What an amazing time we had on Saturday night at our last Xtravagant Worship night for this year. It was also our last one to be held at Liberty Church. Next year we will be holding them at Horizon Church in Ellerslie. The meetings will also have a name change – we will be using the same name as the Phoenix meetings – Xperience Night; that way we can broaden the content to include the occasional guest speaker.

Anyway back to Saturday – it was two and a half hours before we got to the announcements! We started to praise and it just took off. There were many prophetic songs, words and visions of the Lord and His angels. People poured out their hearts in their praise and worship and the glory filled the room. Toward the end of the night everyone ended up on their knees or faces before the Lord in silence as we re-submitted our lives to Him. That then led into a standing ovation and loud praises and shouts as we lifted Him high in that place and in our lives!

Words sometimes can’t really describe the atmosphere you sense and the feelings you have as you experience the reality of God and His presence on nights like this. The journeys in the Spirit and waves of worship go from level to level and the release of the glory of God into the atmosphere has an effect not just in peoples lives personally but also geographically. Every breakthrough that is experienced, however small, punches through the heavenly realms and releases heaven into earth.

Don’t despise what you feel is a small breakthrough – you don’t now all that the Lord is doing by the Spirit in you and through you. Only eternity will reveal all that has happened.