Healing – few subjects elicit a heated response like the subject of healing. Christians vary hugely in their belief and their level of passion concerning this subject. Most of us have prayed with faith for someone over the years and yet seen that person die or not be healed. And so questions arise within us assailing our belief in God being a good God, one who longs to see His children walk in wholeness.

Why is it that you can pray for the sick and they don’t seem to get healed; or you pray for yourself and believe for healing and nothing appears to happen?

At the moment I am battling constant pain that affects my ability to do anything let alone all I need to do. I have been prayed for by many people and prayed and stood in faith for myself and yet as of now have not seen the full answer to those prayers. So I am in a place where many in the Body of Christ are currently and the questions that come up are real and need answering.

The Bible is (to me) very clear on the subject of healing (there isn’t room here to do a verse by verse breakdown showing this, but spend time checking out what the Word does say). Healing is available to us as part of the covenant and also because of Christ’s work of redemption on the cross. God’s heart is that none of his children live in sickness. Everyone who came to Jesus for healing received healing and even in Acts we see Peter reaching a point where everyone he prayed for was healed also. So why aren’t we seeing that today? Why am I still in pain?

As the Church advanced from the time of Acts and went into the dark ages many things that the early Church walked in were lost. Over the last couple of hundred years or so we have seen God restoring many of those things. The understanding of His heart, nature and the Word regarding healing is one of those things. Early last century we saw the occasional person receive the revelation of Gods heart for healing and press through into places of seeing consistent results in that area. Over the last thirty years there has been an increasing recognition that the truth of healing is for every person in the Church to walk in. Many of us are now pressing through in that area and seeing God do amazing things in answer to their prayers. Yet still we seem to come up against what seems to be an inconsistency between what the Word of God says and what we see happening.

Many times we have rationalized away this inconsistency with sayings like “God doesn’t heal everyone” and “It’s obviously not my time to be healed”. These are just some of the statements that try to make some sense to our human understanding of why we are not seeing the fullness of what is available to us. I have even had people say to me things like “God did this to me so I would spend more time with Him”. If we look at that statement it is not a sensible statement. What we are in effect saying is that God is an abusive Father and the end justifies the means. If any earthly Father pushed his kid down the stairs and broke their leg or did something on purpose that made their kid end up in a hospital bed we would have no problem saying they were an abusive parent. Yet we don’t apply any sort of rational thinking to some of the things we put on God sometimes.

So what is happening? Why are we not seeing consistent results or even sometimes any results? We need to understand that we are in a continuum. The Church is in the process of reclaiming something that is ours according to the Word of God. For centuries we have not walked in the reality of what God has for us in regard to healing and health. But we are taking ground back from the enemy and need to keep up the pressure on him. We need to stay in a place of faith regardless of what results we may or may not see happening. Our current reality is not always an accurate indicator of Truth and we need to choose to stay in a place of believing God despite what we see.

Has the truth about God and His Word changed because we aren’t seeing the reality of its fullness manifesting in our lives. No it has not. He is and always will be God the healer; it is as much a part of who He is, as his love is. He cannot be false to his nature and character; to do so would be to submit himself to something other than love and He will not violate love, He will not violate who He is.

So I have a choice – do I tailor my theology to fit my circumstances or call my circumstances to come into line with the truth of Gods word and who He is. For me the answer is clear – I must come into line with what God says. My circumstances cannot be allowed to dictate my belief and therefore my words and attitudes. I must step out of the realm of fact and into the realm of Truth. My circumstances are not an accurate indicator of truth. They might be a fact in my life but God is and will always be bigger than the facts of my life.

We choose whether we will let the facts of our lives or Truth be the preeminent thing in our life. I choose to believe God is the healer He says He is and that He wants to heal me.

So Father, thank you for who you are, for the truth about your nature and character. You are the God who heals and you want to heal me completely. I thank you for that healing even before I see it manifest in this realm, in my body. I thank you for your faithfulness and your grace. I rest in those things as I wait for you.