Hi there

Just a reminder that the school of Prophetic Worship is due to start soon. If you are planning to attend you need to register now. It starts in a couple of weeks.

It is going to be an amazing 3 months of being in God’s presence, feeling his heartbeat and declaring i tover the nation. It will give you practical skills in prophetic worship, worship leading and instrumental skills as well. The guest lecturers are all well known and respected in the area of the prophetic, worship and instrumentation.

The “Inflame” team have also come up with a sponsorship idea for those who don’t have all the funds needed to attend already in place.

InFlame School of Prophetic Worship ‘Twenty21’ Sponsorship Program

InFlame Prophetic Worship School has setup a way for students to be sponsored to the school! We’ve called it “Twenty21” sponsorship. Its simple, get 21 people to sponsor you $20 per week, for the 12 weeks of the school! That covers your entire school fees, accommodation and food! All you need to do is get to the island, $20 buks, for 12 weeks, from 21 people! Its as simple as that!
For more info check out our website here: http://www.inflameworshipschool.com/schoolfees.htm
We look forward to seeing you at the school!