What an amazing time we had in Newberg, Oregon at the Godsong conference “The Shift – aligning yourself with Kingdom purposes”. Rob spoke in the first session on the Thurs night on “Moving from dishonour to Honour” and God moved so deeply in peoples lives the altar was packed with people wanting ministry. The altar call was for those who held disappointment or offense against God in their hearts for the things that had happened in their lives. One after another God met them at their point of need and they received healing and release from the pain of that disappointment and freedom from bitterness and offense. The sweetness of the anointing was amazing as Daddy held them in his arms and washed away so many tears and hurts. We finally got home around midnight feeling like a huge breakthrough had happened corporately as well as for individuals in that first meeting.

I (Lyn) ministered in the next mornings session on “Moving from insignificance to significance” and again God moved powerfully. I based the session around us being called to be the glorious sons and daughters of God that creation has longed and groaned for. It became a very hands on practical session as I called people forward and got them releasing the power of God over each others lives. By the end of the session people all over the room were praying for each other and releasing the power of God. Some had never prayed for people and seen manifestations like those that happened when they had prayed before. Needless to say their paradigms were shifted and changed as God ministered through them with power. People saw visions, were prophesied over, had heavenly encounters, glory came down and invaded that church and it was good and it was so much fun. I love seeing people empowered and aligned with God’s plans and purposes for their lives like that. It is such a privilege to watch Daddy at work.

We so loved being with the team there at Godsong, it was like being with family – we felt like we had known them for a long time by the time we left. Already we are looking forward to going back to spend more time with them at some stage. Unfortunately we had to leave after that session as we had to catch a flight back to Phoenix to be there in time to minister at a one day worship conference the next day; but we can’t wait to hear what God did during the rest of the conference there at Godsong.

At lunch after my session I received sad news from home in NZ. My Mum had just died minutes before. We had thought we might possibly get that news at some stage while we were away and that morning had been told she had taken a turn for the worse so knew something was up. But I was able to concentrate on what I needed to share in the session I took as Jesus’ grace and love filled me and enabled me. It would have been much harder had I heard she had died before I ministered. Thank you Jesus for your timing in that.