If you received the following invitation do you think you’d take it?

You are invited on


Starting point – NOW!

Finishing Point – YET TO BE DETERMINED!

“It’s the adventure of a lifetime! I can’t tell you exactly what will happen – that would spoil the surprise but I can promise you an adventure you’ll never forget.”

“I can promise times of peace and white knuckle times, I can promise there will be times you never want it to end and times you thought you never should have come along.”

“You’ll meet nice people, you’ll meet some not so nice. Some you’ll remember forever, some you’ll forget and some you’ll wish you could forget.”

“You’ll experience times of rapturous bliss and times of deep despair.”

“You’ll experience times when you have more than enough, times when you have just enough and times when you don’t have enough – of time, of finances, of love, of creativity, of patience and of  life experience.”

“There will be times when you know exactly what to say and times when you can’t find the right words. And then there’ll be times you’ll wish you hadn’t found the words at all.”

“There will be times when you will see the world and times when you will be shut in and wish you could see the world.”

“There will be times where you’ll discover new friends and times when you leave behind old ones.”

“I can promise there will be fun and laughter and also tears.”

“I can promise there will be friends to hold your hand and speak love into your life after others have spoken unkindly.”

“I can promise you’ll be loved by many and possibly hated by one or two depending on how you treat them.”

“There will be times when it all goes well, times where you’ll hit problems and times when you’ll be the problem.”

“I can promise you will have times to sit quietly and think and times you’ll wish you had the time to sit quietly and think.”

“I can’t promise you’ll love every moment of it but I can promise you it will be a grand adventure, the adventure of a lifetime.”

Would you come along if you were offered that invitation, if you had time to weigh it all up?

Maybe you would and maybe you wouldn’t, but in some ways it doesn’t matter whether you would or wouldn’t because you’re already on it. It’s the adventure of  a lifetime – it’s the adventure of your lifetime! It’s a grand adventure, one you won’t get to repeat and one that you will remember for ever. Make the most of every moment of it even the bad ones. Wring out of it every bit of truth and understanding you can. Experience it all with every fiber of your being and in it all look for the one who created you and extended you the invitation. You will get the chance to meet him somewhere along the way. Look out for him because you never know when he’ll reveal himself and once he does a whole new chapter in your adventure will begin.