The New Year has started and I have determined in my heart that no matter what comes my way, this year is going to be a glorious one, full of adventure, the favour of God, the glory surrounding me and Papas incredible love filling me and flowing out from me; even when the year throws up some unexpected surprises.

In the building world they use a term “future-proofing” which means the electricians put in place now all the electrical wiring you may need even for stuff that you don’t yet own. In other words planning now for things to come. That is what I am doing in determining this year will be glorious – predetermining my attitude – future-proofing. I am declaring that I will live a life of trust, thankfulness and praise no matter what life throws at me.

Why don’t you have a think about how you are going to approach this year if you haven’t already. If last years attitudes need a change then why not do that now; ask Papa to give you revelation of His love and goodness; this is what will cause the change in attitude, revelation that will bring mind transformation releasing God ability to live out of that transformed mind.