What an exciting six weeks we’ve had as a nation hosting the Rugby World Cup. It’s been great for the nation and a great encouragement to me as a Christian (more about that later). I’m not normally a Rugby fan but even I sat and watched the semi-final and final matches. And the final was a cliff hanger! What a match. I sat there a wound up mass of tense muscles and shallow breathing until that final whistle blew and the game was over and we had won; by one point – but we had won! The All Blacks won and now they get the spoils. In their case that’s a victory payment, a shiny gold cup (The Webb-Ellis Trophy) with their name engraved on it, hero status in the nation and the right to call themselves the world champions for the next four years.

You know sometimes as Christians we can be a bit like I was, watching the final game of the RWC, when it comes to the Lord and Satan. We somehow get into our mind that there is a huge struggle for victory going on between the forces of heaven and the forces of darkness. But there isn’t! Jesus thoroughly thrashed the enemy in a decisive ‘huge score’ win against him on Calvary, not merely a one point victory either! There is no inch by inch fight for territory from Jesus’ perspective. It’s only us that see it like that if we’ve  not understood the nature of the battle or Christ’s victory. We can take one verse from scripture and build a theology around it like this one – “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principlaities and powers” and think that the battle is still happening and the war is not over yet. Yet so many other scriptures tell us that he has triumphed (Col 2:15, Eph 1: 20,22, Eph 2:6, and more…). Jesus has already won, and through him we have, too.

We are now in mop up mode, gathering the spoils and plundering the enemy’s camp – setting free his prisoners and taking back what he stole from us. That’s a far different viewpoint to see things from and operate from. Let’s get a correct view of the enemy and get out there and set those prisoners free and plunder the enemy’s camp. To the victor the spoils! That’s Jesus and that’s us!

The other thing that encouraged me about the RWC was the crowds of people that turned out to watch in the fan zones. It got me dreaming again of the crowds that will gather to worship in open air stadiums and fan zones as Christ’s power and love are unleashed in our land. And believe me, it will happen! As a team we have had a great time getting out amongst all the fans and sharing the Lord with people. We’ve had some great conversations and so many people have had destiny spoken prophetically into them and their lives have been touched in a way that they will never forget (Holy Spirit will see to that). Seeds are planted in their lives that the Lord will now water and bring to fruit. One day we’ll get to meet many of them again and they’ll say “Do you remember the RWC in 2011, you prophesied over me and it changed my life….”

Who will you ask for a prophetic word for this month, this week, today? That word will have an effect – have no doubt about that. God says that when we open our mouth he will fill it and his words never return to him void – they always accomplish what he sends them to do. Let him speak through you this month. Be a blessing and be blessed.