Gloucester Glory School

We had a great time in Gloucester with Wes and Sharon Boxhall from Golden Valley Church. About 40 people attended the Glory School and on Sat  afternoon we did the Angel encounter and the Father encounter. During the angel encounter people saw and sensed angels that had come to minister in the room. There was lots of angelic activity during that time and release of things into the natural realm. Angels were seen or sensed that came to guard and protect, others were there to pour out oil on us so we would become less stiff and starchy and would be loosened up. Others came to give fun and play, still others came to release serious things and gifts into the earthly realm.

Most of the encounters people had were symbolic in nature and the meaning of them quite profound as they were interpreted. In the encounters with Father one person got to play in Fathers sandbox, it was huge and they built sandcastles together and God reassured her that he would build with her. Another flew with God through the universe to a garden where He played with her, climbed a tree and got her a coconut and did many other Dad type things with her reassuring the lady that he loved just spending time with her. Abba God loves to spend time with his kids and always has time for us.

Sat night worship just blew out, it was amazing, again there were prophetic declarations and a real wonderful flow of Gods grace and love. Worship  went for almost an hour and a half amazingly but that did mean I had to shorten the evening session teaching in order to get the activation times in and not go too late. Although, I don’t think people would have minded if we went late, the presence of God was so tangible.

During the worship I clearly heard the Lord say “The dolphins are coming” and immediately knew that fun was being released for this Church to walk in.

In the activation times – One man swam in the sea of Gods love with the dolphins and went real deep seeing houses on the bottom of the sea (representing those who live deep in the love of God) and diving down and bringing up treasures, he brought up a pearl (which talks of the treasures of the deep) and then dived again and brought up a crystal ball ( representing a seer anointing) , he ate those things as he was told so they became part of him. Earlier in the day I had been diving in that sea and found a pearl too, and then Wes told of an experience he had five years ago where he had a very similar encounter.

One man saw in the spirit a trapeze swinging in great arcs and he noticed that it was Jesus swinging there hanging by his knees. Jesus invited him to climb to the platform and leap and he was caught by Jesus. His grip was firm yet gentle. He swung with no fear knowing he was safe and Jesus reassured him that any step of faith he asked him to take that He would be there to catch him and he could rely on Him to keep him held by his hands.

One lady danced with Jesus on the Crystal sea then she was on earth with him and as she saw herself reaching out to people she saw that even while doing that the dance went on all the time. Jesus moving with her in perfect synchronization in whatever she did.

One lady stood in the spirit on a map of Norway and Finland and she saw herself driving stakes into the land that would impact both the natural and spiritual realms over those nations, she saw herself lighting fires across the nations she went to. Then Jesus called her to begin to intercede for those nations.

One lady saw the Lord dressed as a clown and they both laughed and sang and clowned around on a big stage and then they turned and they sang to each other the song ‘Endless Love’ but as they sang it to each other they sang it over the people there. Then the Lord picked up a bucket filled with paper hearts and threw it in the air, as he did the hearts became butterflies that flew around the air surrounding them and the people who had been invited onto the stage with them by this time.

Another lady had an experience where she was romanced by Jesus in several different places in the spirit realm. She went on a picnic with Jesus in a forest where he fed her with his hand, he took her to dinner and placed a betrothal ring on her hand. She felt the most deep and incredible sense of belonging to him.

What an amazing weekend we had, lives forever changed by encountering God and his wonderful, faithful, enduring, unchanging love.  May Gloucester never be the same again because of what God did in individual lives and in the spiritual realm over that city this weekend.