Outrageous Love out West

Wow what a day!!!! The Extreme Love team hit the streets of West Auckland this afternoon. West City Mall to be precise. Alistair, a young father of two littlies playing in the indoor playground, initially had zero spiritual beliefs, but found out that God was very interested in his future, and that the new opportunity he had via an Engineering degree was important to God too.

The red sparkly hats, balloon animals and crowds of children surrounding us did stand out somewhat and we were encouraged to move outside kindly by security! Not a problem!!! Mark the Pied Piper of Balloon Animals led a few into the courtyard out front, where we proceeded to give countless Encouraging Words, Words of Knowledge, Words of Destiny, Lucky Dips and Name Readings to children, teenagers, and adults!!! How many words can you get from a “Sausage Dog”, “Poodle”, “Mouse”, “Giraffe”, “Sword”, “Teddy”, “Elephant” – you would be amazed! Ha ha so were we, as we prophesied over many, many in the courtyard.

Teenagers were lining up, not just for the balloon animals, but simply to hear an encouraging word over their lives. A little encouragement goes a very long way. “Dream Big”, “No Limits” etc. I wonder where some of these young ones will end up. A 13 year old boy encouraged by a Word of Knowledge that he was very bright at school, and to ignore his peers if they gave him a hard time about it, was very clearly destined to make his mark in the world. These young ones from 6 to 20 were lapping up the words spoken over their lives, like water in a dry and thirsty land. A hug from a Dad showing her what Father God thinks of a 20 year old that has been wounded and built up a hard exterior, but underneath was really like her “Teddy” Balloon animal, with a soft precious heart, was well received.

It wasn’t difficult to love these hungry young ones and encourage them into the amazing destinies that God has for them, it only took a couple of hours of our time and a willingness just to get out and be available.

Come with us next time, and see how easy it is, and let God use you to speak life into their lives. See http://www.extremepropheticnz.com for dates and times. We would love to have you and so would they.