Last weekend we held a school of prophetic worship called the Power of His Presence. The weekend of worshipping and learning how God sees worship turned into an incredible journey into the heart of God. What an awe – inspiring  journey we went on. The weekend culminated in a two and a half hour prophetic flow of worship that released the heart of God over people personally and over the nation, ending in a time of glorious celebration. Throughout the school people saw visions, had throne room encounters with God, sang prophetically (some for the first time), had their theological grids stretched and minds transformed a bit more.

All sorts of other wonderful stuff happened too – we laughed ourselves silly as Ross released the cry of our hearts when he sang “I’m a little teapot” and we asked God to pour us out on the world. Aren’t you glad God isn’t religious – that song was absolutely right for that moment and captured what we felt – incredible joy and the heart to cooperate with God in pouring his love into our world.

I mentioned earlier about worship being a journey into the heart of God. Why do I think that – because worship positions us for revelation and revelation is an invitation to intimacy and cooperation with God. We draw close to God, he reveals in part, we find ourselves drawing closer  then we catch Gods heart and it becomes ours causing us to long to cooperate with Him in what He wants to do. We see that in Isaiah 6 where Isaiah is caught up to heaven and he hears a part of a conversation God is having.

Revelation happens – God wants to send someone somewhere.

Isaiah’s heart is captured by the sound of Gods heart in His voice and he is moved; so he responds. At that moment Isaiah has no idea where God wants to send that someone, he has no idea what God wants them to do when they get there. He is simply moved to cooperation by Gods heart being revealed in that conversation in heaven.

So too, as we worship and are caught up into Gods presence, we get to hear Gods heart and are moved by the seed His voice plants within us. That seed at that moment has the potential to grow within us. It does so as we draw closer and his heart is further revealed to us. There it can take full root and grow within us until it blossoms into cooperation that releases Heaven into Earth. So, let’s position ourselves to hear and expect that God will reveal His heart to us more and more as we become ever more intimate with Him. Then release that into the world around us and see peoples lives touched and changed. That is true worship – a long way from just singing a few songs; in true worship we are blessed to be a blessing and so the covenant is fulfilled and the glory of God is released into the lives of those we come in contact with – our world.