I love doing Glory Schools; we get to see God do amazing things in peoples lives as they experience Him in new ways. This past weekend was no exception as God came and met people in deep ways that ministered to them individually where they were at. Their experiences ranged from the majestic to fun. Some might think that a third heaven experience with God has to be all serious and anything less is not God. This however is a limited view of a very big limitless God.

One of the things I love about God is how He presents pictures of himself in Scripture that are varied. For example

He presents himself as Shepherd and we are his sheep.

He presents himself as Majestic God, King of all and we are his loyal subjects

He presents himself as Father and we are his children.

He presents himself as Commander of the armies of Heaven and we are in that army.

He presents Himself as Bridegroom and we are his bride.

There are doubtless many other pictures of God in scripture and we can and should experience God as he presents Himself in any of the above ways to us. Some of us have a problem relating to God in some of these ways,  but that doesn’t mean that He doesn’t or won’t present Himself to us in these ways and ask for a response from us. God wants us to be free to respond to him no matter how he reveals himself to us.

For some people this past weekend God revealed himself in majestic ways, to others he revealed himself as a loving Dad and for yet others there was a sense of fun in their encounters with the Lord .

One person testified that they had an experience where they felt and saw God wrapping them in his arms in a big hug. It ministered deeply to them and they shared how their own Father had never once hugged them. That hug from God will be life changing.

Another saw the Throne of Grace, it looked like sapphire in appearance and they felt God wanted to release his grace over their life and the lives of those at the school.

A man felt God put a crown on his head and hours later he could still physically feel the weight of it sitting on his head.

Many of those there saw or sensed angels that had come with assignments and things to be released and ministered into peoples lives.

One person felt like they were bathing in peace and it surrounded them and filled them. Priceless!

Another sat at the feet of the Lord on his throne. The Lord was crying and as his tears landed on the person they were filled with love and compassion for the lost.

Another person saw a vision where they were taken by Jesus on a ride in a what looked like a racing car. This was a symbolic picture of something God wanted to do and the Lord revealed to them that he was taking them and the body into a time of great acceleration.

So God revealed himself in many different ways to people this last weekend and yet every way brought increased love for Him and freedom into the peoples lives who experienced those things.

Do you need to expand your vision? Allow God to reveal himself as the God who lives outside your theological box and wants to take you outside it too into greater relationship with Him and increasing freedom of responsiveness to Him.