As promised here are some of the revelations and experiences that students had at our Glory School in Marton. These are not all of the revelations received but they are a taste of what the Lord did there. Our Glory School was held as part of an eight week live in “SHAKE – school of revival” held at Arahina. They will be holding another one from October to early December, if you are interested contact them 06-327 8277.

  • One lady asked to go into the throne room – this is her testimony of what happened. “Its been my desire for many years but I thought you had to die to go there. I felt this fluttering above my head and asked the Holy spirit what the angel was doing over my head and I felt the Holy Spirit say “he has come to usher you into the throne room”. Then I heard all these angelic hosts singing Hosanna to the King it was beautiful.  I asked the Holy Spirit what do I do now and he said “follow the angel” so I followed the angel up the stairs and it was beautiful. The doors opened up and I walked through and God said “welcome”, my daddy said welcome – and I said Holy Spirit what do I do now and he said “just go and sit on his knee” and I did and his hand came down and it had a big sponge and he wiped it over my eyes and said, “you’ve arrived, I’ve been waiting for you, I’ve been waiting to wash the tears from your eyes” and he said  “no longer are you an orphan no longer – you are my daughter, my precious princess. I’ve heard all your prayers and I’ve seen everything that has happened in your life and I know from the beginning to the end of it, know that I am the I am. Everything you’ve asked me for you can take back with you and that everything you need you can take back with you.” And He told her some specific provisions he had for her”.
  • Another testimony of the throne room – “I was in the throne room and I was really tiny as the doors opened and I was holding onto the hem of an angel that walked into the room and I seemed no bigger than the angel’s heel and I asked the Holy Sprit what the angels name was and he told me. The entire room was full of angels on their knees bowing low before God in worship and we bowed too and when we arose from being on our knees a celebration happened. Some angels were playing instruments and dancing and I had ribbons in my hand and I swas skipping around the throne room and I asked God why they were celebrating and He said “they are elated that you are now here”. Then we left the throne room, the angel and I, and then we were soaring in the sky and I asked God why are we flying  and he said I am giving you new perspective and I said to God “can I see my diabetes from your perspective” and we flew over my current house and I saw myself on my bed giving myself injections and doing finger pricks. And I asked Jesus how do you see my diabetes and I saw his hands and they were bloody with holes in them and there was a crown of thorn on his head and his back was bloodied  and covered with stripes. He came to my bed and placed his hands on mine and allowed his blood to drip over me and he said “You are perfect” and I began to weep because I said how can my body be perfect if its not functioning the way it should and looking at Jesus’s body all bloody and scarred his body wasn’t perfect but he was the perfect sacrifice and I asked the Holy Spirit  what he wanted me to bring back and he said tell my children they are perfect, tell them I am the healer and I see them as perfect”.
  • Another person experienced being translated in the Spirit to nations – “The Holy Spirit took me to Vietnam and in the vision a beautiful Vietnamese woman came to me and said we have been waiting for you and she took me to a well and there were women and children fetching water and she said “Clean pure water is saving lives and saving them from illness and painful death” and she said “but we need more wells” then the Holy Spirit took me to Africa and the first village there were children with distended stomachs and men sitting around smoking around their little huts and there was a huge angel and he said “take my hand I am going to fly you over countries” and he flew me over Africa to the Congo and to Rumania into the orphanages  where the children were in their cots neglected then to Thailand and I saw children as young as 5,6 & 7 in prostitution and the Lord said “I’m giving you a burden of intercession to interceded for what I am showing you”. Then he gave me instructions regarding that.”
  • Still another experienced the reality of God’s provision that is available to us – “God took me into a grass field with Jesus and we were walking up this hill and at the top of it i could see a glorious glow at the top then we flew toward it and over it and I asked where we were going and he said to my storehouse and it was filled with diamonds, gemstones and gold, and he said I have enough to supply your every need and I asked him what I could take back and he said “declare my glory, my wealth over the nations and that there is an open heaven”.

Every persons encounter with the Lord was different and unique yet each were told with wonder in their eyes and sometimes tears and deep emotion as the reality of experiencing face to face encounters with Jesus and seeing the reality of the eternal Kingdom sunk in. Often we were also moved to tears as we saw God radically impact peoples lives. All of Heaven waits for us to experience it’s reality and the Father and Jesus long for intimate encounters with us that will bring us deeper into relationship with them. As I said in my last entry “All revelation is an invitation to intimacy and co-operation”.

I will publish some of the Lower Hutt testimonies in a couple of days.