Monday – Had a great first day with the students – we had some prophetic words over people (one of the students kidded me as we lined up for dinner and said I should get an object related word for him that bounced off my veges so I asked God for one and when I gave it to the student he was taken aback and said “that’s the second time today I got that word”.) Monday nights worship time was just amazing. Amberley felt the presence of an angel of breakthrough that came with invitations to dance with Jesus. I followed up on that and pressed through with it and then things started to really open up. People danced and had encounters, some wept, prophetic songs about His love flowed and then Daddy came and ministered to us all. The night ended up being a “Jesus and Daddy dumping love on us” night. By the end of the night we were just soaking in his love in the sweetest silence and nobody wanted to leave. After soaking in the silence and love for about half an hour people slipped out one by one to continue their time with Jesus personally without talking to each other or making noise. It was an amazing time, one of the sweetest times I’ve been in for a while and we are often in worship times that are rich with God’s presence.

Tuesday -The students responded well to the teaching. During the teaching we did an activation with them where some of them saw visions of heaven or had encounters with Jesus. One young man shared that he saw us sitting in a classroom in the heavenly realm, then he was taken to the throne room where he met with God as father – it was a deeply impacting experience for him. One of the girls found herself in a meadow with Jesus dressed in royal purple robes both wearing crowns and they lay side by side in the grass as Jesus fed her strawberries. Later on she had another experience where she went to the throne and sat on Fathers lap and Father fed her strawberries as well. These ones were as big as her head. Strawberries represent God’s goodness. So God and Jesus were both showing her that she was being fed and nourished by his goodness.

In the dance workshop one young man saw a vision of wheat being harvested and threshed and God showed him he was at present threshing his life sifting the worthless from the good and that he would feed others. Another said they had never before known that dance could be so powerfully used by God. By the end of the session every student and staff member were dancing freely giving abandoned uninhibited worship to God.

Wed night worship – The worship team took off and straight away put into practice what we had shared with them over the preceding couple of days. We sang one song and then the prophetic songs and responses flowed freely. At one point Rob, Amberley and Josh all felt we needed to break through with dance so Amberley stepped out and danced amongst the students. Rob encouraged people to dance and as they did breakthrough came. I shared some bits and others added the bits God gave them and the bits and pieces contributed by everyone all came together and took us from glory to glory with the presence of God becoming stronger and stronger. People saw visions, had heavenly encounters and were hit with the joy of the Lord. It was an amazing time as God touched people – some of them had never before felt the presence of God like they did that night. One man said – “It’s been fifteen years since I felt the presence of God like that.” By the end of the night the floor was covered with people laughing and crying as the goodness of God touched them.

Thursday – During the last session we ended up prophesying over some of the students and the words of God ministered to them, touching some deep areas of their lives. It has been an awesome week filled with the presence and power of God and we and the students have all encountered God in ways that have made us love Him even more than ever.

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