What an amazing time we have had in England and Ireland. Our base for the trip has been in Devon where the Extreme Prophetic UK base is. Sue, Claire and the team welcomed us as family and looked after us and our itinerary so well. In between ministry engagements we stayed with a family that soon made us a part of theirs. We became great friends and by the time it came to finally leave them we felt like we were leaving close family. Steve, Sharon and their children Tristan, Clara, Guy and Perrin were such fun to stay with and it wasn’t long before we felt like we had known them a long time. We also got to meet Sharons Mum and Dad and spent a lovely afternoon on their family farm walking through the woods and looking at the wildflowers. Every couple of years they open the woods for a day so and people come from hours around to do their Bluebell walk. It is so nice wandering through the woods in the quiet and looking at the wildflowers. The photo shown is of Sharon, Steve, Sharon’s Mum and Dad and Rob at Colleton Fishacre – an old house that is open to the public to view.

We also loved looking at some of the delightful old thatched roof houses. They must take an awful lot of upkeep but for the pleasure they give people I’m sure it is worth it.

The other thing that fascinated me was the bathing sheds lining the beach at Torquay and other seaside towns . Below you’ll see a photo of a little black fronted bathing shed at a nearby town that is on the market for 60,000 Pounds UK thats right 60,000 how crazy is that but many of them sell for 30,000 or more. It doesn’t make sense to our New Zealand mind to pay that much for a 3mx3m square box in the middle of a hundred other 3mx3m boxes but they do.

The other photos are just some scenes I liked including the side view of a local mansion house where no two windows are the same on that wall. It struck me as funny seeing the house is a big famous local house. Plus there is a photo of the English version of Whitebait which we sampled at a little thatched roof restaurant one night when we went out with Steve and Sharon.