This last week we spent a few days down in South Cornwall at a manor house called Trelowarren with some wonderful people – Chris, Alec, Laura and Gary who run a Christian conference centre there in half the manor house. There is a long story about how come a Christian Trust has the use of half a manor house while the present Baron lives in the other half and I haven’t got time here to tell it all unfortunately. In some form or other the Manor house there has existed since at least the tenth century when it was recorded as being there in the Domesday Book. Of course it has undergone many remodellings since then and the present house is absolutely huge. It probably has at least 60 rooms in it altogether.

We were there to hold a Glory School. It ended up being a small group consisting of the staff there and the board of trustees and was as if Daddy God had planned it especially as a treat just for them. If there had been more people there the staff would not have been able to attend because of looking after the guests. Daddy had it all planned and for everyone who attended it was a great time of receiving revelations and of experiencing Daddy’s love.

Trelowarren itself was a delight to me, so full of rich history and so beautifully built. I spent one whole day just working in the library sitting there amongst years of books working on the editing of my book which is in the process of being published. It was a real treat to me to sit there amongst so much history and make my own little bit of it.

We also got to sightsee a little and went down to St Michael’s Mount which at one time used to be an Abbey before it became Lord someone or others castle. St Michaels Mount is a little island and sea side town. The castle rises out of the rocks on the top of the island and is accessible by a causeway at low tide and boat at high tide. It is an amazing structure as you can see in the photos below.