There is a thing in Christian circles that we call the 3G’s (gold, glory, girls). In our minds when we refer to this it is never with a positive connotation. Yet it is interesting when we look at this with different eyes, redemptive eyes; the eyes of Christ. Why has the devil worked so hard to cause us to think negatively every time we think of the 3G’s? Could it be that God has a glorious plan for them and Satan knows that so he is working hard to make sure we don’t discover it and walk in it?

God has great plans for the 3G’s and where they have been the downfall of some God is going to cause the meaning of the phrase to be changed and his redemptive purpose will be seen in them. There will be a release of his glory and power through them that will have huge impact in the world.

Glory – Where people have sought glory for themself there will be a release of Grace. This will cause a fundamental shift so that people will seek for His glory to be made known. There will be a release of His glory and the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Gold – Where they have sought riches and wealth for the sake of building their kingdoms and being seen to be successful there will come a release of the grace of humility. That will result in them releasing riches and wealth into the nations to feed the hungry and look after the poor. His provision used for His kingdom.

Girls – There will be a greater release of women into their callings. Where men have dishonoured women (in many different ways – from indifference to abuse) there will be a release of honour and they will champion and release women into their kingdom purposes as beloved daughters and sisters.

God, I pray for the release of Grace, the release of Humility and the release of Honour from Heaven into Earth. I come into agreement with you and declare the days of thinking negatively about the 3G’s and walking in worldly mindsets regarding them are closed; cut off in the Spirit (by the authority you have given us in the Earth as children of God). I release into this realm the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven in regards to these things. I come into agreement with and release your  purposes for the 3 G’s – Glory, Gold and Girls. I agree and declare there will be a toppling of worldly and satanic counterfeit kingdoms in the Church, a toppling of the lust for possessions, success and wealth that are counterfeits for true prosperity. And I decree the restoration of women to their rightful place as equal citizens and co-heirs with Christ of all that your kingdom holds. Abuse will stop and true honour, not just lip-service, will be released and walked in, in the Churches and homes of Christians in our nation. I agree with the Lord and all of Heaven that God’s redemptive purposes for these things will be released and established in the Earth. Amen!