew about contemplative states of rest that led to experience – we call those people “mystics” because they experienced the mysteries of God. We look at their lives with wonder and wish that somehow we could experience what they did – yet what they experienced was not just for a select few – it is open to all. Also, the word “know” in the above verse is a “knowing by experience”. It’s not head knowledge it’s an experiential knowledge.

So how can we discover more about Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit? How can we experience them more? One of the great ways to do that is by soaking. It’s a time of waiting in quietness and rest of heart – it may include prayer and talking to the Lord and will definitely include having a listening posture and waiting for him to speak to us. Some people prefer to soak to music; some prefer quietness. Whether we have music or not though is not the main thing – it is a quietness of heart and a listening posture that is key.

We can train ourselves and develop this state so that we get to a point where we are in a contemplative state of heart even as we go about our daily tasks. But normally that comes from first learning how to quiet our heart and minds and hear him in set times apart with the Lord.

So how do we do that, what are some tips for soaking or contemplative prayer? The following list is not a “formula” or “steps to intimacy” just some tips…

  • Make a quiet space in your home where you know you can focus and be undisturbed. You can sit, lie down, whatever is comfortable.
  • Have a journal, pen and drink of water there on hand so you won’t have to go searching for them when you need them.
  • Your heart and mind will go where you focus – Focus on the Lord and his glory and your heart will begin to go there. James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” Focus on the world and it’s demands and your mind and heart will go there.
  • If you have things you need to talk through with the Lord regarding sin issues do so (repent) and thank him that in his amazing grace he has even forgiven you ahead of time. Receive his forgiveness, acknowledge it and thank him for it.
  • Worship the Lord – in tongues and in your native language. Keep worshipping until you feel his presence begin to manifest around you.
  • If thoughts intrude, take them captive and tell your mind you’ll deal with that later. Write it down if you need to – this is so your mind can see that you won’t forget.
  • Present your body to God a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable. Rom 12:1 “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.”
  • Then present yourself to him as being alive from the dead Romans 6:13 “…present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God.”
  • Recall past experiences with the Lord – visions, encounters, healings etc they will shift your heart into a thankful posture and you can also enter his glory through them by asking Holy Spirit to lead you into the reality of what you see.
  • Tell the Lord you want to experience him, meet with Him, encounter him. Tell him you want more of his presence manifested around your life and in your life.  You are not asking for more of Him – you can’t get more of him than what he has given – he has given you his all. You have the fullness of the Godhead in you in Christ – you are asking for it to become manifest to you so you can grow up into it. Col 1:19  “For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him,”Eph 4:13 “…until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.’
  • Stay in that place of soaking or contemplation until you receive revelation. Psa 123:2  “Behold, as the eyes of servants look unto the hand of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto the hand of her mistress; so our eyes wait upon the LORD our God, until that he have mercy upon us.”
  • Realise that when you do receive revelation that is not the end of your time with him that is just the beginning, the gateway to the supernatural realm of God. All revelation is an invitation to intimacy and dialogue with the Lord and out of that, co-operation with him. Isaiah 64:4 Amplified Bible “God…who works and shows Himself active on behalf of him who [earnestly] waits for Him.” He’s longing for us to wait on Him.

Here are some of the ways people in scripture received revelation – Dreams (Job 33:14-16; Genesis 28:10-16)
– Visions (Daniel 7:1-3,9; Acts 16:9-10)
– Trances (Acts 10:9-17, 11:5)
– Out of body experiences (2 Corinthians 12:2-4)
– Angelic visitations (Luke 1:11-17; Acts 12:7-10)
– Being transported in the Spirit (Acts 8:39-40).

You may receive revelation in any manner of ways – as impressions, the quiet whisper of Gods voice, angelic encounters, nudges of the Holy Spirit, pictures, heavenly encounters and more..

Sometimes we think one kind of revelation is more spiritual than another because it is more dramatic or seems more “real” somehow.  But revelation is revelation no matter what form it comes in and all revelation has the power to transform your life. None is more special, spiritual or mature than another way. They are all revelation and all carry within them the power of God to do what he has sent them to do.

  • Write down in your journal what the Lord is showing you – draw pictures of what you see even if they are only stick figure pictures. Writing and drawing it helps to build pathways in the brain to hang memory on and helps cement your experience in your memory. This is important when you want to go back to a place you’ve been in the Spirit.
  • Talk to the Lord about what you are seeing, hearing or feeling. Ask him questions – he never gets tired of questions. The more you ask the more the revelations will unfold to you.
  • Ask him what he wants you to do in light of what he has shown you. Then simply be obedient to do it and watch God work.

Revelations purpose is first of all to deepen our relationship with the Lord and secondly to bring us to a place of co-operating with him in releasing the kingdom of heaven into earth. Don’t fall into the trap of putting the second part first. God’s kingdom is all about relationship with him and our works should be about that too. Intimacy and co-operation – the results of which lead to thankfulness and deeper intimacy – that’s what it’s all about.

Enjoy your “soaking” times, they are precious and to be guarded. Don’t let the enemy steal them from you by works without intimacy or daily life’s needs.

To experience the reality of stewarding the mysteries of God is a part of our inheritance but it doesn’t come without us being willing to count the cost and pursue intimate knowledge of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. What I’ve talked about in this article are the beginning steps to stewarding the mysteries of God but even those baby steps will be filled with wondrous encounters and heavenly experiences. Enjoy them but don’t stay there – venture ever deeper into revelation knowledge of God and the Kingdom of Heaven and how it functions. We are called to rule and reign both here in the earthly realm but also in the heavenlies – to do so we must know how the Kingdom of Heaven functions, it’s government, protocols and God’s ways. There is far more for us to move into than we have known or dreamed and we have the best teacher of all – Holy Spirit who will lead us into all truth (Jn 16:13).

In Part 2 of this four part series I will look at “Understanding and stewarding experiences and mysteries.”



Last Saturday we did our first night at the Pakuranga Night Market and saw around 50+ people through the XP Revelations Gazebo.  This place is cooking…. literally.  There are so many food stalls from many different nations and this appears to be the main attraction for the heavy foot traffic.

Speaking with a mother and son, the son asked for some Spiritual Art and our team member attempted to draw him a transformer, encouraging him that this is what God saw him as, he may seem ordinary but he had a hunger for the supernatural and this picture and word spoke volumes to him. She encouraged him to seek Jesus – the one with the power to transform us.

Another couple of team members prayed for a couple where the lady had part of her face numb, it increasingly improved until she had complete feeling in this side of her face and she was overjoyed, to say the least!

A couple of Christian ladies came in, mother and daughter who were greatly impacted by words of knowledge and destiny words.  These beautiful women of God left strengthened and encouraged.

We saw a progressive healing in a lady’s thumb, that morning she had very little movement and a lot of pain, by the time she left us she had seen a huge improvement and a lot less pain.

A lovely couple came in with their little baby girl and were encouraged by words of knowledge, destiny words and dream interpretations. The lady was also instantly healed from chronic back pain.

We met some delightful young ladies and a young guy – all from Christchurch, two of whom had moved up with their parents 3 weeks earlier, and the young guy was visiting with them.  These precious young ones were greatly affected by all that had been happening in Christchurch and received words of destiny, name readings, tattoo readings, spiritual cleansing/deliverance and were so overwhelmed with the love of God and that He actually cared enough to be interested in every detail of their lives, and were blown away by the many words of knowledge given by the team.  The young lady that had nightmares came in with walls up and left with a spark in her eyes and all went with renewed hope for their future.

One of the team encountered a group of around 7 young big guys that were asking about what was written on our menu board.  After the first one received a word the others were really keen to have their own words of destiny as well, so our team member spent quite some time encouraging each young man. They were all blown away by the accuracy of what was shared and left knowing Jesus cared about each of them.

A Christian woman from a local church who were also there doing outreach stopped and challenged us about what we were doing so we invited her to sample – she left having been given words of knowledge and a prophetic word that showed her it truly was God that we were accessing for our information. Yaay! A couple of Christians stopped and asked what we were doing – having recognised some of the team. They were concerned because our sign didn’t have Christian teminology on it. It has terms like Dream interpretation, Spiritual healing, Words of destiny, Spiritual insights, Spiritual Art, Spiritual cleansing and more (look at the terms and see if you can guess what we are offering). After explaining that most non-Christians don’t understand our Christian teminology and that we were trying to reach the non-Christians not the Christians they left – both challenged and encouraged.

The market closes at around midnight, and one of the team was speaking to one of the pack down guys right at the end who was incredibly overwhelmed by the words of knowledge and words of destiny he received, there were a few expletives thrown in every few minutes as he was trying to wrap his head around how much God loved him.  The tattoo reading also encouraged him in regards to his family situation and his brother actually ran after us as we were taking the gear to the car.

We had many, many asking us if we would be back next week – and at this point we are hoping to make it a fortnightly/monthly event as folk of all different ages and nationalities are so hungry to experience the love of God and discover hope for their future.   We had such an amazing time simply loving people and seeing God touch them where they were at.  Yay God!

rubbish dump workers

It’s not always easy to put into words what God does in our lives. For those of you who don’t like all the touchy feely talk I’ll try not to emote too much. But please bear with me for one small paragraph as I attempt to share what happened to me in Cambodia. I went to Cambodia because I knew that God wanted us to go there and that somehow, something significant would take place. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I sure didn’t expect to find myself in tears or close to tears as much as i found myself. From the first day of our outreach when we went on a tour and ended up talking to a man in the TB ward in Poi Pet to the day we spent at the rubbish dump in Siem Reap, God never stopped working in me, building a compassion for the nation and its people that was overwhelming at times and even weeks later is still so close to the surface that I feel like I want to cry often.

Cambodia is a people robbed and plundered yet people from all around the world are beginning to cry “Restore!” and that cry is being answered as God is sending people from many nations to go there to minister, release hope and answers to their needs. While we were in Poi Pet there were missions groups from three other organisations there. I have since heard of others that have been there even in this last month so God is definitely doing things there. A group of business men and leaders from 9 different nations came in for three days while we were there to see what business initiatives they could help the locals with. Poi Pet is on God’s radar and in his sights.

PoiPet is a dusty border city that most people transition through as quickly as possible. Rubbish lies everywhere you look on the streets, especially if you

slum village house

leave the main road. There is little town planning infrastructure and slum villages line the roads with little or no power, no sewerage facilities and no town water supply. Water comes from a hand pump if the slum village is lucky enough to have one. Building codes are non-existant I think judging by the heights and widths of the various sets of stairs we climbed in the buildings we entered. Even from floor to floor the height and width of the stairs varied and when you’re short some of those stairs were high.

PoiPet is one of the major trafficking routes through to Thailand and the world where children are trafficked for either the sex trade or as unpaid slave workers. It is this that Extreme Prophetic is fighting and one life at a time beginning to make a difference in. What a privilege to see rescued children smiling and laughing with no fear in their eyes because of the healing that is taking place in their lives. That is not something I will ever forget.

To minister at the rubbish dump and see the conditions people there live in was eye-opening and heartbreaking. To have so little to give them in the natural was hard but to share love – priceless. Many came to the Lord that day and were healed physically. (The team has since gone back there and the healed gave testimony of what God had done in their lives and more got saved). A whole village of people live and work in that dump trying to find something of value in rubbish that has already been picked over many times before it gets to the dump. One lady we talked to was looking for old thrown out rice in order to feed her family.  But mostly they search for anything that will have a resale value from thrown out food to sell to the pig farmers to bottles and rags.

rubbish dump house

One group of young people we talked to turned out to be three orphaned brothers and sisters who lived and worked there because there was nowhere else they could go. Yet even in the midst of the dirt and foul smelling rubbish children played and babies suckled. One lady told us her children and grandchildren all lived together at the dump. What a place to raise a family yet they have little other choice. I saw in that rubbish dump one hand pump for water – and who knows what has leached into that water system from the rubbish.

Yet in the middle of all that we saw and heard hope being planted and lives touched and changed by the love of the team as they ministered. Over the time we were in Cambodia we saw people receive God’s love, be healed, receive hope and help; yet I think we were touched and changed as much as the people we ministered to. We know we’ll be going back and are looking forward to it even now.

Below is a selection of images that while showing something of life in Cambodia, don’t begin to portray the reality really but I hope they give you some idea of our trip.

slum houses with tv

to market, to market

travelling between towns

building practises - bamboo scaffolding and branches to hold the floor up while everything sets.

family transport - the most we saw was six on a bike

children praying to receive Jesus


Gregory cutting a village childs hair

This is Post 3 of our prophetic insights for 2012 series. Post 1 – “Prophetic Bulletins – Are they valid today?” Post 2 – Prophetic Insights for 2012 – Part 1, Post 3 – Prophetic Insights for 2012 – Part 2

Todays entry is Part 2 of the Prophetic Insights. Before you read it can I suggest you read the previous two entries which can be found directly below this on the blogsite.

Prophetic Insights for 2012 – Part 2

Seek Wisdom!

Wisdom is key in this season (Matt 7:7; Prov 2:2,6). This wisdom is not just the revealing of some mystery, knowledge or mindset. It is Wisdom – the person, making himself known to us and showing us how to walk as he does; it is Jesus! Paul tells us that in 1 Corinthians 1:24 Christ, the power of God, and the wisdom of God.” Now, more than ever, we need Jesus, the wisdom of God, to live in us and through us.

Shift in the Prophetic

There is a coming shift in the prophetic – more and more the prophetic will not just say, “There is something new coming” – that ‘ever elusive something new’. They will not just say “Revival is coming and starting here, or there.” As well as pointing us forward, they will point us back to the regaining of what we have lost. They will proclaim that a revelation of the old is here – Christ and Christ in us – the hope of the world.

The “Good News” will be preached in a way that it has not been for many centuries. The prophetic will trumpet the “Good News” to the church and many in the church will get truly converted as a result of it. They will then spread out like fire from their churches, proclaiming and demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven in such a way that countless others will be saved.

The prophetic will more and more proclaim, “Christ in you (NOW) is the hope of glory – not Christ coming some day, somewhere, to do something! Christ in you here and now, revealed to the world through sons and daughters who are fulfilling the mandate given centuries ago.”

The prophets will say, as God does here and now, “Look at the Cross, look at the cross, look at the cross! See what I did already. Walk in that! Don’t keep looking for something new. I don’t need to do something new – I already did all that was needed at the cross. Look back so that you can walk forward!”

We will recognize that there have been prophetic voices amongst us who were prophesying a true word, even though we did not want to hear it. The word…. “That church, as we have known it, has not been working and that God is changing that.”


There is an increase in revelation that is here now. People are, and will be, seeing more visions, having supernatural encounters with Jesus and angels, receiving revelation in dreams. This will continue to increase this year and in the coming years as people allow God to be the supernatural God who communicates in supernatural ways.

Miracles, Signs and Wonders 

These will continue to increase in frequency as Christians believe again that Christ will work through them to do miracles, signs and wonders. Miracles will no longer be the domain of the ‘few’ but of every man, woman and child who believes.


Justice issues will continue to become more of a focus for the church, but not in the old way of only doing the practical, but a combining of the practical and the miraculous. Hope ambassadors will continue to proclaim and demonstrate God’s heart and intent, and peoples and nations shall come to him because of it.

The Nations

We will continue to see instability and even collapse in nations’ monetary foundations as things in the world’s system get worse, but we will also see the Lord provide for his people in miraculous ways. Make sure that you know who your provider is. Is it your employer or the hope of winning Lotto, or do you truly believe that God has, is and will provide your every need? (2 Pet 1:3)

It is not all doom and gloom, despite what the news media tell us. The world’s best days will soon be upon us, as we Christians become who God originally intended us to be, and live the life he always intended us to live – bringing hope, salvation, healing and freedom to many thousands. This will, in the days ahead, even lead to whole cities and nations becoming filled with true believers and as a result we will see some of those cities and nations become safe houses for those that are persecuted elsewhere. We will also see their economies bloom as God gives ideas and witty inventions to them. The world will begin to turn to the church for ideas and strategies to feed the poor, ideas for how to provide housing and education for their people and more. Some will even ask the church for strategies to bring their nations out of the crises they find themselves in. While this will bring increased freedom for some, it will also bring an increase in persecution and hatred of the Church by others.

To Finish

To be alive and representing Christ in this day is an awesome privilege and we are called to that. Releasing heaven into earth is our mandate for 2012 and beyond. We were created and called to release it now, tomorrow and every day that follows. Let’s have fun doing it!

Prophetic Insights For 2012 – Part 1

Before reading this post can I encourage you to read the post “Prophetic Bulletins – are they valid today?” which is directly below this one on the blogsite.

Please also do take the time to re-read the Prophetic Insights for 2011 (you can find them on the toolbar above if reading this on the blogsite or here on our website if reading this on facebook or email). These will continue to play out over the next few years as God is unfolding his plan for the church. In writing these insights, while I call them Prophetic insights for 2011 or 2012, they are in fact prophetic insights into a “time-frame” that spans a few years, as well as being relevant to this particular year.

While these insights are what I believe the Lord has shown me I would encourage you to seek the Lord for yourself regarding them and ask him what his plans are for your personal life for this coming year.

Prophetic Insights for 2012 -Part 1

As I have been praying about this coming year there are a few things that the Lord has been saying, but one has rung louder than all the others. I believe we will hear more and more about this thing coming from many different sources. It is the foundational thing that all else is being built on – both in our personal lives and corporately, as the Church. When I share what God has been saying, it may sound in some ways innocuous or “old-news” at first, but everything the church becomes and does in the years ahead hinges on us getting a greater revelation of it. 

That statement is “Look at the Cross!”

God is calling us to look back in order to properly find our way forward!

A Largely Lost Revelation

Over the centuries the church has largely lost her way and we are hearing the voice of the Lord say again “This is the way, walk ye in it” (Isa 30:21). And the way he is calling us to walk in is not some great mystery recently revealed, it is not some new revelation, but it is a revelation that we have largely forgotten. The revelation of the Cross – what Jesus did for us by his death and resurrection (check out 2 Cor 5:19; 1 Cor 15:22; Rom 5:18,19; Rom 6:8; Col 2:20 to start with).

The revelation of the cross is all about the grace of God and what it means to be born again and live in that grace. God is bringing a refocusing on the freedom that the gospel brings people into and reminds us that we live not under law but under grace (Rom 6:14; Gal 3:3; Col 1:23). While people initially get saved by grace, many all too soon get encumbered by teaching and beliefs that cause them to be unable to continue to live by grace. It is this that God is drawing our attention back to – the need to continually live in and by the grace of God. This revisited revelation of grace is revolutionizing the church.

Like with all things that God reveals or re-reveals, there is the possibility that some will believe and others won’t. The enemy wants to make mileage out of that and cause both sides (supporters and opponents) to rise up in self-righteousness and pride and defend their beliefs by tearing down the other side. Don’t let him draw you into that devilish trap.

Some in the Body of Christ are calling this the “grace revolution” but I would caution against using labels to define what God is doing. Our man-given labels have caused much dissension and fighting within the Body of Christ. Jesus is not calling us to give another label to what he is doing but to discard the labels altogether! We should not say I am of the “grace movement”, the “prophetic stream” etc – the early church had that problem (1 Cor 1:11-13) and Paul basically told them to grow up. Today I am doing the same. It is time for us as individuals to discard our stream or denominational labels. It is time to leave them behind and simply be “Christians” again.

Blending Streams

I see in the days ahead the Lord bringing the revelation truths of those different “streams” and “denominations” – Pentecostal, Evangelical, Charismatic, Prophetic, Grace, Glory etc together into a mighty river of revelatory understanding. He is currently bringing to the church an understanding of how the truths we have had revealed to us are all a part of the whole. Each has restored important revelation to the church and God is blending the truths together to cause us to grow up into a whole body, not factions that are set against each other.

There will still be some who refuse to leave their labels behind, but more and more people are discarding them and moving on to a greater maturity as they do.

The outworking of all this is that we are continuing to grow up and become the sons and daughters of God we were called to be.

It is “Christ in us” being revealed and released. It is releasing the Kingdom of Heaven into earth wherever we go, sharing the true “good news”, bringing hope, setting the captives free (both inside and outside the church), healing the sick, seeing the lame walk, and the blind see.

It is the time to reclaim our lost heritage. It is a time for the church to take back the ground we have let the enemy steal from us. It is time for stepping into our destiny and calling, to see the seemingly impossible bow to God as he empowers each of us to fulfill his plans and purposes in the earth.

Part 2 will be up on the site tomorrow. i have made them smaller posts so they aren’t too much to wade through at once.

If you received the following invitation do you think you’d take it?

You are invited on


Starting point – NOW!

Finishing Point – YET TO BE DETERMINED!

“It’s the adventure of a lifetime! I can’t tell you exactly what will happen – that would spoil the surprise but I can promise you an adventure you’ll never forget.”

“I can promise times of peace and white knuckle times, I can promise there will be times you never want it to end and times you thought you never should have come along.”

“You’ll meet nice people, you’ll meet some not so nice. Some you’ll remember forever, some you’ll forget and some you’ll wish you could forget.”

“You’ll experience times of rapturous bliss and times of deep despair.”

“You’ll experience times when you have more than enough, times when you have just enough and times when you don’t have enough – of time, of finances, of love, of creativity, of patience and of  life experience.”

“There will be times when you know exactly what to say and times when you can’t find the right words. And then there’ll be times you’ll wish you hadn’t found the words at all.”

“There will be times when you will see the world and times when you will be shut in and wish you could see the world.”

“There will be times where you’ll discover new friends and times when you leave behind old ones.”

“I can promise there will be fun and laughter and also tears.”

“I can promise there will be friends to hold your hand and speak love into your life after others have spoken unkindly.”

“I can promise you’ll be loved by many and possibly hated by one or two depending on how you treat them.”

“There will be times when it all goes well, times where you’ll hit problems and times when you’ll be the problem.”

“I can promise you will have times to sit quietly and think and times you’ll wish you had the time to sit quietly and think.”

“I can’t promise you’ll love every moment of it but I can promise you it will be a grand adventure, the adventure of a lifetime.”

Would you come along if you were offered that invitation, if you had time to weigh it all up?

Maybe you would and maybe you wouldn’t, but in some ways it doesn’t matter whether you would or wouldn’t because you’re already on it. It’s the adventure of  a lifetime – it’s the adventure of your lifetime! It’s a grand adventure, one you won’t get to repeat and one that you will remember for ever. Make the most of every moment of it even the bad ones. Wring out of it every bit of truth and understanding you can. Experience it all with every fiber of your being and in it all look for the one who created you and extended you the invitation. You will get the chance to meet him somewhere along the way. Look out for him because you never know when he’ll reveal himself and once he does a whole new chapter in your adventure will begin.


What an exciting six weeks we’ve had as a nation hosting the Rugby World Cup. It’s been great for the nation and a great encouragement to me as a Christian (more about that later). I’m not normally a Rugby fan but even I sat and watched the semi-final and final matches. And the final was a cliff hanger! What a match. I sat there a wound up mass of tense muscles and shallow breathing until that final whistle blew and the game was over and we had won; by one point – but we had won! The All Blacks won and now they get the spoils. In their case that’s a victory payment, a shiny gold cup (The Webb-Ellis Trophy) with their name engraved on it, hero status in the nation and the right to call themselves the world champions for the next four years.

You know sometimes as Christians we can be a bit like I was, watching the final game of the RWC, when it comes to the Lord and Satan. We somehow get into our mind that there is a huge struggle for victory going on between the forces of heaven and the forces of darkness. But there isn’t! Jesus thoroughly thrashed the enemy in a decisive ‘huge score’ win against him on Calvary, not merely a one point victory either! There is no inch by inch fight for territory from Jesus’ perspective. It’s only us that see it like that if we’ve  not understood the nature of the battle or Christ’s victory. We can take one verse from scripture and build a theology around it like this one – “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principlaities and powers” and think that the battle is still happening and the war is not over yet. Yet so many other scriptures tell us that he has triumphed (Col 2:15, Eph 1: 20,22, Eph 2:6, and more…). Jesus has already won, and through him we have, too.

We are now in mop up mode, gathering the spoils and plundering the enemy’s camp – setting free his prisoners and taking back what he stole from us. That’s a far different viewpoint to see things from and operate from. Let’s get a correct view of the enemy and get out there and set those prisoners free and plunder the enemy’s camp. To the victor the spoils! That’s Jesus and that’s us!

The other thing that encouraged me about the RWC was the crowds of people that turned out to watch in the fan zones. It got me dreaming again of the crowds that will gather to worship in open air stadiums and fan zones as Christ’s power and love are unleashed in our land. And believe me, it will happen! As a team we have had a great time getting out amongst all the fans and sharing the Lord with people. We’ve had some great conversations and so many people have had destiny spoken prophetically into them and their lives have been touched in a way that they will never forget (Holy Spirit will see to that). Seeds are planted in their lives that the Lord will now water and bring to fruit. One day we’ll get to meet many of them again and they’ll say “Do you remember the RWC in 2011, you prophesied over me and it changed my life….”

Who will you ask for a prophetic word for this month, this week, today? That word will have an effect – have no doubt about that. God says that when we open our mouth he will fill it and his words never return to him void – they always accomplish what he sends them to do. Let him speak through you this month. Be a blessing and be blessed.

Part 4

 Someone I know once posed this question – “If the joy of the Lord is our strength, what should our fighting look like?” Hmm, maybe our prayer and fighting should look like the joy of the Lord is in it?

How would that look then, would it look different to what we currently see in the church and in peoples personal lives – prayer that is heavy, weighed down with the burdens we carry, coming from an attitude of wanting to break through, hoping that God will hear us and answer? Is how we pray even according to New Covenant understanding; maybe it isn’t and if it isn’t then what are we praying from? The three choices for where we pray from are –  New Covenant understanding, Old Covenant understanding or our flesh.

New Covenant prayer carries the authority of Christ himself and, as such, is full of peace, rest, joy and even at times laughter, because He is those things, He is joy, peace and rest. New Covenant prayer is not heavy or burdensome, nor does it leave you feeling wrung out, tired or full of grief. Why? For two main reasons:

  • It is not just you doing the intercession, but Jesus and the Holy Spirit interceding with and through you.
  • Because of that, we see and war from their perspective – the battle is already won and because we know that, it determines our outcome, our attitude, our actions, our determination and so on.

However, when prayer or intercession is approached from an Old Covenant viewpoint it will become legalistic, formulaic, and possibly fueled by a religious spirit that brings people back under law and takes them away from living under grace. This type of prayer carries a burden that we are not meant to carry. It is often tiring, and can leave people feeling wrung out and heavy. It will leave us feeling like we need to do something to earn God’s answer eg, pray more, fast more, etc. It certainly doesn’t carry the yoke of Jesus (Matt 11:30), which is light and easy. Prayer from our flesh will likewise be heavy, tiring, full of unbelief, etc and will leave us with the feeling that we must somehow help answer the prayer with our own efforts.

Under the New Covenant we don’t pray to break through to Heaven and get God to hear us – we pray because we’ve already received the victory and our prayer is picking up the spoils. We are plundering; Jesus did the work and we get to gather the plunder.

If the fight is not to break through to get God to hear us and answer our prayers, (because Jesus broke through on our behalf two thousand years ago) then what is our prayer life for; what are we contending for on a personal level this side of the Cross? It is two-fold…

  • To bring what Jesus won for us and what God has promised us from the eternal realm into the earthly realm (Matt 6:10; Phil 4:19; Eph 1:3).
  • To stop the enemy stealing from us what Christ won for us and what God has given us. John 6:39 says “This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing.” As this was true of Jesus, so it is true of us. God does not want us to lose anything of what He has given us.

On a non-personal level it is …

  • To see people, as individuals, set free from the devil’s plans for their lives.
  • To bring what God has promised the church corporately from the eternal realm into the earthly realm.
  • To stop the enemy stealing from us what God has given us corporately as the Church.

That is a huge paradigm shift, a mind transforming moment right there! 

We have already been granted healing, on-going health, provision, daily needs – in other words everything pertaining to life and godliness (2 Pet 1:3). The devil will try and tell us that God isn’t interested, that He doesn’t want to give us what we need and that He won’t come through, even if we do have faith. Wrong! He already has! It was done 2000 yrs ago when Jesus defeated the enemy.

When it comes to how we see the devil’s ability to win in any conflict – our fight against the devil is not even really a fight and certainly not what you’d call a fair fight. Christ has indisputably won (Col 2:15) and we get to share in and reinforce that victory every time the enemy tries to come against us.

The devil is a defeated foe and we need to be reminded of that again. He has limited access and no authority and we get to plunder his kingdom as we come into agreement with what God is doing, and work with Him to see the Kingdom of God released and established in the earth.

God has given us many great promises and some of those relate to His answering our prayers. So how do we fight (with our prayers) as New Covenant believers?

  • First of all we believe – we believe what Christ has done for us and won for us. Our carnal mind is the biggest foe apart from the devil that we face.
  • We are told that what we bind on earth will be bound in heaven (Matt18:18) but that doesn’t refer to us going into the spiritual realms and engaging the enemy there. It simply states a fact – if we bind something here it will have effect there, too. So bind the works of the enemy against you.
  • We are told in scripture to “resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). That hardly sounds like a fight, does it? It sounds from that like when we say boo and the devil will run a mile. And that’s what it is saying, but we don’t believe it can be that simple because we have been conditioned by wrong teaching to expect a big, hard, long, drawn out fight.
  • Timothy was told to fight the good fight of faith (1 Tim 6:12) so that would say that the good fight and the right way to fight is to use our faith – to trust God, to believe Him and his promises in the face of everything the devil tries to throw at us. You can’t get much more of a good fight than one that is already won!
  • God tells us to stand, in rest, and trust (Eph 6) – but we think that sounds so passive, like we aren’t doing anything. But standing in rest and trust is doing something; it is doing something that is effective and very powerful indeed.
  • Take back what the enemy has stolen. Come back into agreement with God, stay in agreement with him and decree that you will no longer let the enemy walk over you in that area. Then by faith take hold of what God has promised you and command it to come into your life, then stay in faith until you see your answer manifest in this realm.

Francis Frangipane said, “One of the surest signs to the devil of his own downfall is when the saints of God have absolute peace in the midst of the battle.” 

Joseph Prince puts it like this, “While it is true that Satan tries to put sickness, depression and strife in our lives, God does not want us to fight the devil in long-drawn battles. God’s Word tells us to rest instead. In the spiritual warfare passage in Ephesians 6, the word ‘wrestle’ appears only once, whereas the word ‘stand’ appears four times! This means that in spiritual warfare, we are to stand or rest in the victory of Christ. Jesus has already defeated the devil and put us on victory ground. And to help us stand our ground, he has given us his seven-piece armour. So stop trying to defeat a defeated foe. Just put on his armour and rest in his victory!” 

Make no mistake, standing firm in the face of the enemy and staying in that place of rest is not passive and it is definitely not weak. It takes more courage to stand in rest and trust than to brandish weapons of our flesh.

So often we see the enemy as having more power than he actually has and we engage him in a fight instead of standing our Christ-won ground. The devil doesn’t mind fighting with us in a show of bravado and lies if a skirmish with his forces will keep us in the place of lies and deception and stop us realizing that he is already defeated.

Christ soundly defeated the powers of darkness and the only power that they have now is the power that we give back to them by believing their lies and by giving in to fear of them. Any power that they have in our lives comes from us believing them and surrendering what Christ won for us.

We are in a war – a war to get us to believe that God is not who He says he is, that He will not do what He has promised and that He is not faithful and good. So we contend, like those of old did. We contend not only for ourselves, personally, but also for those who follow after us. We contend…

  • So that future generations may also walk in the fullness of what Christ has won.
  • To bring into freedom those who are in bondage (unsaved & saved) that they and their descendants may walk in the fullness of what Christ has for them.

Now that is a whole different ball-game!

Our prayers release God’s power into this realm. Our prayers and our fight to rule from that place of rest and seated authority in Christ in the midst of turmoil and hard times affect not just us but everyone that our life influences. It’s a grand big scheme God has got there and you are a vital part of it!

I’ll end with a quote which I love – “We are fed the lie that we are expendable, merely pawns on the chess board of life. But the truth couldn’t be further from that. We are the display of God’s glory on this earth and throughout eternity.”

Be that display. Let your life so radiate Christ in the midst of these hard times that people are drawn to ask how you can maintain peace in these days.

To find out more about how to see and pray from a Third Heaven or New Covenant position get hold of the manual from our school “Releasing Heaven into Earth” – understanding the supernatural power of your prayers. You can get it from our online store –


Part 3

Your words carry power – don’t ever doubt that! When released and sent with intent to do a job they will do it. When released to hurt they hurt, when released to build up they do so. As a Christian your words have the potential to have the fullness of heaven’s power working through them.

It is not enough to know the Word in our head, to intellectualize it, we must know it as reality in our heart as a rhema word, then it can be released from our mouths in power. Christ speaks to our hearts, we speak those words out and we become the voice of God into the situation releasing the power and authority of Heaven into it. We must operate according to Gods rhema word in this hour. We must receive His rhema word for our situations, our families, our cities, our nations! It is not enough to decree a thing from our mind (our flesh). All we will do, if we do this, is speak out a concept, a nice idea. But when it is a rhema word from God and we release it something powerful happens (Job 22:28 – “You shall decree a thing and it will be established”).

In Jeremiah 1:9,10 God says to Jeremiah “I have put my words in your mouth”. Notice they are His words, not Jeremiahs. God wants to put His words into your mouth. In that verse the word for mouth is “peh” (Heb). It comes from the root word “pa’ah” which means  – to cleave in pieces, break into pieces, to dash or shatter. The words that are sent from our mouth have the power to shatter or cleave into pieces the plans of the enemy. They have the power of life or death (Prov 18:21). They also have the power to build up and establish (Jer 1:10) In fact, the mouth is the centre of spiritual warfare in the universe and from it are unleashed all the active and effective spiritual weapons of God. What are some of these weapons – the name of Christ, the Word of God, the word of our testimony, worship, the power of the blood; and there are probably more too.

It is vital that we see, hear and speak according to the Spirit in this day.  Paul prays in Eph 1:18,19 that the eyes of our heart would be enlightened. The word for heart there is the Gk word dianoya – its more correct translation is imagination1 not heart. So Paul is saying that he prays that our imagination would be enlightened, brought back into divine correctness, used for the purpose it was originally given to us for – as our internal vision centre – the eyes of our spirit. Why does God want our internal vision centre to be enlightened? Vers 19 tells us – “that we would know what is the hope of his calling, what are the riches of his inheritance in the saints and what is the surpassing greatness of his power toward us who believe.” 

As we wait on God in prayer for revelation He can cause the eyes of our heart to see spiritual reality – to see ahead of time the results of the exceeding great power that He wants to release into our situation, to visualize the plans and purposes He has for that situation; in other words to see what God is doing! When we see what God is doing or wants to do we can then cooperate with Him.

The surpassing greatness of His power is waiting to be released through you into every situation you face (Eph 1:19). The same power that raised Christ from the dead is at work in you! That means anything that is dead will come back to life through your cooperation with God! Look at your situation – does it look like it is dead – see what God wants to do and speak life into it. Your assignment is to destroy the works of the enemy just as it was Jesus’ assignment (1 John 3:8). Your assignment is to decree life into that which is dead, healing into that which is bruised and broken and love into that which hurts!

You are above the principalities and powers, they bow to Christ in you, because you are in Christ and have been given the same authority He has. He is the head, you are the body so you get to walk out His power and authority in the earth (Col 1:18).

True faith may cause you to sound arrogant and proud in the eyes of the world but to God you will sound normal, you will sound like His son, one created in His image, who releases heaven into earth in every situation they come into. That’s who you are and that’s what God has for your situations.

Are you still worried or are you ready to unleash God’s mighty power into your situations like never before? Go on, get God’s perspective and do it! See your circumstances changed!

In Part 4 tomorrow we’ll look at what it actually looks like when we fight from a New Covenant perspective.

1 – New Dictionary of Theology, Volume 3. Wherever it is used in the New Testament, “dianoya” always means imagination. For example in 1 Tim 4:12-15 the word “meditate” in this verse is “dianoya” and means to activate your imagination or see with your spiritual eyes.