We had a great time the other day as we ministered in a stall at a local festival. The stall was run by some friends of ours, under their ministry Truly Alive. There were 8 -10 of us ministering at once, and even then people were queued up for as long as half an hour as they hungrily waited their turn (sometimes as many as 10 people waiting).

We did spiritual readings (prophetic words), dream interpretation and healing as well as spending time being a listening ear. We used terms they could understand and met them where they were at so we could lead them closer to relationship with the One who loves them deeply and irrevocably.

We were upfront about being Christians and yet it didn’t put one person off, they wanted to know about their future and if their life had meaning. They were all open to hear that God wanted to encourage and love them. At least two people accepted Christ as their Saviour. We were privileged to lead one of them to the Lord and His love. As well as being blessed by His words of love for them they felt the reality of that love. We didn’t have anyone that needed healing so I can’t report on that side of it sorry but we did have some who wanted dreams interpreted and we were able to give them great clarity on what they had seen in their dream.

People in our nation are hungry for the supernatural and long to find what their future holds. Many of those we spoke to were surprised to see the ‘Church’ being so spiritual and supernatural. For most of the people in our nation unfortunately the terms ‘Church’ and ‘supernatural’ have nothing in common with each other. Yet more and more there are those in the Church who are crying out for God to be a supernatural God to them and through them. They are stepping out beyond their comfort zones, leaving their church language in the building and instead of just blessing other Christians are releasing the Kingdom of Heaven into the world.

We are in exciting times as the Church reclaims her supernatural heritage and more and more we are seeing healings, miracles, signs and wonders being released in the streets, parks and marketplaces of our nation.