We have just spent a few days In Northern Ireland teaching Ireland’s first ever Glory School and releasing the glory into the nation prophetically as well. For me I felt a very deep connection with the nation and felt like a child of the land come back to bless the land (one of my great great grandfathers was Irish) so it was to prove to be an intense time for me there. The people were wonderful and so hospitable. Mary and Eric were the hosts for the school and they have such a heart to see the glory released in Ireland. Mary runs Butterfly Ministries and ministers to women to see them released into the fullness of what God has for them and is doing a great job there seeing lives transformed. But back to the school…

There was so much angelic activity during that time and right from the first worship time I was aware that we were ministering at a national level not just to that small group of peoples’ individual lives. During the first worship time I saw and sensed the room was so full of angels that many were having to stand outside looking in through the windows and that they were intensely interested in what God would do over the next few days.

One angel in particular I noticed. He looked like he had just been in an intense battle, his clothing was dirty and torn in places and he looked like he was weary from the fight. One of the angels in the room stood and gave him his seat then knelt and ministered in some way to him. He noticed me watching and said “I just want to sit in the worship and be refreshed for a bit before I report back”. He told me that he had been fighting in the spirit realm over the nation. I had the sense that he had ministered in the nation of Ireland for many hundreds of years and was one of the original angels assigned to the nation. I was surprised, I guess, that our worship could be refreshing to an angel and then the vision faded. A while later I saw him standing before the throne reporting to the Father telling Him that everything was ready and in place. I sensed that he was talking about what was to happen during the Glory School in the spirit realm.

We had about fifty very hungry people there at the school – hungry for God and for Him to move in their nation. Right from the beginning they began to pull on heaven and the worship times over the conference were full of prophetic release and strategic positioning over the nation.

During our time in the school we laughed and we cried as God turned up and moved amongst us and the glory was released in that conference room in ways that some had never experienced before. Many saw and sensed angels and they had visions and encounters that were profound.

Peoples’ experiences were, as usual, quite simply life changing for them and many of them have experienced God to a depth they had never known before. The following experiences happened to people during the activations and were shared by them at the school.

One man spent time with Jesus and they talked about things that pertained to his life then he watched Jesus planting trees, which instantly grew, and he saw the reality of there being no “time” in the spirit realm.  He then was transported in a way that felt like he was flying over Belfast and he then landed in his garden where Jesus told him – “Call the city to prayer, call the city to prayer.” He is now going away to ask the Lord to show him both the strategy and timing for that to happen.

One lady went to the Throne room and there saw the sea of glass and a bright light emanating from the throne. Then Jesus walked out of the light and invited her into it. She felt as she entered that she was entering the very heart of God and could feel and hear His heartbeat. She felt God was drawing her into a greater place of intimacy and fellowship than she had ever known before. Then she heard in the distance a groaning and she asked the Father what it was and He told her that was the earth groaning for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. Then God told her He wanted to send her back with love and she saw a garment on herself with pockets everywhere and an angels was stuffing the pockets with so much love and when she thought it was full more pockets appeared and God said to her “As you sow my love you will reap the glory”.

One lady saw a field of daisies and when she asked what they were He told her they represented his children. She noticed how white they were, so clean and so white and she felt that represented purity (daisies can represent purity and childlikeness). Then she saw the daisies uprooted and they began to march through the gates and she asked God where they were going and He said to do good works. When she asked him what she should bring back he told her that she should feed the poor. So now she is praying whether that is a literal feeding of the poor or a spiritual feeding of the poor (teaching the poor in spirit) and asking God to show her the next steps.

One woman saw herself standing in a place where the floor of it suddenly gave way and she fell into water, which was deep and flowing quickly. She asked where the water was coming from and heard “It’s from the throne”. She was swept away in the current and she asked the Lord where He was taking her and He answered “I’m flooding the nations”, so she asked Him what He wanted her to do and He replied “Bring healing into the nations”. She is soon to go on a missions trip overseas and this was a real confirmation of this for her, but I believe it was also a commissioning encounter that would release her to minister the healing power of God in many places, many nations.

Another lady rode on the back of an eagle to a country far away that she didn’t recognise. Then when they landed the eagle became Jesus and she realised the eagle represented the fact that Jesus had carried her there. She felt a little frightened at seeing the people of the place and yet the people there soon put her at rest. They gave her gifts and she gave them gifts back and then they saw Jesus and they ran to Him and were loved. Then Jesus turned to her and said, “No matter where I take you, as long as I am with you everything will be okay”. Then she said she felt it was a continuation of her first encounter where Jesus had played with her and they had had fun together. She said her life had always been real serious but Jesus was showing her that to walk with Him was fun and that He would be with her and that nothing was a problem to him.

God is doing wonderful things in Ireland.  In the midst of troubles and tensions the faithful remnant who are not held captivity by religion but are true followers of Jesus are being raised up and released as carriers of His presence and power. Ireland is on course for a release of the glory that has not been seen since its early Christian roots. It will again be a nation that touches nations, that spreads the gospel of the Kingdom with signs and wonders following. It will again release truths to the nations, unfolding the mysteries of God and making them plain so people can see and run. It will again be known as a land of saints and scholars to a degree that it has never seen before. Bring it on God, Ireland and the nations wait for you to move.