Recently while ministering here in NZ, a young man named Jason Westerfield (whose ministry and walk with the Lord we respect) had a visitation and word from the Lord regarding a judgement that God was releasing against a principality that was over the Pacific Rim area. Having listened to it and prayed into it, I believe this is a true word from the Lord that we need to take heed to and pray into.

Jason saw that principality in the form of a dragon-like creature who had its claws into many areas. The principality was one of Pride. The Lord explained that as the judgement was executed in the spiritual realm against that principality of Pride there would be ripple effects of that dethroning that flowed over into the natural realm.

The prophetic word was released on February 14, 2010, which is Valentine’s Day. There have been over 150 aftershocks and more enormous-sized earthquakes within this region since this word was released, which includes: February 18th, 6.9 on the China-Russia-North Korea Border Region; February 26th, 7.0 in the Ryukyu Islands in Japan; February 27th, 8.8 near Concepcion, Chile (which altered the axis of planet earth); March 5th, 6.6 offshore of Chile; March 5th, 6.5 offshore of Sumatra, Indonesia; and again, on March 11th, 2010, a 7.2 earthquake shook Chile’s coast and was followed by a 6.9 aftershock a minute later.

The Lord went on to share that the next two-month period of time was crucial for the Church in relation to coming into that place of alignment with the Lord. We are now part way through that two month period of time.

The Word to the Church in this time is that it is crucial that the Church rises up to a new place of authority during this time and to come into a new place of alignment with the Lord and His purposes. It is also to intercede to avert or minimize the damage that may happen in the natural realm. The intercession and authority need to happen so that as that principality is dethroned, the Church in humility fills its place.

Some Prayer points we can focus on for this two month period

  1. Examine our hearts – not legalistically but out of that place of wanting to walk in purity because of love; it is wisdom to do this. Particularly check for areas of pride. Prov 8:13, 11:2
  2. Check for areas of compromise that make a landing strip for the enemy to be active in our lives. Remember – where our heart goes we will go. Prov 28:26
  3. If we have any areas in our lives under attack eg health, finances, besetting sins, this is the time to contend for breakthrough in them, contend for the blessing to be released. Let’s not be complacent or passive with the authority that has been given to us. We need to rise up and take our place, go to our next level of victory and contend for our next level of authority. We don’t need to get all heavy over it but realise the victory that is ours to walk in. Remember – the joy of the Lord is our strength Neh 8:10
  4. Pray for the Lord’s protection over the weather systems, tectonic plates etc during this period of time. Take authority over those things and decree there will be no further damage as that dragon is dethroned.
  5. Pray for those already affected by the earthquakes that have happened during this time.
  6. Pray that the Lord of the harvest send forth reapers into the harvest. Pray for salvations, healings and deliverance from demonic bondages during this season.
  7. Decree that the Holy Spirit is the ruling Spirit over this area and that all principalities and powers must bow the knee to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  8. Decree the favour and blessing of the Lord over the Pacific Rim region, its peoples, its ecosystems, its lands, its finances.

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