Teams have been able to go to a variety of places to reach out  -from the hospitals to prison to slums as well as the bars and streets. Every place the team has gone they have been able to minister the love and power of God and as a result numerous miracles have taken place. On one occasion a deaf man got healed and a man who hadn’t walked for 8 years walked after being prayed for by the team.

One afternoon our team headed down to the beach with a sign that asked if anyone needed healing. For over two hours we prayed for people and time after time they were healed.

On the Thurs night XP & the women at the school hosted a banquet to which we invited 60 bar girls. We hired them from their bar for that time and took them to the hotel ballroom where there was an amazing banquet laid out for them. We loved on them, shared our hearts and lives with them, prayed for them and gave them love gifts and roses from Papa God. Many of them had never been shown kindness and love like that in their lives before and it impacted them very deeply. Many of them were prayed with,  received Jesus and wanted follow up by the ministry we worked in conjunction with that night. The sad fact is that most of these women do not want to be doing what they do but many are solo mums who have children to feed, have not been able to find decent jobs and know of no other way to earn that money. It is good to be able to point them to people who can help them.

Rob’s team went down to Walking St that same night. Walking St is the most infamous sex trade street in Pattaya. They prayed for healing for many people and approx 99% of all they prayed for got healed – everything from backs, knees, shoulders, and much more.

This week has been both glorious and horrible at the same time. Some days I just wanted to go home because the oppression and pain in the city are palpable and at times overwhelming. Yet in the midst of it all the love of God is saving, delivering and bringing hope and life changes to so many.

Pattaya has been one of those places which grab you by the heart strings and pull on you to the extent that you cannot ever be the same again. It is thick with darkness but the light is increasingly dispelling it. Lives are being changed as God’s love and power invades the streets and alleys. An ever increasing army of love warriors are waging and winning battles that have eternal consequences. Because of them Pattaya will one day live up to its name which means ‘city of freedom’.