We have another Glory School coming up in a couple of weeks so, I thought you might enjoy reading some of the testimonies from previous Glory Schools. I pray they will fuel the hunger in your heart to meet with the Lord.

  • A Pastor said when the activation started he just went straight to the Throne and there God answered questions he had wanted answers to for years. He was visibly shaken by the enormity of what had happened for him.
  • Another young man saw a vision of a mountain pushing up out of the ground beside another mountain that was old. The old mountain then crumbled and fell and he felt God was telling him the old mountain represented his old life and God was building something new and strong.
  • One lady had an experience where she went to the Throne Room. SHe said it was vast and packed with angelic beings. As she walked in they all erupted into cheering shouting, “She’s here, she’s finally here!” The Jesus got off his throne and coming running to meet her while the angels kept cheering,”She ‘s here, she;’s finally here. We were all moved to tears as the revelation washed over us – that all of heaven has waited, not for us to enter there when we die, but to enter there while we are still alive. Wow! WHat a revelation!
  • Also when we did an angelic activation she went to the part of the room where she thought they were and as she reached out her hand she could feel the vibrations off the angel hit her and they made her tremble for a half hour.
  • Peter felt that during worship, as we spoke bout being crowned with glory and honour, that a crown was placed on his head. He said he could physically feel the weight of it and the band where it crossed his forehead.
  • One lady said Jesus had taken her through a betrothal ceremony.
  • Another lady said she was in a big feast and seated beside Jesus who turned to her and whispered words of love then placed a huge ring on her finger and said he was her beloved.
  • A Pastor was taken to a garden where he saw a tree laden with fruit, he asked what the tree was and was told it was the tree of life – he was invited to eat from it and when he did so his whole body became infused with light – it filled him until it poured through every pore of his skin filling every part of him with the glorious light and life of God.
  • Many people saw, felt or sensed angels. One man saw a huge angel (Melanesian in looks) holding a staff with a carved pennant on the top. The angel took off over the sea and then putting his staff in the water carved a pathway through the seas for the man to follow – interestingly the man has just started a boat based ministry.
  • One person said “I found myself in a forest walking deeper into it. It was dark and the trees were tall and thick and in the middle of it I found a waterfall so clean and pure and I knew that the water was alive but it was in the dark forest – I said Lord I can’t see the light it’s so dark in here then I was flying over the treetops over the land – I knew it was NZ – but the water was hidden in the forest, not flowing out into the land – the land was thirsty but the water wasn’t flowing – then God took me into the throne room and the water was flowing from the throne, the river of God – pure, clean and alive and living and the water was the same as what I saw on earth and he said take the living water back to earth with you.”
  • A lady’s testimony “During one of the activations I saw huge (really huge) pillars. They looked translucent, a bit like bright cloud or smoke or something, but with more substance than cloud or smoke. As people worshipped, the pillars seemed to grow, it was like the worship was going up and becoming part of the pillars (because it is substance). At the top of the pillars was a massive canopy kind of thing that seemed to contain the whole universe. It was full of stars and whole galaxies, lots of colour and life. In the middle of it all between the pillars was God’s throne. It was absolutely massive and bright. God was sitting there but He was too big and too awesome to really see.”  So this morning I woke up thinking about it and I asked God to show me more about what I had seen. I found an amazing verse (Isaiah 40:22) which is what I was seeing during the activation.  “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.” (NIV)  The most amazing thing about what I was seeing was the vastness and immensity of God and his throne. It made me feel really small, I’m not sure about grasshopper size, ant maybe. Seeing how people’s worship was forming the pillars was also amazing.
  • Another person said “I have been going through a hard time – God showed me I was in a battle and in a chariot with him and we would win the battle. That he will be with me through it all enabling me and empowering me. I no longer dread what might come but am greatly encouraged and rather than hiding in fear I want the freedom that will come at the end of the battle.”

I hope you have been challenged and inspired as you’ve read these testimonies. Every one of these people had genuine encounters with the Living God, with Jesus! Encounters such as these are open and available to all the Lords children and the Glory School will teach you how to position yourself to walk in realms of revelation and heavenly experience with the Lord on a daily basis. Why not think about coming to the next one.