I was walking to my car today at the Mall and passed a large clump of day-lilies that were just coming into bloom. So I asked the Lord why he made flowers that bloom for only one day and then die. He answered, “Because I’m a great big extravagant God”. That phrase rang in my head so loud I started singing – “You’re a great big extravagant God” over and over. I ended up singing it and wondering at His extravagance the whole car journey home and as I did it set me to thinking of some of the extravagances of God in creation and toward us which would set me off singing again. I love God moments like that. Here are just a small listing of some of His extravagances.

  • Stars – millions of them flung so far we can’t even see them with our strongest telescopes
  • The sea – so much of a wonder in itself even without everything that lives in it
  • Fish & Sea Creatures – so many varieties, some still being discovered
  • Birds – whose song wakes the plants and tells them to produce food for them
  • Fractals – those crazy repeat identical pattern things that are found in so much of what He created like fern fronds etc (the same pattern repeating at progressively smaller scales)
  • Green – how many shades of green are there anyway? Grass is different from leaves is different from other leaves and on and on…
  • Snowflakes – every one different
  • Insects – even the urgh ones
  • People – every one uniquely different
  • Fingerprints
  • Eye patterns
  • His love – extravagantly poured out
  • Salvation – saved to the uttermost
  • Forgiveness – our sin, forgiven and then forgotten
  • Grace – extravagantly given
  • Favour
  • Provision

And so much more…

Then He asked me ”How big am I Lyn? How big will you let me be? How extravagant will you let me be?

He’s a great big extravagant God; who wants to be extravagant to you and through you. Why don’t you take some time out now to ponder on and wonder at the Lord’s extravagance in your life!