Last night was our monthly Xtravagant Worship night and we chose this month to align ourselves with three days of prayer that were happening for our nation. So we did our version of the harp and bowl mix that is happening around the Throne – worship and intercession flowing together to release God’s heart and purposes in the nation. It was an amazing night as we flowed together and people lifted their hearts and their voices to the Lord . We used some of the prophetic words that have been spoken over the nation to bring a focus to our prayers. Those prophetic words still carry the power of the voice of God in them, the same voice that spoke and the worlds came into being. Those words have not yet fallen to the ground void of power. It was good to set Gods promises before our eyes again, to be reminded of his plans and purposes for us as a nation and to cry out for those plans to come to fruition.

One of the highlights was hearing the national anthem of NZ spoken by Bill Johnson (the clip is available on You Tube , I encourage you to watch it – ). It brought the words into focus in a new way and then we prayed using the words to lead us into intercession for our precious nation. As Bill says – it’s revival wrapped up in a song (my paraphrase).

It’s amazing isn’t it how when you take something out of it’s usual context that it brings a whole new light to it. We are so used to singing our national anthem that I think we sometimes don’t really get the weight of the words every time. But last night the weight of them sunk into our hearts in a new way as we heard and prayed them.

How often do we take things for granted or just somehow lose the import  of something because we do it the way we have always done it. Many times we settle into a slight blase-ness and somehow something that was very special becomes a bit so-so. This week take a fresh look at the things in your life – your family, your friends, your job, your times with the Lord. Ask the Lord for new eyes to see the wonder in those things. Let Him fill you again with fresh appreciation for them.