Two Glory Schools in one week! Wow! What an amazing time of encountering the Lord and deepening our revelation and understanding of the Word these two schools were.

How do you begin to really assess what God has done in people’s lives during those times? Of course we have peoples comments and testimonies of their encounters with the Lord over the time of the school and we will share some of those over the next few days. But for me the real test comes after they leave the school. Did they just have a weekend encounter or has their relationship with the Lord been changed and deepened on an ongoing basis?

I know for me personally the Glory School I first attended radically changed my relationship with the Lord. It caused a deepening of my love for Him, a greater hunger for His Word and a greater love for people. You see it’s not about chasing experiences for experience sake its about chasing God. God is and always has been, all about experiencing Him and His Kingdom – after all you cannot have a relationship without experiencing the one you are in relationship with. Without experience all we have is dry knowledge and no relationship.

The Lord himself tells us that just knowing His Word without knowing him will make us pharisaical in our Christian walk (Jn 5:39). Does experience then replace the Word in our life? In no way; the Word of God is the basis for all Kingdom experience and our experiences should be weighed against the Word. They should also be weighed against the nature and character of God. A true God experience will not violate the Word, God’s heart or His character.

All revelation is an invitation to two things – intimacy and co-operation with the Lord. Our experiences with the Lord are simply that – an invitation to know Him more and to co-operate with Him in our spiritual growth and discipleship. If we allow that to happen we will be changed by our experiences and we will be more effective in our revealing Jesus to the world around us. Are you hungry to know more of the Lord then cry out for a fresh revelation of “relationship” with Him and you will find that God will meet you.

Testimonies from these two schools will be posted over the next few days.