by Rob Packer

We are living in a time of significant upheaval. The earth itself is groaning, but we as people are groaning as well. We know that we were born for more than we are experiencing. It is a time of ‘stretch and grow’ and growing pains are always uncomfortable. God is increasing and expanding the realms of revelation and understanding but the challenge is that we are not all seeing the same things at the same time. There will always be difference of perspective in the Body of Christ but as we are coming into a greater awareness of our identity, and starting to live from that position, we pose a huge threat to the kingdom of darkness. The differences in perspective that we have are a potential point of vulnerability that the enemy will exploit to divide and conquer if we let him.

How do we handle the differences of perspective between us?

I have found from experience that most of the major points of conflict that I have had in my Christian walk have been because I forgot some of the basics of what the Bible teaches, not because I didn’t understand some obscure point of theology. Here are some basic things that I believe we need to keep in focus as we ‘stretch and grow’ in these times:

  • None of us has 360 degree perspective. We all have our blind spots. Paul says in 1 Cor 13:12  For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.
  • No part of the Body can say to another “I don’t need you.” 1 Cor 12:21  And the eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of you”; or again the head to the feet, “I have no need of you.” Whether we agree about this or not, we actually do need each other. I need to hear the things that God is showing you. What you see from your perspective may well cover one of my blind spots. I need the gifts that you have been entrusted with. The moment that I think that I don’t need you I will open myself up to the possibility of pride, independence, criticism and unrighteous judgement.
  • Love is a non-negotiable value, from God’s perspective. It doesn’t matter how ‘right’ my theology is, if I withdraw love from you then the enemy has won. If I have all faith, so as to move mountains, but do not love you, I have nothing. If I know all mysteries but do not love you, I have nothing. Does love sometimes need to be tough? Yes it does. Does love need to confront issues? Yes it does, but it looks at the issue while still loving the person. Its goal is always redemptive, not condemning and judgmental. Love refuses to break relationship because of difference of perspective, because of hurt or offense. Love’s default setting is to believe the best of the other person until forced to do otherwise. Love celebrates the uniqueness of each person, freeing them to be themselves, rejoicing in the diversity of what God has created. Love is not blind to fault but it’s focus is not there – it focuses on what a person is, not on what they are not.

I believe that we are on the brink of an unprecedented move of God in this nation. There is much at stake here – much more than we may realize. The move of God will not be ‘owned’ by any one personality, church, ministry or denomination. It will be ‘owned’ by the Spirit of God. God is shifting the mindset and perspective of many from just ‘local church’, and what is happening in my local congregation, to ‘Kingdom’ and what God is doing amongst us all.

God is wanting to pour out His blessing on us. His blessing is no light thing. It is not just like a ‘Bless You’ when someone sneezes. It is not just Him thinking or saying something nice about us. His blessing is a judicial ruling from the judge of the highest court in the universe, authorizing and releasing a torrent of supernatural resources to achieve Kingdom purposes. It gives legal permission to the Holy Spirit and the angelic realm to function and give assistance to us in pushing back the kingdom of darkness, and denies permission for the demonic realm to have legal access or operation.

Israel could only defeat its enemies when the ruling in the spirit realm was in their favor. That’s why Jericho was able to be demolished when the ruling was in their favor, but Ai triumphed over Israel when Achan sinned, because his sin caused the ruling to be changed in the Spirit realm.

In Psalm 133 God shows one of the conditions which will cause Him to command blessing. It is unity. When God sees that people are living in relationship with one another in such a way that despite their differences, and the issues that they have to work through, they refuse to break rank; they refuse to withdraw love, then He personally will issue a ruling in the Spirit realm that releases supernatural resources to shift the realm of darkness.

If you are familiar with the rules of chess you will understand that different chess pieces have differing levels of power and influence. Would you be willing to lose a pawn in order to capture your opponent’s queen? Of course you would! It’s a ‘no brainer’. Many times in the Body of Christ people are relishing the capture of a ‘pawn’ – the winning of an argument; the proving that they are ‘right’; the criticizing of another person or church to make them appear in good standing; the fracture of a relationship because the other person doesn’t see things as they do, and are completely unaware that they have just lost their ‘queen’ – the ruling of the blessing of God that releases the help that they and others need from Heaven.

We don’t all have to agree on everything, church, but we desperately need each other and we desperately need the ruling in the Spirit realm changed over the Body of Christ and over the nation.

Will I love you if you think differently from me? Yes I will. I will open my heart to hear your heart, and try to understand why and how you see things from your perspective. If, in the end, I still come to a different conclusion than yours I will refuse to break rank from you because you are my brother or my sister, and I need you and you need me.

It’s time for an outpouring of the Spirit of God in our families, our churches, our cities and in our nation. Let’s contend for the blessing of God!