What an amazing weekend we have just had in Dargaville. A group of hungry people met together from all around the region and pulled on Heaven; and God came! Right from the first worship time we stepped into a prophetic flow that decreed the purposes of God over the region and released Heaven into Earth. People had amazing experiences with God, commissioning them to reach out to specific people groups and experiencing the reality of the Throne room and encounters with Jesus and God as Father.

We have had some great feedback from the team there – “The feedback to the weekend continues to flow, everybody was absolutely blessed by your ministry, the teaching the activation times were invaluable, the town and people of Dargaville will never never be the same again, praise God! I believe it got a name change. We have all been practicing going on encounter in the heavenlies, last nite we had home group, we couldn’t have got one more body in the room, we worshipped for nearly three hours, we soared the heavenlies, the angels came with gifts for each one present, it was truly wonderful.  None of us want to come out of that zone.  It was truly a wonderful time! Such a blessing.”

Here are some of the testimonies from that time

  • I found myself going on a journey along a winding path and ended up at the throne room looking toward the throne the light was so bright I couldn’t actually see any details and the Lord said “I want to show you my glory” I knelt before the throne and he said “Come and sit at my feet and I will minister to you. I am showering you with my love so you can be filled with my love and pour that love out to those that feel they are not worthy of my love.” (This is a fresh commissioning to show and share the love of God)
  • I saw my spirit lift up from my body and I could see the room beneath me and I lifted above the clouds and saw myself going to the throne room. This is the first experience like this I have had. I was so small and they opened the door because they knew I was coming. I saw I was dressed in white with gold adornments, the dress was nice and long. I noticed I had a beautiful necklace and I started to walk bare feet into the room. And I noticed the Father put his hand out and then he picked me up and took me into another room and I saw all these treasures just beautiful colours of gemstones like I have never seen and He asked “do you like it” and said “it’s all yours” and I said “are you sure” and he said “yes i have given it to you. But what do you want”. “I want your love” I said and he said “you are here for a reason” and I said “do i really need to tell you” and he said “yes”, I said “I am thinking about our finances” and he said “I knew that but I wanted you to tell me. The finances you need are granted to you, grab hold of them in heaven cause its going to come in earth.”
  • I saw the Father and we talked. He said “ I’ve been watching you and I know you love animals,” He pointed to a path and said “why don’t you walk down that path”. So I did and suddenly I felt something touch my leg and saw this huge tiger brushing itself against my leg like a pussycat even flicking me with its tail. Other large cats came and they brushed and smooched up against me like tame pussycats. It was amazing. (There are living creatures and animals in Heaven the Bible tells us)
  • I saw myself walk alone into the throne room toward the Father who was seated on the throne. The elders sat beside him on their thrones and they all looked at me as I walked in. I felt a bit unsure but kept walking. After I got to the throne the Father presented me to Jesus as his bride and then Jesus and I spent time together and it was such a beautiful intimate time of feeling his love for me.
  • I had a vision of children all standing around me and I saw trestle tables with food all along it and I was helping feed all these poor children that were tattered and dirty. And Jesus said that’s what you are going to be doing.(the person is now praying into whether this is a literal feeding of the poor or symbolic feeding of those poor in spirit or both)
  • I saw a river silvery like liquid light and winding and it went to these people that were in shadow and I asked the lord who they were. They were people in shadow. Then I saw this light and it got really bright and then saw all this honey pouring out and said “what is it” and He said “it’s sweet honey for the people” and he told me I could have some pots of honey to give to the people and he said he would wipe away my tears from the things of my past and make me whole. (Honey is symbolic of several things – Jesus who the Bible says tastes like honey from the rock, revelation and healing, so the lady is now praying for further clarity of interpretation of the vision)
  • I was standing beside a river and children were coming to me and I was rubbing mud that I spat in on their eyelids and telling them to go wash their eyes in the river and when I asked why I was doing that he said to me ”You will help the children to see for they are blind from corruption from the enemy you will show them my might and he told me to go to Jer 9:3. When I asked where I was he said I was in Canada in Saskatchewan. (this is a commissioning encounter to be prayed into for timing and direction for how it is to be fulfilled)

So much happened this weekend it is hard to remember some of the details but I do know that Dargaville and it’s people will not be the same. At one point I saw a very large angel with a huge broom sweeping the street outside the courthouse, town hall and council offices. When I asked what he was doing I was told “This town needs a clean up so we are doing it.” They will continue until their assignment in that town is finished and Dargaville becomes a clean and safe town and region.

Praise God He is doing wonderful things in our nation and change is happening!