We had an amazing weekend last weekend teaching a Glory School down in En Hakkore inland from Ranfurly Otago. Hungry people from all over the area even a couple from Tauranga came to meet with the Lord. Catholics, Presbyterians, Pentecostals – the tags didn’t matter – they were just  hungry to go deeper into God.

During the school they saw visions and had encounters with the Lord. Revelation flowed and people were deeply touched and changed. I shared with them over the weekend that all revelation is an invitation to intimacy and co-operation with the Lord. Revelation and visions not an end in themselves. They are an invitation to deeper relationship with the Lord. When you know that you put them in their right place, a call to you from God go deeper into Him. Pursue Him and these things will happen but they are not the focus.

Here are some of the testimonies of encounters with the Lord that people had.

  • Lady – I saw myself kneel at the cross with the women who knelt there – it brought me into a deeper understanding of what Christ did for me that day. I found myself weeping tears of sadness as I knelt there but then they turned into tears of joy at what he had done for me. Later on I started to dance and felt like Jesus was dancing with me and he said “we are going to dance on the injustices in this land”.
  • Lady – I thought this probably won’t happen for me and that I wouldn’t get anything, then all of a sudden I found myself in a field. Jesus showed me myself as a child in a field beside a river. Jesus was there and we made daisy chains together and then we played ring-a-rosie and I felt he was there as my big brother, I had brother issues that I won’t go into now so this was special for me. Then I saw my teenage years and Jesus was there too and then we went to what looked like a stage setting and it was like Swan Lake and I was Odette and Jesus was the prince. He came and saved me from the magic that had been cast over me by the black swan and I felt it was (symbolic of ) like my conversion experience. I cried and went back into the vision and it appeared it was the future and Jesus and I were dancing like we were one.
  • Lady – I got the sense that God was affirming that he loved me with an everlasting love and that he was showing me I was born for this time. in a vision I saw myself, going in the Spirit to Stewart Island into a hotel and God showed me I was to pray that they would become fishers of men rather than in bondage to alcohol and drugs. Then I went to Bluff into a hotel and the Lord said the same – that I was to break bondages over their lives in prayer. It was a call to intercession.
  • Man  – I was caught up and I was flying over the Clutha Basin and it was the most exhilarating thing you could ever experience I was catching thermals and banking around and it was great. The Lord showed me some things that have yet to come regarding my family. It was very vivid and emotional and I saw everything very clearly then I caught another thermal and it was the most incredible feeling seeing these events that have yet to take place and now I have to pray into what they mean.
  • Man – I saw myself with a stick over my shoulder like a swagman going on a journey, people joined me and we walked together past churches, some were open some were closed and one I went into and gave a sermon, I thought this is not normally me and then the journey continued. At the end the thought came to me that really bowled me over I felt God say I would speak to this nation and pour out a blessing. It would have to be God because it is not the normal me.
  • Lady – This morning I found that I went straight into the throne room.  I was about half a dozen steps from the top near the throne when the father reached out his hand and helped me to the top and then we stood together and looked out and I saw a lot of buildings of all styles and then noticed some that had definite Asian styling. I said to the father “where is that” and he said “China” and I said “why are you showing me China” and he said “that’s where I am sending you”. I said “How are we going to get there” and he said “I will show you” and then I asked “what door are you going to take us through” and he said  “The one I open”. So he told me without telling me.
  • Lady -I went straight up onto a mountain and Jesus was there in front of me walking along some rocky crags, then I lost sight of him and I asked were he was and then I saw him. I said “this is a pretty rough path”. But Jesus said “just put your feet where I have mine and It won’t be hard”. We got to the top and looked over a huge expanse with sparkling lights. I asked what they were and he said “they are the redeemed” and I asked why they were all those colours and he said “they are my jewels” I asked “why are you showing me” and he said “Look” and as I looked down I saw a big empty space in the front and he said “there’s room fore more, there’s room for so many more” and I cried feeling the Lord has a personal work for me to do sowing the seeds and bringing those jewels in.
  • Lady – I was looking from an aerial perspective on a country lane with polar trees with leaves like sapphire, the lane was very dark and I said “that’s kinda dark I don’t know if i want to go there” and Jesus said “Its okay I own the darkness” and for me that was really powerful with what I’m going through at the moment.
  • A lady had had pelvic pain for sixteen months, she had to have an operation but nothing had helped. She noticed as we did the activations that the pain had totally gone. She was healed. Another lady had to turn her hearing aid right down to its lowest setting five lower than what she had it on and was believing God would finish the healing he had started.

As with any revelations and visions God shows you there are three parts. Those above are the same. Those three parts are, the revelation itself, the interpretation and the application. I have simply shared the experiences people had but now they go home to ask the Lord to show them the interpretation and the application of what they saw. Some of those things will be literal, some will be symbolic. But all have the power to radically affect and change peoples lives both theirs and those they share them with. Don’t just stop at the revelations God shows you, it is just the beginning of mining the treasure in that revelation, go deeper, ask God lots of questions and remember all revelation from God is an invitation to intimacy and co-operation.