Xtravagant Worship was mind blowing. There was such an air of expectancy amongst the team as we went into the evening. We started off playing Stacey Campbell and Sean Feucht’s prophetic words for NZ, which if you haven’t seen are powerful. You can check them out (along with our other clips) on You Tube by typing in extreme prophetic nz or xpnz or click on these links

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RemHxhcfm6o Stacey Campbell

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IRIzH2E8Yg Sean Fuecht

But back to Xtravagant worship – We started to worship and the presence of God just began to fill the room. Then I saw a vision of a huge angel with a sword in each hand moving and dancing  on the altar area. So I asked the Lord what the two swords were for and He said the angel was there to impart the ability to fight with both hands. We called people forward to receive the impartation of that and the power of God came upon them with force many ending up on the floor. Then Jesus came amongst us as the one who burns like fire from the loins up and the loins down, a consuming fire that would burn up those things that are straw hay and stubble in our lives.

As the night continued we worshipped, surrendered and interceded, all with a raw passion that astounded us and attracted God like crazy. Deliverances happened, impartations, angelic visitation and Jesus in the midst of it all. Bodies were all over the floor,as people either lay prostrate before God or the power of God put them there. We had an awesome time of intercession for family that are unsaved or away from the Lord and cried out for our nation. The muso’s and singers prophesied and interceded powerfully in song and on their instruments.

Rob shared from Ezekiel 37 where God tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones which Ezekiel did. He prophesied everything God told him to but the prophecy only came to partial fulfillment the first time he prophesied it. Then God told him to prophesy again and as he did the prophecy came to complete fulfillment. Rob felt it applied to many personally but also to the Church in our nation. Many have seen a partial fulfillment of the prophetic words God has given them but because they have not come to pass fully assumed God wasn’t wanting to do it. Or the enemy whispered to them that God was not going to bring it to pass. Maybe it’s time to refuse to listen to the enemy and prophesy again over our lives, and decree the fulfillment of all God has said. Regarding the Church – for some there has been a coming together but not a flow of life, for others – the Church is still fragmented and lying in many broken, scattered pieces. It’s time to decree the Word of the Lord over our churches and see the breath of life enter them again. The breath of life that is the life flow and power of the Holy Spirit.

At the end of the evening, after we felt we had broken through in prayer and done what God asked of us for the evening, a wave of spontaneous Holy Spirit laughter swept the room and many including me got gloriously drunk in the Holy Ghost. The night ended with an atmosphere of celebration and laughter and Holy Ghost drunkenness; and to think … we get to experience Him again next time and He will come completely different to what he did this time.

If you haven’t already, please check out the Prophetic insights for 2010 on the separate page on the main menu bar above. Already we are seeing them coming to pass and be confirmed in the meetings we have held so far this year. Alignment, expectation, acceleration and increase, these things are happening in many areas and the Church is being transformed.