I saw this quote on someone’s Facebook page a while ago and it spoke to me so I thought I’d share it with you.

A brand new day! Never been used! Fun for all the family! Packed with a guaranteed 24 hours! Each hour stuffed with 60 thrill-filled minutes! Special features include: *Sunrise! *Daylight! *Midday! *Sunset! *Darkness! *Midnight! Once you have your day you can do ANYTHING with it. There will never be another day like this! Collect all 365 for a complete year!” (From a poem by Steve Turner).

Each day we live is a gift to us and to those we will come in contact with. It is an adventure, filled with God given moments of interaction with others. Each morning we choose whether we will see today as ‘something to get through’ or an adventure to be lived with the Holy Spirit. The power of a Spirit filled and Spirit led life, with the glory of God being manifested in the earth through us, cannot be overestimated. My life and your life, living ‘love expressed’, carry power that can change someone’s life in an instant.

Today’s adventure is waiting for you to live to its max, to wring out from it every bit of potential that it holds as promise. Today your inheritance is waiting to be lived; not tomorrow, not in eternity but now, today. The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of that inheritance and He is waiting for you to step into it and live it to its fullest, with His help. Those you will come in contact with today also wait for you and the Holy Spirit in you to come into their lives so that they can encounter the reality of God and His love.

What adventure are you going to go on with Holy Spirit today? Keep your eyes and ears open! You are in a brand new day; have fun living it!