We are entering an exciting new phase in the ministry of Extreme Prophetic here in New Zealand. We are entering the media realm. Some people will likely think “Oh what a fuss over a few video clips” but media and especially video is at the core of shaping our society today and has been since the mid 1900’s. More people have been shaped in what they believe to be true by media than by any other influence.

The Arts & Media are always the first to stretch the boundaries in promoting new ideologies. They set the standard in many areas of life even if we won’t admit it. Media pushes the boundaries in one area as to what is acceptable and before long what would never before have been acceptable is now an established part of our culture.

Many years ago the world was changed in the area of what was acceptable by one scene in a movie. In that scene Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster locked lips on a beach while waves crashed around them. That scene challenged the status quo and pushed the boundaries hugely. From that one scene came an explosion of sexuality onto our movie and later TV screens that has shaped the following generations.

Why did it do that? How can one scene change things so much? I believe it is because the Arts function under a Prophetic mantle. We see all through the Word the use of the Arts by the prophets to broadcast truth and revelations from God, and one of the functions of that Prophetic Mantle is to say “This is God’s standard come up to it”.

The arena of the Arts belongs first and foremost to the Kingdom of God. God himself uses the arts to communicate. In Hosea God tells us  I have also spoken [to you] by the prophets and I have multiplied visions [for you] and [have appealed to you] through parables acted out by the prophets. Hosea 12:10 Amp

Hosea 12:10 brings out some important points about the arts:

1) God chooses to speak to us through the use of the arts.

2) The artist should be a minister of God, separated unto God and under the direction of God.

3) The ministry of the arts is a prophetic call.

Up until the tenth century the church widely used the arts to proclaim God’s truth and the arts played a large part in their services and evangelism. In the era before the printing press, the arts – art, music, storytelling, dance and drama were, apart from the spoken word, the main vehicles of proclaiming God’s heart, intent and Word. But when the Church entered the Dark Ages we set aside the Arts and proclaimed them as being too worldly to use. We gave the arts over to the world and since then the world has prophetically set the standards. The world sets the standard low and prophetically proclaims “This is the new standard, abandon your old ones, come lower.”

I believe the world is influenced and shaped by media today more than any other thing. That is why as Christians we must use this medium to proclaim truth and righteousness and to again proclaim and prophetically set the standards. It’s time for a reformation and we are becoming part of it. We may be taking our first baby steps into the media arena but we are taking them.

We have some exciting first clips – these clips feature Stacey Campbell and Sean Feucht releasing prophetic words over the nation of New Zealand and clips from some young people seeing miracles and healings happen as they “go” in Jesus name. You can check out our first clips over the next few days as I post them here with comments, or you can go to You Tube if you want to see them now, simply type in – extreme prophetic nz or xpnz.