Where’s Wally? – The Power of Perspective

Have you seen those pictures that have hundreds of people in them and somewhere in amongst them is a guy called Wally. Usually the scene is shown from the perspective where you are looking down onto the crowd of people not in amongst them. In the pictures Wally is always dressed the same so you know who you are looking for but in the midst of a large group he tends to get a little lost; until you find Him that is and then you wonder how you could have possibly missed him to start with.

I can remember many years ago, sitting on my motorbike up on top of a hill looking out over a scene that to this day remains fixed in my memory. It wasn’t that the scene was anything special; in fact I was just going about my daily business, on my way to work. But the revelation God gave me as I waited at the top of that steep street became indelibly imprinted with that scene in my mind and heart. Now every time I go back there whether in person or in my mind the two are inextricably linked.

From the top of that hill I looked out over a scene where factories filled the foreground. In the distance were fields that spread out for miles until they ended in a vast range of hills way in the distance. Sitting there on my motorbike God began to speak to me about the power of perspective and it’s importance in affecting every aspect of my life.

I realised that as I rode down the hill the factories would fill my vision more and more until I could no longer see the fields and hills in the distance. The bigger reality wouldn’t change but what filled my vision would. During that moment God spoke very clearly to me about the need to live and see from a higher perspective. He said I needed to have that higher perspective so fixed in me that when I got down amongst the stuff of daily life I would not be swayed by what filled my vision at any given moment.

Sometimes the stuff of life gets so in our face that God, like Wally, is hard to find. Yet, God is there in the midst of it all. We may not see Him easily to start with if we are looking from a perspective that makes it hard to see clearly. As in the “where’s Wally” pictures, in order to see both God and our situations clearly we must go higher.

God is calling us to come up higher, to come above from the facts and circumstances to a higher position that will change our perspective. From that position, seated where He is, we see the real picture. As we begin to see our situations from His perspective we find that what seemed so huge to us, when we were down amongst it, is no longer huge. From that place we see that God has been down there amongst our facts and circumstances working even though we didn’t see him from where we were. When we see from that higher perspective, while the circumstances may not immediately change we do; and because we do those circumstances will not have the same power to overwhelm us and block our sight as they once did.

Come up higher, God is saying, take your rightful place seated with me in heavenly places and see from my perspective; when you do things will forever look different. Then, when you go down to work amongst the daily circumstances, my vision and my perspective will cause you to see things differently. When you see differently you will function differently. You will function with a heavenly perspective, which will not only change the way you see but the way you talk and the way you walk. Perspective is that powerful; it controls everything, from the way you see to the way you live, there is nothing in your life that is not affected by it. That’s the power of perspective!

So if perspective is so powerful that it will dictate how we live then we need to make sure we see and live with our minds renewed so that we live from a true Kingdom perspective. Those sons and daughters will not be easily swayed by what they see, they will not be ruled by their emotions or dictated to by circumstances. Instead they will see and decree from heaven’s perspective into the circumstances of life and cause the circumstances to give way to faith not faith give way to circumstances. I love this quote and will leave you with it to ponder on, “Faith is coming into agreement with God and staying in agreement with Him one moment longer than your circumstances can stand it.”

Perspective – it’s powerful! Where are you seeing from?