Over the last year or so I have noticed something heartbreakingly pathetic happening in the Body of Christ and that is this – the body is in self destruct mode, tearing each other apart over what we believe or don’t believe as the case may be.

It’s crazy how as Christians we divide ourselves into streams of belief or denominations – the prophetic stream, the grace stream, the glory stream, the charismatic stream, this denomination, that denomination etc. To label yourself and put yourself in one camp or another is to divide the body and set up divisions and oppositions. And make no mistake – to say you are from “this” stream or “that” one is to put yourself into the modern version of a denomination – a man made structure to house your beliefs!

It’s puzzling to me that when a person receives fresh revelation they say things like “I used to be a part of this stream but now I’ve moved on” and they then embrace the new beliefs as if none of what they believed before had any truth in it. For some reason people often move on – into an ungodly extreme! (Unfortunately with this some people also ditch their old friends because their friends don’t have the same revelations they now have)

Is it right that the church divides itself according to our beliefs and by that dividing itself, declare that one is right and another wrong? I’m not talking here about cults that obviously believe against what scripture teaches but about the subtle divisive beliefs that happen within the Body of Christ. But do be careful, because deception and cults form out of believing you have somehow come into truth that others have missed.

God doesn’t want lots of little streams – they are man-made wineskins – whether it is the grace movement, the prophetic movement, the glory movement or any other! God simply has one body, there is just one river that flows from the throne; and there are just sons and daughters in God’s eyes not this or that stream or denomination.

In the coming days the Lord will join the truths in the prophetic stream, the charismatic stream, the grace stream, the glory stream and all the other streams until we have a full picture of truth. He will not simply welcome home a part of the body but the whole body. So you better get used to loving each other and living with each other now because you are going to be doing that for all eternity. When you get to eternity you will see all your differences for what they are – ploys of the enemy that you bought into, that brought division into the Body of Christ.

In coming into a place of fresh revelation you need to look at what you have believed and simply get rid of what is clearly scripturally inaccurate, ask God to give you clarity on what you are unsure of and embrace what you are sure of. But in doing so, do not swing like a pendulum from one extreme to another. People who swing from one extreme to another simply make sideways movements but never gain any forward progress really. Instead move forward in a consistent manner into the truth of who God is and who you are in him. Remember also that not everyone is in the same place you are in your journey in Christ. In remembering this don’t look down on them as if they are somehow inferior because they don’t believe what you do. The reality is they are quite possibly looking at you the way you are at them and they may possibly have revelation of truth is some area that you don’t yet. You can share what you now believe to be a more accurate and scriptural belief with others but you cannot and must not rubbish what others believe in a way that puts them down.

All to often I see people saying childish things like “I puke on that belief” or referring to something another Christian believes as “superstitious old covenant nonsense” or something similar. While it is good to be passionate and to passionately share what you believe we are never called to belittle our brothers and sisters and where they are in their journey into truth.

Yes, God is bringing back into focus long forgotten or overlooked truths that have been plainly written in scripture all along. But God is not and does not look down on, rubbish people or write them off because they don’t see what He knows to be truth. If He did that none of us would stand because we all (at this moment in our truth journey) only have partial truth and are growing in our revelation of truth.

When you rubbish others you set yourself up as a judge and allow the sin of pride to gain a foothold in your lives. That is not God’s heart and should not be yours. We talk about growing up into truth but maybe it is also time to just “grow up”. Endless debates about who is right and who is wrong will not advance the Kingdom of Heaven nor release heaven into earth as the Lord wants. All it does is play into the enemy’s hand and cause us to become a tool of his. Yes truth is important and we should all be on a journey into greater revelation of truth but taking pot-shots at your brothers and sisters reveals both immaturity and a lack of truth in your life.

It’s time to grow up Church, it’s time to stop tearing the Body apart limb from limb. Its time to stop creating self afflicted wounds. If a person did to themselves what we do to the body of Christ we would say that they are mentally sick and in serious need of help. Hmm…

Let’s stop the nonsense, start to honour & respect each other and see that our brother or sister, while not believing what we currently do, is in no way inferior or less than we are. Maybe then we will begin to love one another and the world will see a true representation of Jesus in the earth.