On Saturday 29th Jan we held the first of what will become an annual event “What’s God Saying for 2011”. Lynley Allan, Tim Stevenson, Ian Johnson and myself shared and released prophetically the things we have felt are on the heart of God for this year for New Zealand.

You can check out the video clips  – they are on our website click here to view

The headlines from each speaker –

Lynley Allan

  • It’s a time to hear the heartbeat of the Father for this nation
  • God is roaring over this nation – there is a new authority being released.
  • He is roaring over the enemies of this nation – roaring over fear, breaking it off peoples lives so they can move into destiny
  • The orphan spirit is being broken and the love of the Father is breaking tall poppy syndrome.
  • God is brooding with love and the spirit of adoption over this nation
  • NZ is the ‘east gate’
  • A shift has happened and as a result people will think with a completely new paradigm
  • There is a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit coming to the nation with love and power.
  • God says – “I love NZ and I am well pleased with her”
  • There is a taking up of dreams and destinies that were laid aside.

Tim Stevenson

  • “No more delay” – we are moving into a season of open doors and open scrolls
  • Rapid acceleration – for individuals, churches
  • Season of increased angelic activity – get comfortable with them they are a part of what God uses
  • The mysteries of God will be revealed and accomplished.
  • The days are here where every vision shall be fulfilled without delay.
  • NZ is a forerunner nation
  • God is waking the sleeping giant that is this nation – “Wakey, wakey church!”

Ian Johnson

  • 2011 is a year of alignment between Heaven and Earth
  • Speak out what Heaven (God) is saying – when you do you set things in motion in the Spirit.
  • This a now time for the Maori and God will move amongst them again and this time it will not be stolen from them.
  • A shift happened in 2010 in both the natural and spiritual  that happened to bring you into alignment for 2011
  • It is a season of yielding and abandonment – you can come willingly or squealing but its going to happen
  • 11 speaks of the 11th hour and Gods timetable will not be delayed.
  • Spiritual sensitivity in the prophetic, wisdom (the seven fold spirit of God) etc will be sharpened.
  • NZ is the ‘East Gate’ where things happen first then they spread outward from here
  • Doors that have been shut for generations are about to open in this land

Lyn Packer

  • This is a year for women to rise up and step into their destiny. There is an alignment coming between husbands and wives where they say we will go after God with our whole heart.
  • There is a release of justice for peoples lives,  God is restoring justice to the people of this land.
  • God is redeeming the 3G’s – the gold, the glory and the girls.
  • There is a “Love Revolution” happening.
  • The prophetic is being released sharper than ever but it will be soaked and marinated with His love
  • Intimacy, identity and intentionality – see my article “Prophetic insights for 2011” on our website . Click here to read
  • The shaking will continue – its a time to come to a place of greater trust in God.
  • Get out of debt as soon as you can
  • The church is in the middle of a reformation that will be greater than Martin Luthers – God is dismantling human structures
  • Missionaries will be sent into every nation from this nation and again we will be known as a missionary sending nation.

Make sure you do go and check out the video clips for a more in-depth look at what was shared, these insights will help you know what God has in store for you this year. Click here to view them