We have just had the most fantastic weekend in Rotorua with Living Well church – they are hungry people there. We did a school of Prophecy and people stepped out and prophesied who had never done it before. By the end of the weekend as the words they gave got confirmed time and time again they knew they could trust God to give them something when they asked for it.

Two of the Pastors had powerful life changing throne room encounters and experiences in heavenly places. There were visions, angelic visitations, prophetic dreams, healing, drunkneness and laughing in the Spirit, prophetic actions that sparked breakthrough and prophetic declarations that have changed things in the spirit realm over the city.

Wow! God is good and for Rob and I one of the highlights was that we had 5 of the team with us who all ministered powerfully to people. It was funny, one car load of them arrived drunk in the spirit in Rotorua and those three moved from drunk in the spirit to drunker in the spirit over the weekend with occasional sober spells. (my new saying – “drunk is good”) For the team – we had gone to serve but it was a weekend where we got ministered to by God and others, in wonderful ways.

It has been a life changing weekend on so many fronts for everyone who attended. Man, I love that we get to work alongside Daddy in releasing heaven into earth!