We are in Newberg Oregon at present for a conference at a church called Godsong. They run a ministry called Renaissance which covers all the creative arts. There are writers, dancers, artists, songwriters, graphic designers and  jewellery artists amongst other things. Last night we met with those people to encourage them and share some of our heart for the arts and worship.

What an amazing time we had as God’s song rang out over them and manifested in this realm as prophetic words and declarations over the Church, as physical healings and the raw power of God touching human bodies. Daddy sang his love in a tangible way and to think the conference doesn’t start until tonight, what will Daddy do there. The conference is called “The Shift – aligning with your Kingdom purpose” and we believe there will be shifts, changes and Kingdom destinies being released over these next couple of days.

Along with that yesterday was a day of sightseeing and we were taken by our dear friend Vicki to see some of the local attractions. We drove for about an hour to a high cliff on which perched Vista House which gave us a stunning view of the Columbia river then from there down into the Gorge where there are many stunning waterfalls, a lot of which can be seen from the side of the road without having to hike for miles (that appealed to me for sure). I want to share some of their beauty with you – soak it in and worship in wonder the God who created such beauty.

Vista House and it’s view of the Columbia River

Multnomah Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Latourell Falls

Wahkeena Falls

Horsetail falls