Today we want to share with you two recent video clips of Stacey Campbell and Sean Feucht and a prophetic word that was given in December by a friend (Craig Mercer) who is currently at Bethel in their School of Supernatural Ministry. We shot these clips with Stacey and Sean when they were in the country a week or so ago. Interestingly the clips were shot at separate times yet both release the same word over NZ.

There is a new sound being released from the Church in NZ; both Stacey and Sean refer to it. In Stacey’s clip she shares that the sound is not just limited to a music thing but a sound that rises from the hearts of the people of God in this nation that will declare and proclaim the purposes of God into every area of society.

Sean shares more from the worship perspective and I want to address and expand on that a little. Hopefully what I share will clarify and confirm that word to you.

Over the last couple of years I have prophesied a new sound being released in this nation, especially in the area of Worship. A sound that is as unique as we are. I believe that sound is the sound of the High Praises of God which strikes down the enemy like a warrior with a sword. In a couple of previous entries I refer to this but I want to again release that and give some insight into what I believe those High Praises are.

God is bringing the Church into the place where they, like Jesus, do what they see the Father doing. That cannot happen to its fullest unless we learn to see into the heavenly realms, into the Throne room itself. Part of the establishing of that and the ongoing walk in it will I believe be a nationwide waking up and arising of worshippers and musicians that will not only see into that heavenly realm but will worship in it and release songs and decrees back into the earthly realm from that place.

Those songs will carry the sound of heaven into earth. In that sound will be the power and love of God. In that sound will be the sound of war. We are not talking here about a style of worship or type of song but an attitude of authority that comes from knowing we are Sons and Daughters of the Living God with all the resources of heaven backing us. The sound of war will be the sound of the aggressive stance of heart of those who refuse to bow down to the enemy; who refuse to let go of God until he blesses our land and sets its people free.

We are entering a season where we move beyond what we have known into a whole new realm of worship that is Third Heaven based. Much of the church is still moving into operating in Prophetic Worship but this new reality will move beyond just hearing the sound of heaven, into being there, worshipping in that place, joining with the worship in heaven and in co-operation with God releasing heaven into earth. It’s what I call ‘Ascended Worship’ or ‘Third Heaven Worship’.

Is this even a possibility. Yes not only is it a possibility it is a reality already for some of us, both in this nation and beyond. These forerunners are already forging ahead, making a path for others to follow. The Word of God is clear that we are seated with Him in heavenly places (Eph 2:6) and have already come unto Mt Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem (Heb 12:22-24). So if that is so we can expect that our spirit is able to inhabit and operate from those two realms (the heavenly and earthly) at the same time just as Jesus did. We are entering exciting days and that new sound is being released even now. Get ready to experience worship in a whole new dimension.

To view Stacey’s clip click this link

To view Sean’s clip click this link

This is the prophetic word from Craig at Bethell.

“There is a canopy of praise and worship arising over Australia and new Zealand. Arise New Zealand, arise! Your time has come, I hear a sound, the barest whisper among the people, carried on their lips from one to another. “He’s coming,” “Is He really coming?” “Oh yes He’s coming, He’s almost here.” It grows and becomes a mighty crescendo erupting as thunder from their lips as they welcome the King of Glory back into their land. “God’s own becoming God’s own again”.

I see your commander and chief walking amongst your ranks, assembling you into ranks, into divisions,, units and battalions; an organized assembled people, working together, moving toward the same goal. A people with agendas and differences laid down as they look to Jesus their cmmander and chief.

I see some being taken and trained by the Holy Spirit, trained to be covert operators, equipped with special Holy Spirit tools and anointing and then sent by the Spirit to various nations. Just as in the natural the S.A.S is one of the best in the world so shall it be in the Spirit.

I sense nations beginning to stir, not in fear but in anticipation of an army equipped and ready to be sent to them, as your pioneering and sending heritage is restored and you are sent fully prepared and able to do every good work.”