There is nothing like the New Zealand beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and Mission Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Auckland. The sun shining, kids splashing in the fountain and the beach full of people, some toasting themselves, some swimming, some families playing and spending time together – that’s Mission Bay on a summers day.

Today we decided we would go hang out with the crowd and do a little mission @ Mission Bay. So 6 of us headed out with the sandwich board,  chairs and beach blankets. We found ourselves some nice shade under a tree set up the sandwich board and set out to find customers.

What was on that sandwich board, what was on offer – free spiritual readings, dream interpretation, spiritual encounters, healing prayer and spiritual art. We soon had customers and team members spent the next hour and a half sharing words of knowledge, encouragement, praying for people and generally spreading the love of God around. We got to pray for a buddhist, a Hindu, some tourist adventurers, a lady who had had cancer and others. One lady ended up having a spiritual reading, two dreams interpreted, a name reading, some on-the-spot counselling and prayer – now thats a good deal especially when it’s free!

It was an awesome time and we can’t wait to get out there again. Maybe next time you should come with us! You can contact us through our website if you are interested in hitting the streets with us.