These testimonies are from the Glory School we recently did in Lower Hutt. Remember as you read them that visions and revelatory experiences are often full of symbolism. I will do an article sometime on how to tell the difference between symbolic and literal vision/revelatory language. Also we can ask the Holy Spirit if we can see something in particular but He knows what we need and it is Him who leads us into revelation – we cannot control Him and dictate to Him what we will experience.
  • This experience was had by a woman who was deeply touched and she received some emotional healing as she experienced it. “I asked to see the throne room and at first I saw a river and I have never seen a river like that before, sparkling white and as I touched the river the water dropped on my hand and it changed to become like petals and I didn’t understand why and so I asked and felt the Lord said “when you come to me you are like those flowers pure, I see you like that”. Then He took me to a room and I felt unworthy and then I saw angels and felt the Lord took my hand and showed me the room telling me it was mine. He told me I was a princess and he took me to stand on a carpet that was red in colour and then I heard cheering and shouting like they really liked me and were proud of me and then the Lord said “welcome”. And then they (she didn’t elaborate on who ‘they’ were) all applauded and I felt the acceptance and then Jesus stood me by his side and they were looking at me and proud of me and then I asked Lord what can I do for you and He put a tiara on my head in the shape of a heart and said “you are brave, I believe in you”.
  • I wanted to fly and felt the Lord tell me to stand up and I did and extended my arms out as I was prompted to do. As I did I felt all these things come and mend my wings(symbolic) which weren’t whole. I felt in the Spirit like I was ascending and it was so real I opened my eyes to check if I was still standing on the floor or not. (This was happening in the  Spirit and in the visionary realm not a literal happening)
  • I asked the Lord to see the place of worship and then I was standing in front of some really big doors. They opened and I saw what looked like a pipe organ then the light became so bright I couldn’t see anything. I asked the Lord why and I was reminded of a word someone gave me, that said when I worshipped it would be so bright that I couldn’t be seen but just the glory would be. I felt the Lord say that in that place of true worship His glory eclipses everything and it is as if it is so bright nothing else can be seen.
  • I asked the Lord to show me something he wanted to show me. Then I felt like something was wrapped around me and it felt like I was being slowly lifted up higher and higher a bit like an elevator. Then it stopped and I saw something like a picture of stones and it looked like cracked mud and then it looked like I was looking down on dockyards and I asked the Lord where I was and I felt him say Scotland and I heard the sound of bagpipes which surprised me, and I said why Scotland? God said this is the sound of my army arising, the sound of gathering and massing of the troops. (In this vision Scotland is symbolic of a people that is brave and unafraid to fight for freedom)
  • I saw what looked like an elevator (symbolic of being able to ascend into the heavenly realm) and I stepped on it as I was prompted to, and felt a bit fearful and then I knew Jesus was there and I held his hand. I felt scared but yet knew Jesus was there with me all the time. I felt like we were ascending higher and higher. Eventually the elevator stopped and I felt the invitation to get off it but I was too scared and so stayed there. Jesus stayed with me and then the elevator came back down. I asked Jesus what that was all about and he said “you can go anywhere with me”. If Jesus is with us it is safe, he will not lead us into danger.
  • One lady  said her earthly father was very hard to please and he disinherited her – as a result she found it difficult to connect with God. She felt God put his arm around her. He said he was proud of her and that she had an inheritance in Him –she said “I can feel the healing happening in me”.
  • Another Lady – saw herself walking up a hill. As she did she heard God singing “welcome to my world won’t you come on in”. She said “I got as far as the gate – it was beautiful”. Then the vision faded and she was aware she was here in the room again.

Everyones experiences and visions were very different from the others but all had a very definite effect on those experiencing them. As a result of their experiences people felt they were more in awe of God, loved Him more and many had received emotional healings during those encounters. True God encounters will do that to you. You cannot come out of them unchanged.