This past weekend was spent with Edgecumbe Christian Fellowship, a church that is hungry for the reality of the Kingdom of God to be manifested in their midst. During the service on the Sunday morning God orchestrated something wonderful which led to an outpouring of his presence and power. As we worshipped I saw a vision of a spring of water bubbling and pushing it’s way to the surface of the earth. As it broke through it burst open the ground and a geyser exploded into the air. It came with such force that it went at least a hundred feet into the air. It was a real gusher! I saw it watering the surrounding district and even effecting the crops of the area with many being record sizes.

As I saw this Rob who was on the piano began to sing about wells springing up. That was just the confirmation I needed so I shared what I saw and decreed – it’s a gusher! It’s a gusher! It’s a gusher!  As I did the spirit of God fell with power in the place. We prayed for Greg and Judy (the Pastors) and God met them powerfully as well as many of their congregation. Later Greg confirmed that right back at the beginning of their Church they had received a prophetic word about a gusher erupting there and watering the surrounding area. Praise God!

In the evening during the worship we again saw God come in a great way with people seeing visions of the angel of the Church and the Lion of Judah. Rob spoke on positioning yourself in the realm of revelation and speaking into the earthly realm from there. It was a powerful word of strategy for the church there. We ended praying for people  – that God would open their spiritual eyes, their ears to hear and their heart to understand – that the spirit of wisdom and revelation would work in them and through them.  It was powerful time of impartation and we know God accomplished much this weekend.

Watch the Bay of Plenty region in the next few years, God is doing great things there and it will become a centre of great growth and power in the Spirit. From Tauranga down to Ohope and nearby surrounding areas, God is orchestrating and positioning people  there who will be people who see into the heavenlies and call heaven to be released into earth. Expect great growth, prosperity to be released into the region and heavenly encounters to begin to happen. Expect to hear of people having face to face encounters with Jesus and dreams that so stir them they seek out salvation. Bring it on God, Amen, so be it!