Creativity – it’s at the very core of every single person alive, it’s a part of the image of God that He placed within us at man’s

Pregnant with promise - this painting was birthed when one of the women looked at another one as she was painting and these words came to her mind


It is always such a pleasure to see that spark of creativity burgeon into life and become something beautiful and wondrous in someones life. This weekend has been such a time as a group of women came together to listen to Papa and paint His heart. We had two glorious days amongst the bush and palms of Titirangi (the fringe of heaven) and there heaven met earth and divine inspiration was awakened and expressed.

Some of the women were very used to expressing the prophetic, some were not, some had used art to do so before but some had not and for them it was a voyage into unknown waters. But they did not go alone, they had encouraging intrepid adventurers along for the journey with them. And of course Holy Spirit danced over us with great joy as Papa looked down and smiled his wonderful smile of encouragement. By the end of the weekend each of the women had taken steps of faith and trust that had opened up new vistas for them and enlarged their territory. Here are some of the photos from the weekend. I obviously can’t fit every picture taken in here but this will give you a taste of some of what was done.

A prophetic word for the nation - We are children of great promise and we will flourish in this land

The beginning of a beautiful painting of a woman being washed by the Word of God

This is my painting Ascending in prayer - It's a fresh call to intercession - it's funny how some prophetic words take a while to form within you, this took a few months but came together this weekend

An open heaven with the call come unto me all who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest