We have just finished ten days ministry in the Bay of Plenty and last entry I wrote about some of our time spent there. There was much evidence that God is moving there over this past week as we ministered in Ohope. His power and glory presence filled the Church. Worship times were times of deep encounter and journeying into His heart with everything from celebration to the Holy hush of silent worship.

During our time in Ohope we did a School of prophecy, a Youth meeting, A Glory School and Sunday morning service all in one week.

Here are some of the testimonies from that time. During the youth meeting one of the girls was taken to heaven by Jesus and saw her brother who had died last year. In that same meeting one young man got saved after the power of God radically touched him. Every young person in the meeting was prophesied over and received radical words of destiny, encouragement and impartations of God’s power.

During the Glory school at least three people had similar experiences of Jesus allowing them to see loved ones in Heaven. Some people were transported in the Spirit to different nations to decree and pray for them. One person was transported in the Spirit to Jerusalem where God had specific things for them to do there.

One woman was taken to see Jesus in the heavenly realms and he told her she was beautiful and a princess, he told her he was restoring her grace and dignity. Wow, thats so like Jesus!

Another person was taken and shown the Book of Life, they were then shown their name written in it. Yet another person ate with Jesus at a banqueting table. He told them this was an everyday occurrence in heaven and that He loved to eat with his disciples still.

Someone else saw Jesus standing in the river that runs from the throne, he called the person to come and stand in it with him. As they did they felt the river not only flowing around them but in and through them.

Someone went into the heavenly realms to a library full of books where Jesus spoke to them about wisdom.

Many people had experiences with God as Father. Many also experienced the reality of angels, who had been sent on assignment, being manifested for them to see and sense.

One person sat at the foot of the throne and felt the tears of God fall on them as He wept for the lost, sick and oppressed.

One lady had bad pain in her leg (ankle or knee) that had been there for days. It was so bad she could hardly stand to worship. During the Glory School session on the Holy Spirit, He fell on her in power causing her to bounce /jump up and down for at good ten minutes. As she bounced she was totally healed.

We got to pray for a man in a shop who was on crutches and in severe pain and after we had prayed he could move his foot easily and the pain had disappeared totally.

All these people will never be the same. They have felt the heart of God in precious ways that will change them to become more like Him. This is just a small taste of what happened though. God did so much we can’t remember it all but the people it happened to will remember and the region will know the impact of it as powerfully changed lives minister God’s love, in power, to those around them.