Christchurch city was rocked to the core early this weekend (Sat 4th September) by an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale. It’s force was such that the whole of the South Island was shifted sideways on its foundation. The earthquake occurred 40kms west of Christchurch, ten miles deep on a side fault that branches off the main alpine fault. Many buildings have been severely damaged (100,000 homes), water and sewerage pipes broken, power and phones out, roads cracked and sifted upward in places. Previously unknown artesian wells have broken open and flooding has occurred in some places as ground water has been forced upward by the severe stress and shaking of the earth.

This entry looks at some of the prophetic significance in this earthquake. I obviously do not see all that God is doing in it but what I do see I submit to you to weigh up.

Although I (and some others I have spoken to) have been expecting this earthquake for months I had no idea where it would strike or when it would happen, simply that it would. Thankfully the prayers of many of us who have been praying have, I believe, averted major loss of life and injury.

There are many prophetic indicators in this natural happening that speak to the Church in this nation. First is that the quake took place in Christchurch a city that bears the name of the Church in this nation. It is a time of God shaking the Church in this nation and exposing hidden things. What are thought to be small faults in peoples lives will when shaken prove to have major consequences. Those faults will be seen for what they really are. Many have concentrated on major faults and sins but have ignored the so-called ‘respectable’ sins, the little side faults. But these are as able to destroy as the big ones do.

Many roads were broken up and I believe this speaks of the need for a new road to be built in this nation, a highway of holiness. (Is 35:8).

The timing of the quake also carries prophetic indicators. It has come at the time of transition from one season into another. We are in the period leading up to Rosh Hashanna – the Hebrew New Year, a time of new beginnings. Likewise in the natural we are coming out of winter into spring, the time of new beginnings and fresh growth, a time of bursting forth. Interestingly in the earthquake there have been new births and bursting forth’s happening. Previously unknown artesian wells have opened up, and Christchurch hospital recorded its busiest Saturday of births ever. One of the first babies born during this time was born to a couple named Israel and Miriam who named their daughter Amelia which means ‘work of the Lord’.

The force of the earthquake was 7.1

7 – means – spiritual perfecting and completeness, the covenant between man and God, God’s perfection and timing. It also means – to lead, induce, spring forth

1– unity, new beginnings

The quake was centered 40kms outside the city

40 – deals with probation or trial and also speaks of a divine period of judgment.

Ten miles deep

10 – Testimony; Law and responsibility; Complete righteousness

It took place at 4.35am

4 – speaks of God setting things in order, creation, the world, creative works.

35 – means Hope

All the above number meanings are from a Greek Lexicon, Strongs concordance & about four different internet sites that all said the same as each other.

There was considerably less damage to the city than there could have been because the building codes have such a high earthquake tolerance built into them. They have been built to withstand much of the shaking. The Church in this nation is in a time of major shaking and transition, a time of the ending of one season and the beginning of a new. The weaknesses in old structures are being exposed and many of them will fall. Cracks are showing up in many of the man made Church structures in this day, with many fine looking edifices showing deep structural failure and some becoming uninhabitable. God wants to build something new and we need to be willing to let go of the old and seek Him for the new.

Along with some people knowing by revelation from the Lord that an earthquake was coming, many people have also recently dreamed or been aware in the spirit of tsunami like waves and King Tides hitting the nation. A friend of ours Pastor Tim Stephenson from Horizon Church recorded the following as part of a facebook entry. To see the complete entry go to his facebook page

“I felt led to google ‘King Tide’ and found some astonishing facts that I was totally unaware of. The phrase ‘King Tide’ is only used in the ‘Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit’ – New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. They only come twice a year, over summer and winter. The winter King Tide usually occurs at night and therefore goes unnoticed. Consequently the summer King Tide usually catches the most attention. I also discovered that there is usually a very BIG King Tide every 7 years or so – in other words a very high high high tide with very big waves. What really caught my attention was the date of the next 7 year cycle ultra high King Tide – you guessed it – 8 September 2010 on Rosh Hashanah! This King Tide is expected to last 5 days up until the 13th of September.”

We are in an interesting time and I believe it won’t be until we are well into the new season that we will be able to look back and see the greater significance of all that is happening. God is shaking the Church in this nation, old things are being brought down and the new released. Let’s make sure we stay close to Him during this time, concentrating on Him and not on the cracks and faults we see opening up before us. I believe we as a Church can come through this time as this city has with very little loss and serious injury if we will focus on what the Lord is doing and work with Him.