Pattaya – as we drove into the sex trade capital of Thailand at midnight the first night the sight of bar after bar filled with women and tourists and the sounds of the music blaring from the bars converged to overwhelm my senses.

Twice a year Extreme Prophetic USA hosts a missions school and outreach to the city of Pattaya, which is one of the biggest sex-trade centres in the world with an estimated 20,00+ sex workers. We have just recently returned from a ten day trip there, where we helped staff that missions school and also had the privilege of spending time loving and ministering to many broken, hurt and scarred people.

Those we ministered to were prostitutes, lady-boys, the poor, HIV positive children and prisoners, all of whom are God’s special treasures. Here are some testimonies from that time.

As we walked down the street by the hotel suddenly one of the  team members was grabbed from behind in a huge hug. One of the lady-boys had recognised her from the last outreach here. Her love and acceptance had profoundly impacted her. After talking to her for a few minutes we moved further along the street and again the same team member was wrapped in another hug as one of the bar girls recognised her. Love, shown in a simple way that gave them dignity, had made a huge impact on these two lives, so much so that they recognised her after months, out of the thousands they see walk past them each day.

One lady came to the school knowing she was meant to come but feeling a bit unsure as to how she would find things. This lady had a history of sexual abuse as a child. She was surprised at how deep a  healing the Lord had done in her life as she found that during the week a God given love and  compassion rose in her for the older male sex tourists of an age similar to her childhood abusers. How great God’s restoration is!!!

One bar girl, when we asked if she had any sickness or pain we could pray for, told us she had a breast tumour the size of a small apricot. So we prayed and she checked it – it had gone down to the size of a thumb top. We prayed again and it went down to the size of a small pea. We prayed again and she couldn’t find anything. She even got her friend that she worked with to check and it had totally gone!  The lady asked if we could pray for her mother who lived elsewhere, if Jesus would be able to heal her. Her mother walked hunched over and had bad pain in her knees. We said, “Of course He could”, prayed and two days later when some of the team saw the lady she was so excited. Her mother was now standing upright again and all pain had gone from her knees. Both women reported that they were still pain free and tumour free.

We went on a treasure hunt one night and got down to the beach and saw one of our clues almost immediately – a man in a red shirt sitting under a palm tree. Rob went over to talk to him and the man said that a few nights earlier he had a dream that tonight at this beach he would meet someone important/special who would show him what real love was. Rob was able to share with him that it was a dream from Jesus and that Jesus was not only someone special but that Jesus thought he was someone special and that’s why they were there to talk to him. They got to pray for him, too, and when they did he said the hairs on his arm stood up and he felt warmth flood him. While he didn’t give his life to Jesus there and then we have no doubt that at that point he experienced the reality of Jesus and his love.

I’ll add some more testimonies later.