We are having a wonder-filled time here as day by day we see the Lord do miracles of healing, deliverance and loving people. Tumours have dissolved, the deaf now hear, cripples walk, heart problems are fixed and so so much more. All of this in a city that is known worldwide for its sex trade tourism. But that sex trade tourism is the devils way of trying to stop Pattaya fulfilling its destiny of a place where people are held in honour, clothed with dignity and arrayed with splendour; a place of intimacy, purity and  encounters with the heavenly bridegroom. Just today we received this prophetic word from a woman we know and trust and felt to share it with you so you could decree it over the city as the Lord is. Pattaya we call you into your destiny!!!

‘Pattaya, I call you out Pattaya, I call you out of the darkness Pattaya, I call you out of the darkness, I call you out of the darkness.  3 times I call you out of the darkness.

Awaken, awaken Bride of Pattaya, awaken, awaken, awaken, 3 times I say awaken.

For 100 years Pattaya has been asleep, For 100 years my Spirit has groaned and grieved the loss of my dear Pattaya.  For 100 years, the territory has been stolen from me. For 100 years my Spirit has been grieved for these lost generations.  Desolation and destruction has overtaken my beautiful Bride Pattaya and for 100 years the enemy has had reign and authority over my beautiful bride.  But this is to be no longer. For from this day forth, I call out my bride Pattaya, I call out my bride to be awakened, to be aroused by the perfume of her lover, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the mighty Lion.

For no longer can I allow my bride to sleep.  No longer can I allow my bride to sleep for it is time for her to be awake.  Because of the atrocities that Pattaya has faced, I have forged a new ring, I have crafted a new sword, I have commissioned a new robe.

The tears that have been cried over Pattaya have been stored, making the most exquisite perfume possible, a perfume mixed with my tears, for my beautiful Pattaya.  And so my bride, as you awaken, adorn yourself with myrrh, adorn yourself with hyssop, with honey and frankincense.  Array yourself with gold and silver.  Make yourself ready, for I the King am coming to restore my bride, I the King am coming to redeem the time, to take bak what was stolen from me, to restore all that was lost, taken and abused.

My hand will no longer be restrained, and it will come down harshly upon the enemy’s head, for the time of singing has come! Ring the wedding bells, the time has come for my bide to be awakened, adorned and wed! For the consummation of our marriage is at hand.  My word will not return to me void, for I have spoken it out! I have declared it and have decreed that Pattaya will be restored!’